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Podcast Role
Free Italian lessons, and podcast at FreeItalia... owner  
Brave New World Podcasts owner  
The Tech Wizard owner  
New Visions, New Voices owner  
Rapid Response Advanced Mobile Search and Rescu... owner  
Run Norman owner  
David Kemp Tennis DKT Podcast owner  
BILL'S SAC SPOKESMEN (With comments by Brian) owner  
Konversations with Koby owner  
BlindWorld Blog and Podcast owner  
V8 Splash Bros Podcast owner  
Mark's Mobile Blog owner  
Retro Radio owner  
B-Sides Radio owner  
6 Bs and a P owner  
The Total Percussion Blog owner  
GadgetPodcast owner  
Beyond The Ropes Radio owner  
Reeves Podcasting Network owner  
Hermophobia owner  
4311 Design owner  
4CornersTv owner  
Kat teaches Thai owner  
OTRClassic owner  
LatinElective.blogspot.com owner  
Donkey Pod Central owner  
Brain Noise owner  
What It Is Podcast owner  
Utopia College Football Podcast owner  
SLAPPIN owner  
THIS BUSINESS Podcast owner  
PolishguyPodcast owner  
SimpurTV Webcasts owner  
TheKai1211-Fitness-Podcast owner  
IBG's monthly webcast series owner  
Link to the Masses owner  
Dansville owner  
Clutch - Podcast owner  
FirstApple Podcast owner  
RAPS TALK - Toronto Raptors / NBA podcast - rap... owner  
MacEnterprise Podcast owner  
MACT | COMM 503 owner  
Don-Don URDON ドンドンウルドン owner  
GNU/Linux RTM owner  
Podcast MacFanatico owner  
Meditation - Overcoming Stress& Illness Podcast owner  
SCR Productions owner  
Blazer Laser owner  
Allen in BCN owner  
Dos and Tumor's Sports Bash owner  
AniRaise Podcast owner  
AandW Down Your Throat owner  
Edge of the Frame owner  
Hook and Release owner  
OPTIC 3D owner  
Prep Football Nation owner  
Networking Expert Advice owner  
Jackcast Podcast owner  
Hitchhiker's Guide to Nuclear (Blog and Podcast... owner  
MJBXC owner  
End to End Hoops - NBA owner  
Kestrel Adventures Podcast owner  
Clár 4 cur in aithne owner  
Clar 1 Beannachtai owner  
DCHS History Nazi Germany owner  
Apologizing for the Sound owner  
S&N Podcast owner  
IndieTalk Wrestling owner  
SETI Institute Colloquium Series Videos owner  
TheCatbox owner  
Tech Savvy Teens owner  
On Locks Podcast owner  
Steal Your League owner  
Wimbledon Podcast owner  
Rowbot Radio owner  
Euro 2012: World Cup Willie's European Adventur... owner  
Invasive Species Weblog Podcast owner  
New England Fights! owner  
Contracast owner  
PodcastFeed owner  
Bring On The PodCats owner  
WamPod [Official] owner  
Geneva National Golf Club owner  
bsdtalk owner   author  
World House Radio owner  
Chalk is Cheap owner  
Tubenauts: The Nethernet Podcast owner  
In The O... The Radio Show owner  
Podcast Hockeyakademin owner  
Sports Talk with 3 Stupid Guys owner  
Crónicas Natxíricas owner  
Enrique Guerrero Podcast owner  
Cibola High School APUSH owner  
Third Person Podcast owner  
PirateNewsTV (AppleTV) owner  
Get Fit TV owner  
Crazy Canucks Football owner  
Countless Screaming Argonauts owner  
Josh Wilson Sports Minute Feat. JV owner  
History In Their Own Words owner  
MSAT 6200 Podcasts owner  
Strong Style Wrestling Podcast owner  
CSC442 Section B at UIS owner  
Geekfreaks owner  
Unsupported Operation owner  
Entertainment podcast owner  
Frenesi de Pesamientos owner  
MrChief916 Rants owner  
Class Not Found owner  
Walking On Air owner  
Michael Underemployed owner  
Freaking Lasers owner  
Best-Practice-Software-Engineering owner  
Rum Bunter Podcast owner  
Late to the Nitro Party owner  
Caleb And Melisha's Podcast owner  
Black Shoe Diaries Penn State Podcast owner  
Software Gone Wild by ipSpace.net owner  
Wrestling TalkCast - Pro Wrestling Podcast owner  
Yeah I've Seen That owner  
SB Nation Tampa Bay Live owner  
15 Minutes of Fame owner  
Turnbuckle Trash owner  
Pinecasts owner  
Goozchix owner  
PKV Racing owner  
Crafts N Education owner  
The Thought Experiment owner  
Paul Maclean's Mustache owner  
From the Factory Floor owner  
Clár 3 Cur in aithne owner  
Panther Parkway Radio owner  
Wisdom of the Wannabes owner  
Uncompromising Moments with Team Mistrilia owner  
WVUM Sports owner  
Scooter B. and JJ On Sports owner  
Gabriela Ackert's Podcasts in iTunes owner  
Married Mac Geeks Under The Influence owner  
D.A. & Tobin Show owner  
Festival of Blood Radio - Computer and Gaming N... owner  
Earthly Experience owner  
Tiro Libre Podcast (no oficial) owner  
Sara Simms Flight Official Podcast owner  
AudioGear Podcast owner  
JM Podcast owner  
Gosh Daniel owner  
Learning Mandarin Podcast owner  
Purple Pride with Fernando owner  
Dan Wakehams Snowboard Podcast owner  
Kodiak Rider Recon owner  
Cast211 owner  
Continuity and Transformation in Islamic Law owner  
Random Leftovers owner  
Front Row Geeks owner  
NY Balls Podcast owner  
WITech owner  
EURORESU owner  
FacDev Media Training Series owner  
Eye On Literature owner  
Two10 Degrees Windows Azure Podcast owner  
CIE Podcasts owner  
Brad Sutton Presents: Live from Johnny's Baseme... owner  
Bright's Words Of Wisdom owner  
Matchstick Productions owner  
Jegcast owner  
Discussions with Decapitated Dan owner  
Coley's Test Blog owner  
Best of 2016 on Ottoman History Podcast owner  
Historietimen owner  
Berkeley Korean 안녕하세요! owner  
Keenan's Podcast owner  
Studio Sessions Podcast owner  
German Bible Study owner  
Greentech Update owner  
Josh and Mike's Experiments in Podcasting owner  
Forestview Multimedia owner  
Believe Me owner  
Genuine Analysis owner  
Science, please! owner  
Backcountry Radio Network featuring Western Lif... owner  
ipSpace.net owner  
The TechCast owner  
MIRROR 數碼生活頻道 owner  
Emily Lyche owner  
Kobe Bryant owner  
Integrate - Alpha Data's Blog owner  
Browns Talk owner  
Challenger Learning Center Updates owner  
GI Tri Podcast owner  
Filosofia Nerd owner  
Critical Literacy owner  
Guys on FOSS owner  
G-Force Radio owner  
CrossOver owner  
Gurven owner  
Buckingham Charter Magnet High School (Media) owner  
Northwest Podcast owner  
MouseWait Disneyland Podcast owner  
Class Projects owner  
Devon FA Podcast owner  
Premiership America owner  
HB Weekly owner  
Networking Career Advice owner  
Sean M. Cooley owner  
Apple Answers owner  
Sci Fi Serial owner  
Clark State Update owner  
Um, Actually owner  
Tuning In AT owner  
Circulus Latinus Xerensis owner  
ARCApodcasts owner  
Tommies Talkin' Twins owner  
Jets Hockey Podcast owner  
Baseball and Beer Podcast owner  
BLS English 101 owner  
RMSC - Astropods owner  
HQFan Beta owner  
Sports Polygamy owner  
Solid State One owner  
Der Galberg Podcast owner  
Señor Gramática owner  
Bobby's World Podcast owner  
Teknoilógicos owner  
===[ The Blue Clover ]=== owner  
Fortress of Poditude owner  
Clár 2 Beannachtaí 2 owner  
Backstage UK owner  
All-Star Pop Culture PodQuiz owner  
100 Acre Woods Podcast owner  
WorkStation Podcasts owner  
Direito Subjetivo owner  
Psychology - Big Moral Question owner  
Classroom Videos owner  
TSR Podcast owner  
Rays Radio Baseball Podcast owner  
Tech Report owner  
SportsNight Podcasts owner  
Proctor Track owner  
Pro Cycling News In 30 Seconds owner  
Tech UK Podcast owner  
Podcast owner  
Ebook Reader Podcast owner  
Hoop Talk Podcast owner  
OffRoad Racing owner  
Aidiwaws owner  
DS2 owner  
Same Person Radio owner  
Second Golden Age of Radio Podcast owner  
Bolton Central School Podcast owner  
Non-Answers owner  
DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.com owner  
SBN college basketball podcast owner  
Y2Knit PODconnection owner  
Muay Thai Guy Podcast owner  
Recordnet.com Sports Report owner  
Pulp Daily owner  
UCLA Internal Medicine owner  
Fantasy Ballers owner  
Wit Da Bit owner  
Texas HS Football Daily Drive Podcast owner  
VT Sports Talk owner  
Down And Distant owner  

Gigs, Will Backman has been engaged in

Date Podcast Episode Role
9.02.2017 bsdtalk bsdtalk266 - The nodes take over author
31.05.2016 bsdtalk bsdtalk265 - Sunset on BSD author
30.04.2016 bsdtalk bsdtalk264 - Down the Gopher Hole author
23.03.2016 bsdtalk bsdtalk263 - joshua stein and Brandon Mercer author
19.02.2016 bsdtalk bsdtalk262 - LightZone with Tex Andrews author
31.01.2016 bsdtalk bsdtalk261 - Jails and System Management with Kris Moore author
20.12.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk260 - TeachBSD.org with Robert N. M. Watson and George V. Neville-Neil author
1.12.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk259 - Supporting a BSD Project author
31.10.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk258 - Chris Henschen from fP Technologies author
27.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk257 - NetBSD Developer Christos Zoulas author
16.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk256 - Allan Jude author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk242 - PFSense with Chris Buechler author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk235 - Allan Jude author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk225 - PC-BSD with Kris Moore author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk227 - ZFS with Matt Ahrens author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk223 - bhyve with Michael Dexter author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk230 - vBSDcon with Verisign CTO Burt Kaliski author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk218 - Michael W. Lucas author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk Bsdtalk219 - David Gwynne author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk234 - Henning Brauer at vBSDCon author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk237 - The FreeBSD Journal with George Neville-Neil author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk254 - PFsense and FreeNAS with Ken Worster author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk241 - Bob Beck author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk246 - Playing with tor author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk240 - About Time with George Neville-Neil author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk244 - The Lumina Desktop Environment with Ken Moore author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk255 - A quick update author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk226 - FreeBSD and Netflix author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk236 - NYCBSDCon 2014 with Brian Callahan and Ike Levy author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk253 - George Neville-Neil author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk248 - DragonFlyBSD with Matthew Dillon author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk221 - Xenocara with Matthieu Herrb author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk247 - FreeBSD: The Next 10 Years with Jordan Hubbard author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk BSDTalk222 - Tinkering with Raspberry Pi author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk243 - mandoc with Ingo Schwarze author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk239 - PkgNG with Baptiste Daroussin at vBSDCon author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk229 - Chris Cappuccio author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk228 - Michael W. Lucas author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk245 - Looking for a new home author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk249 - Netflix Update with Scott Long author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk217 - The tables are turned author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk252 - devio.us with Brian Callahan author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk238 - Voices from NYCBSDCon 2014 author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk250 - WhatsApp: Half a billion unsuspecting FreeBSD users by Rick Reed author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk233 - From GCC to LLVM/CLANG with David Chisnall author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk220 - Eric Oyen author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk231 - The FreeBSD Documentation Project author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk232 - Thomas Cort author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk224 - Marshall Kirk McKusick and George Neville-Neil author
13.09.2015 bsdtalk bsdtalk251 - Verisign and FreeBSD: Internet Scale Services at 10 Gigabits per Server presented by Mike Bentkofsky, Marc de la Gueronniere, Julien Charbon author