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5.01.2019 Allan and Kotarski NFL Season Review, AB and Kirk, NFL Playoffs Preview author
1.12.2018 Allan and Kotarski Baseball Trades, NBA Headlines, Week 13 NFL Picks author
2.11.2018 Allan and Kotarski World Series Recap, Yankees Need to Trade for MAD BUM, NFL Week 9 Picks author
5.10.2018 Allan and Kotarski MLB Playoffs, Patriots are still the Patriots, NFL Week 5 Picks author
28.09.2018 Allan and Kotarski Yankees Playoff Push, NFL Headlines and our Week 4 Picks author
21.09.2018 Allan and Kotarski Touchdown Thursday: NFL Headlines and our Week 3 Picks author
7.09.2018 Allan and Kotarski Football Friday is Back, Khalil Mack Trade, Le’Veon Bell Holdout author
29.08.2018 Allan and Kotarski Thom Gets Queso, Odell Beckham Jr. Contract, NFC Preview, author
22.08.2018 Allan and Kotarski Oakland’s Annual Surge, MLB Headlines and our AFC Preview, author
14.08.2018 Allan and Kotarski Tiger Woods Comeback, NY Football Rookies, NFL Sleepers and Busts, Carmelo to Houston author
6.08.2018 Allan and Kotarski Are the Yankees Done? OBJ Contract, Urban Meyer and AL MVP Debate author
31.07.2018 Allan and Kotarski MLB Trade Deadline, Yankees Playoff Hopes, Training Camp Headlines author
18.07.2018 Allan and Kotarski MLB All-Star Recap, Trade Rumors, Kawhi to Toronto, LeVeon Bell Contract author
12.07.2018 Allan and Kotarski Allan in Austin, NBA Free Agency, All-Star Snubs, Trade Deadline Talk author
19.06.2018 Allan and Kotarski Kawhi Leonard Drama, NBA Draft, Juan Soto’s Unofficial Debut author
12.06.2018 Allan and Kotarski The Best Sports Week of 2018 author
22.05.2018 Allan and Kotarski NBA Playoffs, Yankees Talk, Why Steroids Don’t Matter in the NFL, MLB Roundup author
15.05.2018 Allan and Kotarski NBA Conference Finals Preview and The Future of Gambling in America author
8.05.2018 Allan and Kotarski Never Doubt LeBron, Thanos, Salty Quarterbacks, and Baseball Headlines author
1.05.2018 Allan and Kotarski NFL Draft Recap, NBA Playoffs and April in MLB author
16.04.2018 Allan and Kotarski NBA Playoffs, MLB Rainouts and the Solution, Dez gets Cut author
10.04.2018 Allan and Kotarski Yankees, Mets and MLB First Week, NBA Final Week and Everything in Between author
3.04.2018 Allan and Kotarski Baseball’s First Week Back, Houston Won’t Rest, Final Four Talk author
28.03.2018 Allan and Kotarski Suh Signing, OBJ Trade Talks, Final Four Preview, and our 2018 American League Preview author
21.03.2018 Allan and Kotarski Jets Trade Up, Busted Brackets and 2018 National League Preview author
15.03.2018 Allan and Kotarski NFL Free Ageny and NCAA Bracket Predictions author
9.03.2018 Allan and Kotarski Wilder/Ortiz Fight Recap, Aaron Judge Batting Leadoff, NFL Headlines author
2.03.2018 Allan and Kotarski NCAA Pay Scandal, NBA Chatter, MLB Headlines and NFL Scouting Combine Peview author
16.02.2018 Allan and Kotarski NBA All Star Weekend and First Half Review, NFL and MLB News and Notes author
9.02.2018 Allan and Kotarski Super Bowl LII Recap, Eagles and Patriots Future, NBA Trade Deadline, Baseball Free Agency and Jimmy GQ author
2.02.2018 Allan and Kotarski Blake Griffin Trade, Baseball News, Redskins Trade, Super Bowl Preview author
26.01.2018 Allan and Kotarski Pat Shurmur is Official, MLB Hall of Fame, Baseball Headlines and Trades author
19.01.2018 Allan and Kotarski More NFL Coaching Vacancies, NBA All-Star Draft, Knicks Talk, Conference Championship Previews author
12.01.2018 Allan and Kotarski Alabama Wins Another One, NFL Divisional Playoffs and Knicks Talk author
5.01.2018 Allan and Kotarski NFL Season Recap, Playoff Preview and our Super Bowl Predictions author
22.12.2017 Allan and Kotarski NFL Storylines, Knicks Talk, Yankees and Mets, New Segment author
16.12.2017 Allan and Kotarski Everyone Hates The Yankees AGAIN, Knicks Talk and Football Week 15 Storylines author
2.12.2017 Allan and Kotarski Yankees Manager Update, College Football, Knicks Talk, NFL News and Picks author
17.11.2017 Allan and Kotarski Facebook Friday, Baseball MVP’s, Knicks Talk and Week 11 NFL Picks author
3.11.2017 Allan and Kotarski World Series Recap, Next Year’s Favorites, NFL Trades, NFL Week 9 Picks author
27.10.2017 Allan and Kotarski Girardi Out as Manager, World Series so far, NFL Week 8 Picks author
20.10.2017 Allan and Kotarski NBA Chatter, Yankees, Dodgers and MLB Playoff Talk, Week 7 NFL Picks author
14.10.2017 Allan and Kotarski Football Friday Podcast author
13.10.2017 Allan and Kotarski Yankees Talk, LDS Recaps, LCS Previews author
6.10.2017 Allan and Kotarski Yankees Wild Card Game, Week 5 NFL Picks and Fantasy Advice author
4.10.2017 Allan and Kotarski Facebook LIVE Podcast, Week 4 reactions, NCAA FBI Scandal, and MLB Playoffs author
30.09.2017 Allan and Kotarski Allan’s Giants Rant, NFL Picks, and a Potential Allan and Kotarski Fantasy Trade author
28.09.2017 Allan and Kotarski NBA Media Days, MLB Headlines, NFL Protests and Next Steps author
22.09.2017 Allan and Kotarski Allan’s Rant, Pick ’em Standings, Week 3 Picks and Fantasy Outlook author
14.09.2017 Allan and Kotarski Baseball News, NFL Overreactions, Week Two NFL Picks, Canelo/GGG Fight author