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Date Podcast Episode Role
10.12.2019 Curiously Polar 078 The Conundrum of Time contributor
3.12.2019 Curiously Polar 077 Under the Ice - the Seventh Continent contributor
26.11.2019 Curiously Polar 076 IPCC SROCC contributor
19.11.2019 Curiously Polar 075 John Kerry: The Political Perspective (Arctic Circle Assembly Special) contributor
12.11.2019 Curiously Polar 074 Sara Olsvig: Indigenous People in the Arctic (Arctic Circle Assembly Special) contributor
5.11.2019 Curiously Polar 073 Anja Sommerfeld: MOSAiC (Arctic Circle Assembly Special) contributor
29.10.2019 Curiously Polar 072 Peter Wadhams: Arctic Sea Ice (Arctic Circle Assembly Special) contributor
1.10.2019 Curiously Polar 071 The Wealth of the Arctic contributor
24.09.2019 Curiously Polar 070 The Nansen Legacy contributor
17.09.2019 Curiously Polar 069 Whaling Revisited contributor
10.09.2019 Curiously Polar 068 Disappearing Cultures contributor
3.09.2019 Curiously Polar 067 Greenland Is Melting contributor
27.08.2019 Curiously Polar 066 Search and Rescue in Svalbard contributor
20.08.2019 Curiously Polar 065 The Majestic Greenland Shark contributor
13.08.2019 Curiously Polar 064 The Arctic is on Fire contributor
6.08.2019 Curiously Polar 063 Recognice contributor
30.07.2019 Curiously Polar 062 Sea Ice Changes in the Arctic contributor
23.07.2019 Curiously Polar 061 Ice and Flames: Those Mysterious Arctic Volcanos contributor
16.07.2019 Curiously Polar 060 Breaking Ice for Arctic Oil contributor
2.07.2019 Curiously Polar 058 Cruise Ships to the North Pole contributor
25.06.2019 Curiously Polar 057 Who owns the Northwest Passage contributor
18.06.2019 Curiously Polar 056 The Whiskey War contributor
11.06.2019 Curiously Polar 055 Tikigaq/Point Hope: Life on Alaska’S North Slope contributor
4.06.2019 Curiously Polar 054 The Sinking of M/V Explorer contributor
28.05.2019 Curiously Polar 053 Arctic Council contributor
27.05.2019 Absolut Analog 047 Analogdigitale Wunderbastelwoche contributor
21.05.2019 Curiously Polar 052 The Hot Heart of Antarctica contributor
21.05.2019 Curiously Polar 051 King of the Arctic contributor
20.05.2019 Absolut Analog 046 Die Geschichte des Autoknips contributor
14.05.2019 Curiously Polar 050 Arctic Winter Games contributor
13.05.2019 Absolut Analog 045 Fundstücke der Geschichte: Mit der Leica in die Arktis contributor
7.05.2019 Curiously Polar 049 Education in the Arctic contributor
1.05.2019 Absolut Analog 044 Herr Schwarzschild und die Nichtlinearität contributor
30.04.2019 Curiously Polar 048 Air New Zealand Flight 901 contributor
23.04.2019 Curiously Polar 047 Climate Change Impact on Arctic Indigenous People contributor
16.04.2019 Curiously Polar 046 The History of Arctic Expeditions contributor
9.04.2019 Curiously Polar 045 Tourism Impact on the Polar Regions contributor
9.03.2019 Curiously Polar 044 Sea Ice contributor
13.08.2018 Absolut Analog 043 Imago contributor
9.08.2018 Curiously Polar 043 Where on Earth Is Mario? A Quick Update contributor
3.08.2018 Absolut Analog 042 Groß und bunt contributor
14.07.2018 Absolut Analog 041 Reprostativ V5 contributor
30.04.2018 Absolut Analog 040 Der hybride Prozess II: abfotografieren contributor
16.04.2018 Absolut Analog 039 Auf die Größe kommt es an contributor
2.04.2018 Absolut Analog 038 Schwarzweiße Filmtypen contributor
27.03.2018 Curiously Polar 042 Living in the cold contributor
20.03.2018 Curiously Polar 041 Living in the Cold contributor
19.03.2018 Absolut Analog 037 Der hybride Prozess I: scannen contributor
13.03.2018 Curiously Polar 040 New Polar Expedition Ships contributor
6.03.2018 Curiously Polar 039 Northeast Passage contributor