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Date Podcast Episode Role
8.11.2018 Science Magazine Podcast A big increase in monkey research and an overhaul for the metric system author
1.11.2018 Science Magazine Podcast How the appendix could hold the keys to Parkinson’s disease, and materials scientists mimic nature author
25.10.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Children sue the U.S. government over climate change, and how mice inherit their gut microbes author
18.10.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Mutant cells in the esophagus, and protecting farmers from dangerous pesticide exposure author
11.10.2018 Science Magazine Podcast What we can learn from a cluster of people with an inherited intellectual disability, and questioning how sustainable green lawns are in dry places author
4.10.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Odd new particles may be tunneling through the planet, and how the flu operates differently in big and small towns author
27.09.2018 Science Magazine Podcast The future of PCB-laden orca whales, and doing genomics work with Indigenous people author
20.09.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Metaresearchers take on meta-analyses, and hoary old myths about science author
13.09.2018 Science Magazine Podcast The youngest sex chromosomes on the block, and how to test a Zika vaccine without Zika cases author
6.09.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Should we prioritize which endangered species to save, and why were chemists baffled by soot for so long? author
30.08.2018 Science Magazine Podcast <i>Science</i> and <i>Nature</i> get their social science studies replicated—or not, the mechanisms behind human-induced earthquakes, and the taboo of claiming causality in science author
23.08.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Sending flocks of tiny satellites out past Earth orbit and solving the irrigation efficiency paradox author
16.08.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Ancient volcanic eruptions, and peer pressure—from robots author
9.08.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Doubts about the drought that kicked off our latest geological age, and a faceoff between stink bugs with samurai wasps author
2.08.2018 Science Magazine Podcast How our brains may have evolved for language, and clues to what makes us leaders—or followers author
26.07.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Liquid water on Mars, athletic performance in transgender women, and the lost colony of Roanoke author
19.07.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Why the platypus gave up suckling, and how gravity waves clear clouds author
12.07.2018 Science Magazine Podcast The South Pole’s IceCube detector catches a ghostly particle from deep space, and how rice knows to grow when submerged author
5.07.2018 Science Magazine Podcast A polio outbreak threatens global eradication plans, and what happened to America’s first dogs author
28.06.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Increasing transparency in animal research to sway public opinion, and a reaching a plateau in human mortality author
21.06.2018 Science Magazine Podcast New evidence in Cuba’s ‘sonic attacks,’ and finding an extinct gibbon—in a royal Chinese tomb author
14.06.2018 Science Magazine Podcast The places where HIV shows no sign of ending, and the parts of the human brain that are bigger—in bigger brains author
7.06.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Science books for summer, and a blood test for predicting preterm birth author
31.05.2018 Science Magazine Podcast The first midsize black holes, and the environmental impact of global food production author
24.05.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Sketching suspects with DNA, and using light to find Zika-infected mosquitoes author
17.05.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Tracking ancient Rome’s rise using Greenland’s ice, and fighting fungicide resistance author
10.05.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Ancient DNA is helping find the first horse tamers, and a single gene is spawning a fierce debate in salmon conservation author
3.05.2018 Science Magazine Podcast The twins climbing Mount Everest for science, and the fractal nature of human bone author
26.04.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Deciphering talking drums, and squeezing more juice out of solar panels author
19.04.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Drug use in the ancient world, and what will happen to plants as carbon dioxide levels increase author
12.04.2018 Science Magazine Podcast How DNA is revealing Latin America’s lost histories, and how to make a molecule from just two atoms author
5.04.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Legendary Viking crystals, and how to put an octopus to sleep author
29.03.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Chimpanzee retirement gains momentum, and x-ray ‘ghost images’ could cut radiation doses author
22.03.2018 Science Magazine Podcast A possible cause for severe morning sickness, and linking mouse moms’ caretaking to brain changes in baby mice author
15.03.2018 Science Magazine Podcast How humans survived an ancient volcanic winter and how disgust shapes ecosystems author
8.03.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Animals that don’t need people to be domesticated; the astonishing spread of false news; and links between gender, sexual orientation, and speech author
1.03.2018 Science Magazine Podcast A new dark matter signal from the early universe, massive family trees, and how we might respond to alien contact author
22.02.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Neandertals that made art, live news from the AAAS Annual Meeting, and the emotional experience of being a scientist author
15.02.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Genes that turn off after death, and debunking the sugar conspiracy author
8.02.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Happy lab animals may make better research subjects, and understanding the chemistry of the indoor environment author
1.02.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Following 1000 people for decades to learn about the interplay of health, environment, and temperament, and investigating why naked mole rats don’t seem to age author
25.01.2018 Science Magazine Podcast The dangers of dismantling a geoengineered sun shield and the importance of genes we don’t inherit author
18.01.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Unearthed letters reveal changes in Fields Medal awards, and predicting crime with computers is no easy feat author
11.01.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Salad-eating sharks, and what happens after quantum computing achieves quantum supremacy author
4.01.2018 Science Magazine Podcast Who visits raccoon latrines, and boosting cancer therapy with gut microbes author
21.12.2017 Science Magazine Podcast <i>Science</i>’s Breakthrough of the Year, our best online news, and science books for your shopping list author
14.12.2017 Science Magazine Podcast Putting the breaks on driverless cars, and dolphins that can muffle their ears author
7.12.2017 Science Magazine Podcast Folding DNA into teddy bears and getting creative about gun violence research author
30.11.2017 Science Magazine Podcast Debunking yeti DNA, and the incredibly strong arms of prehistoric female farmers author
22.11.2017 Science Magazine Podcast The world’s first dog pictures, and looking at the planet from a quantum perspective author