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15.09.2019 Haaretz Weekly A watershed election for Netanyahu – and for Israeli democracy author
5.09.2019 Haaretz Weekly 'In this no-issue election, don't believe a word anyone says.' Listen to Haaretz editor-in-chief author
1.09.2019 Haaretz Weekly Which of Netanyahu's wars will win him the election? author
27.08.2019 Haaretz Weekly How our investigation into lone soldier suicides hit a nerve. Listen to Judy Maltz author
25.08.2019 Haaretz Weekly U.S. Jews have only themselves to blame for Trump's anti-Semitic tropes. Listen to Gideon Levy author
18.08.2019 Haaretz Weekly Will Israel pay a price for Bibi's capitulation to Trump? author
14.07.2019 Haaretz Weekly Israel's not-so-secret 'disappearance' of Nakba history author
7.07.2019 Haaretz Weekly Bibi and Trump's Iran dilemma: Wage war or win an election author
23.06.2019 Haaretz Weekly What really happened to South Africa's Jewish community author
16.06.2019 Haaretz Weekly Iran is a threat, but occupation is also Israel's enemy: Listen to Haaretz publisher Amos Schocken author
10.06.2019 Haaretz Weekly Israel is the most racist, gay-friendly country on Earth author
2.06.2019 Haaretz Weekly Shell-shocked Netanyahu snatches do-over election from the jaws of victory author
27.05.2019 Haaretz Weekly By tormenting Bibi, Lieberman could accidentally save Israeli democracy author
12.05.2019 Haaretz Weekly Parties, protests and sky-high prices as Eurovision rocks into Tel Aviv author
5.05.2019 Haaretz Weekly Netanyahu fiddles while Gaza – and Israel's south – burn author
28.04.2019 Haaretz Weekly From Poway to Palestine, Jewish-Muslim kinship will prevail author
21.04.2019 Haaretz Weekly During Passover, Israel takes a pass on religious freedom author
14.04.2019 Haaretz Weekly Netanyahu's 'Camgate' tactic is straight out of the Jim Crow playbook author
10.04.2019 Haaretz Weekly Netanyahu – the political genius leading Israel into the abyss author
7.04.2019 Haaretz Weekly Netanyahu's only ideology is staying in power author
25.03.2019 Haaretz Weekly Netanyahu needs to crush Hamas or his rivals will crush him author
17.03.2019 Haaretz Weekly For every Gaza rocket, Israel commits thousands of crimes. Listen to Amira Hass author
10.03.2019 Haaretz Weekly Netanyahu's fate is in the hands of a pro-marijuana crackpot author
3.03.2019 Haaretz Weekly Netanyahu has lost America. Is Israel next? author
17.02.2019 Haaretz Weekly Bibi is opening the Knesset door for Kahanist racists author
10.02.2019 Haaretz Weekly When Democrats vote against the pro-Israel lobby, Bibi should worry author
3.02.2019 Haaretz Weekly Why a Nobel Peace Prize-winning human rights org faces an Israeli ban? author
20.01.2019 Haaretz Weekly In the West Bank, I saw the death of Zionism author
13.01.2019 Haaretz Weekly Why it's so hard for Netanyahu to condemn settler terror author
6.01.2019 Haaretz Weekly The Israel-Diaspora Divorce Will Get Even Uglier if Bibi Wins Again author
30.12.2018 Haaretz Weekly How the New Right and Old Friends Could Derail Netanyahu's Election Campaign author
24.12.2018 Haaretz Weekly Bibi's Snap Election Gambit Could Save Him From Criminal Charges - and a U.S. Peace Plan author
16.12.2018 Haaretz Weekly BDS isn't anti-Semitic, says Gideon Levy. Listen to our Podcast, while it's still legal author
9.12.2018 Haaretz Weekly Israeli women unite to battle violence – and a government that doesn't care author
4.12.2018 Haaretz Weekly BREAKING: Does Israel's Tunnel Op Mean War With Hezbollah? author
2.12.2018 Haaretz Weekly Netanyahu talks the talk, but does he really care about anti-Semitism? author
25.11.2018 Haaretz Weekly Are Trump and Netanyahu on collision course – despite their harmony over Saudi Arabia? author
18.11.2018 Haaretz Weekly From the Brink of War to the Brink of Elections author
4.11.2018 Haaretz Weekly After Pittsburgh, will American Jews punish Trump in the Midterms? author
29.10.2018 Haaretz Weekly Is the United States still safe for Jews – and what should Israel do about it? author