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22.02.2019 BackStory Man vs. the Machine: Technophobia and American Society author
15.02.2019 BackStory Love Off Limits: A History of the Relationships Once Considered Taboo in America author
8.02.2019 BackStory The Faces of Racism: A History of Blackface and Minstrelsy in American Culture author
1.02.2019 BackStory BlackStory: BackStory Celebrates Black History Month with a Compilation author
25.01.2019 BackStory Nixon Beyond Watergate: A History of the Presidency Before the Scandal author
18.01.2019 BackStory When You Just Want to be Alone: The History of Solitude in America author
11.01.2019 BackStory The BackStory Prize: Our Choice for the Best Public History Project in America author
4.01.2019 BackStory Finding Americana: Butter Sculptures, Tiny Towns and Other Irresistible Gems author
28.12.2018 BackStory What’s Cooking? A History of Food in America author
21.12.2018 BackStory Playing the Past: Video Games and American History author
14.12.2018 BackStory The BackStory Holiday Book Show: 19 History Books for the Holiday Season author
7.12.2018 BackStory Out of the Closet: The LGBTQ Community in American History author
30.11.2018 BackStory Forgotten Flu: America & the 1918 Pandemic author
23.11.2018 BackStory Stuffed: Taxidermy in the History of America author
16.11.2018 BackStory Divided States of America? The History of An Often Disjointed Union author
9.11.2018 BackStory Lincoln the Lawyer: Abraham Lincoln’s Early Life and Career author
2.11.2018 BackStory Border Patrols: Policing Immigration in America author
26.10.2018 BackStory The War to End All Wars: Remembering WWI author
19.10.2018 BackStory To be a Citizen? The History of Becoming American author
12.10.2018 BackStory Thar She Blows Again: The History of Whales and America (Part 2) author
5.10.2018 BackStory Thar She Blows: The History of Whales and America author
28.09.2018 BackStory Land of the Free? The History of Incarceration in the U.S. author
21.09.2018 BackStory Close Encounters: UFOs in American History author
14.09.2018 BackStory Who Wants to be a Millionaire? The History of America’s Wealthy Elite author
7.09.2018 BackStory After Hurricane Maria: The History of Puerto Rico and the United States author
24.08.2018 BackStory Hot Enough For You? The History of Climate Change author
17.08.2018 BackStory In the Shadow of the Mushroom Cloud: A History of the Atomic Age author
10.08.2018 BackStory A More Perfect Union? The Reconstruction Era author
3.08.2018 BackStory The Battle for Charlottesville's Soul: One Year Later, A Community Looks Back author
27.07.2018 BackStory Elementary Mr. President: Sherlock Holmes, the Supreme Court and Dr. Spock author
20.07.2018 BackStory The Melting Pot: Americans & Assimilation author
13.07.2018 BackStory Shore Thing: A History of the Beach author
6.07.2018 BackStory What’s in a Number? Thirteen in American History author
29.06.2018 BackStory Saving American History author
22.06.2018 BackStory Summer Reading List: 14 History Books You’ll Want to Read author
15.06.2018 BackStory The Camera Never Lies? History Through the Viewfinder author
8.06.2018 BackStory Death Before Dishonor: Shame and Reputation in American History author
1.06.2018 BackStory Are We There Yet? Americans On Vacation author
25.05.2018 BackStory Reflecting on Darkness: Lynching; Americans and the Holocaust author
18.05.2018 BackStory Upward Nobility: American-Made Royalty author
11.05.2018 BackStory Shock of the New: The Legacy of the 1893 World’s Fair author
4.05.2018 BackStory Crowning Glory: A History of Hair in America author
27.04.2018 BackStory “Dear Mr President…”: Letters to FDR, #twitterstorians, and one man's experience of slavery's legacy author
20.04.2018 BackStory Behind the Bylines: Advocacy Journalism in America author
13.04.2018 BackStory Teen Activists: A History of Youth Politics and Protest author
6.04.2018 BackStory The Habit: Opioid Addiction in America author
30.03.2018 BackStory The Real Martin Luther King: Reflecting on MLK 50 Years After His Death author
23.03.2018 BackStory You Have The Right to Remain Silent: A History of the Miranda Warning author
16.03.2018 BackStory Wherever Green is Worn: The Irish in America author
9.03.2018 BackStory Turf War: A History of College Sports author