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Date Podcast Episode Role
14.03.2019 Tinder Tales Gianmarco Soresi "Softie Orgasm" Episode 160 author
7.03.2019 Tinder Tales Anthony Kapfer "Not a Murderer" Episode 158 author
28.02.2019 Tinder Tales Ruth Tupe "Put Weird Things in Your Profile" Episode 157 author
21.02.2019 Tinder Tales Lizzy Cassidy "After Sex He Showed Off His Gun" Episode 156 author
14.02.2019 Tinder Tales Steven Rogers "Dorky Zoo Keeper Vibe" Episode 155 author
6.02.2019 Tinder Tales Caitlin Peluffo "I Identify as Dottie" Episode 154 author
31.01.2019 Tinder Tales Victor Varnado "There's Someone Else in Your Bed" Episode 153 author
24.01.2019 Tinder Tales Teresa Sheffield "At Least He Was Proportional" Episode 152 author
17.01.2019 Tinder Tales Calvin Cato "Do The Bathroom Doors Lock?" Episode 151 author
10.01.2019 Tinder Tales Keenan Steiner "Better Grindr Etiquette" Episode 150 author
8.01.2019 Tinder Tales TALKING CHOPPED BONUS EPISODE In Laws In Teams! author
3.01.2019 Tinder Tales Liza Treyger "Just So You Know I Can See You Tweeting About Me" Episode 149 author
27.12.2018 Tinder Tales Rachel McCartney "Waiting Till Late Night For Date Night" Episode 148 author
20.12.2018 Tinder Tales Kendall Farrell "Burlington Grindr Celebrity" Episode 147 author
13.12.2018 Tinder Tales Christiana Jackson "Great Pussy Energy" Episode 146 author
6.12.2018 Tinder Tales Lia Holmgren "Miami and Vegas" Episode 145 author
29.11.2018 Tinder Tales Sam Kissajukian "At 17 I Made $30,000 Playing Magic the Gathering" Episode 144 author
23.11.2018 Tinder Tales Lux Alptraum "A Brief History of Hipster Online Dating" Episode 143 author
15.11.2018 Tinder Tales Jacob Williams "I Did It Out Of Fear" Episode 142 author
8.11.2018 Tinder Tales Brandon Jackson "Love Rhombus" Episode 141 author
8.11.2018 Tinder Tales Brandon Jackson "Love Rhombus" Episode 141 author
1.11.2018 Tinder Tales Live at the V-Club "Starling, Grace, Clemans" Episode 140 author
25.10.2018 Tinder Tales Olive Persimmon "Mango Skin Condoms" Episode 139 author
18.10.2018 Tinder Tales Nya Yeanafehn "Hey Beautiful, How You Doin?" Episode 138 author
11.10.2018 Tinder Tales Yoshiko Watson "Just So You Know, You're Very Stalkable" Episode 137 author
4.10.2018 Tinder Tales Chloe McGovern "Image Focused" Episode 136 author
27.09.2018 Tinder Tales Brooklyn Sex Expo "Gave Me a $20 iTunes Gift Card" Episode 136 author
20.09.2018 Tinder Tales Jourdain Fisher "Cookie Money" Episode 134 author
13.09.2018 Tinder Tales Jessa Reed and Aaron Woodall "Tag Team Threesome" Episode 133 author
6.09.2018 Tinder Tales Caitlin Ruppert "Shut Up If You Want To Cum" Episode 132 author
30.08.2018 Tinder Tales Matt Maran "The Bathroom Here is Spacious" Episode 131 author
23.08.2018 Tinder Tales Randall Otis "The Kind of Guy That Buys Mangos" Episode 130 author
16.08.2018 Tinder Tales Julia Schachter "He Borrowed His Mom's Convertible" Episode 129 author
9.08.2018 Tinder Tales Billy Procida "Strangerplay" Episode 128 author
2.08.2018 Tinder Tales Chris Hamilton "Digging a Hole" Episode 127 author
26.07.2018 Tinder Tales Jess Black "Bring Judah Friedlander" Episode 126 author
20.07.2018 Tinder Tales Chris James "Aww Matching With You Made My Day" Episode 125 author
12.07.2018 Tinder Tales Pauline Murphy "Dick Hungry Spice Girl" Episode 124 author
5.07.2018 Tinder Tales Sean Finnerty "So That Didn't Go Great" Episode 123 author
28.06.2018 Tinder Tales Khalid Rahmaan "Who Has Two Thumbs and No HIV?" Episode 122 author
21.06.2018 Tinder Tales Kristin Fretz "Your Sign is My Misery" Episode 121 author
14.06.2018 Tinder Tales Max Fine "Sit on My Face and Chill" Episode 120 author
7.06.2018 Tinder Tales Shane Snow "Travel + Danger = Adventure" Episode 119 author
31.05.2018 Tinder Tales Rohan Padhye "19 Year Old Sex at 28" Episode 118 author
24.05.2018 Tinder Tales Natalie Wall "Ghouled" Episode 117 author
17.05.2018 Tinder Tales John Rosenberger "I'll build you robot legs" Episode 116 author
10.05.2018 Tinder Tales Anita Flores "AphrodisiSnack" Episode 115 author
3.05.2018 Tinder Tales Trey Galyon “I'd Rather Live in the Mountains” Episode 114 author
26.04.2018 Tinder Tales Joseph Tolpi "But My Parents Are Home" Episode 113 author
20.04.2018 Tinder Tales Kristin Kirkley "OCDJ" Episode 112 author