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19.10.2018 Berlin Briefing 19.10.2018 - CCC surveillance test criticism, Day care/Kita figures, 60,000 without health insurance, Public Wi-Fi author
18.10.2018 Berlin Briefing 18.10.2018 - Refugees distributed unevenly, Maple Leaf coin theft, New Ryanair base author
17.10.2018 Berlin Briefing 17.10.2018 - Boy threw deadly log, 195,000 students, Senate rejects surveillance petition, AFD MP expulsion proceedings author
16.10.2018 Berlin Briefing 16.10.2018 - Ubahn cold aid, Fire brigade, Boy killed by log, Union stadium extension author
15.10.2018 Berlin Briefing 15.10.2018 - #unteilbar demo, Amri investigation, BVG parking tickets author
12.10.2018 Berlin Briefing 12.10.2018 - Police keep HIV record, Extremist crime stats, Double-decker buses, #Unteilbar author
11.10.2018 Berlin Briefing 11.10.2018 - Suicide prevention, Car fires, MMA Berlin author
10.10.2018 Berlin Briefing 10.10.2018 - Sex offenders, Diesel ban verdict, Erich-Weinert-Straße historical flair, Ketchup Bande author
9.10.2018 Berlin Briefing 09.10.2018 - Student living costs, Private schools, Islamist Liberation Party, Refugees cook for the homeless author
8.10.2018 Berlin Briefing 08.10.2018 - Two houses occupied, Diesel ban court decision, Car hits pedestrians author
5.10.2018 Berlin Briefing 05.10.2018 - Deutsche Bahn price increases, Amri Committee issues, Meningitis, Silbernetz author
4.10.2018 Berlin Briefing 04.10.2018 - 3.7 Million Berliners, Primera Air insolvent, Indoor pools, Immigration laws author
2.10.2018 Berlin Briefing 02.10.2018 - Kotti Police pictures published, Cold relief program, AfD location trouble, Reunification celebration author
1.10.2018 Berlin Briefing 01.10.2018 - Erdogan protests, Police terrorist alias, Kotti police brutality, Apartment occupation author
28.09.2018 Berlin Briefing 28.09.2018 - Erdogan visit, Potential Police Espionage, Schools against sexual violence, No fare increases author
27.09.2018 Berlin Briefing 27.09.2018 - More Ryanair strikes, Polish start-ups, Stasi Memorial shake-up, Pussy Riot activist leaves hospital author
26.09.2018 Berlin Briefing 26.09.2018 - Buchholzer Sicherheit, Neukölln stabbing, Fire brigade reconstruction, Homeless family accommodations author
25.09.2018 Berlin Briefing 25.09.2018 - AfD denunciation database, Polish homeless, Failed traffic lights, Räuberrad author
24.09.2018 Berlin Briefing 24.09.2018 - Same-sex weddings, Poor internet at schools, Illegal street race author
21.09.2018 Berlin Briefing 21.09.2018 - New homeless facility, Arson attack, Politics and schools, FixMyBerlin author
20.09.2018 Berlin Briefing 20.09.2018 - Underground station shelters, E-governance, Forest fire danger, Rhino Karl author
19.09.2018 Berlin Briefing 19.09.2018 - AFD on Arab clans, Human trafficking, Berlin population data author
17.09.2018 Berlin Briefing 17.09.2018 - Clan crime, Pussy Riot activist, Punk concert stopped author
14.09.2018 Berlin Briefing 14.09.2018 - Bundeskanzleramt expansion, Getränke Lehmann controversy, Bus fares, Nidal R. Funeral author
13.09.2018 Berlin Briefing 13.09.2018 - Police corruption, Nidal R. funeral, Escape car, Smoking regulations author
12.09.2018 Berlin Briefing 12.09.2018 - Skimming case, Murder aftermath, Electric buses author
11.09.2018 Berlin Briefing 11.09.2018 - Neukölln shooting, Street racing court case, House occupation update, Elsenbrücke author
10.09.2018 Berlin Briefing 10.09.2018 - Honecker burial, JFK School anti-Semitic incidents, House occupation, Xenophobic insults author
7.09.2018 Berlin Briefing 07.09.2018 - AfD surveillance demanded, Shooting range educator dies, Fake policeman, Rhino baby author
6.09.2018 Berlin Briefing 06.09.2018 - Child rape update, Arab clan raid, HIV syringe, Drug infused chocolate author
5.09.2018 Berlin Briefing 05.09.2018 - LGBTQ youth center, Clash in Neukölln, Elsenbrücke, Vegan kindergartens author
4.09.2018 Berlin Briefing 04.09.2018 - Inclusive Schools, Speed Limit Tests, Vacant Apartments author
3.09.2018 Berlin Briefing 03.09.2018 - Classmate Child Abuse, Student Accommodation, Xenophobic Incidents, New Kita Spaces author
31.08.2018 Berlin Briefing 31.08.2018 - Berlin Extremists, Secret Service Amri Involvement, Breitscheidplatz Victims, Primera Air author
30.08.2018 Berlin Briefing 30.08.2018 - AfD & Extremists, Family Raid, Leipziger Str. Pollution, Schönhauser Allee Bike Lane author
29.08.2018 Berlin Briefing 29.08.2018 - Reactions to Chemnitz Violence, Needles on Playground, Hindu Temple author
28.08.2018 Berlin Briefing 28.08.2018 - Clan Raid, Asylum Cases, Potential Investor Ban, Refugee Mannequin author
27.08.2018 Berlin Briefing 27.08.2018 - Forest Fire, First Graders, Atonal Stations, VW E-cars author
24.08.2018 Berlin Briefing 24.08.2018 - Forest Fire, Kita Woes, Schönhauser Allee cycling, 4G in Ubahn author
23.08.2018 Berlin Briefing 23.08.2018 - Islamist arrested, Cheating Bus Driver, Unity Monument, Pyronale postponed author
22.08.2018 Berlin Briefing 22.08.2018 - Prize for Yücel, Rainbow Reinickendorf, School Construction Issues author
21.08.2018 Berlin Briefing 21.08.2018 - House of Statistics, Atonal Station Music, Pensioner Police, School starts author
20.08.2018 Berlin Briefing 20.08.2018 - Nazi Demo Investigations, AfD vs Sea Rescue Activists, Sex Worker Registration, Museum of Illusion author
17.08.2018 Berlin Briefing 17.08.2018 - Neo-Nazi and Counter Demos, BVG Situation, Fire Brigade Funding author
16.08.2018 Berlin Briefing 16.08.2018 - 3rd Gender Bill, Neukölln Tenancy Consultation, Ostkreuz Security, Street Race author
15.08.2018 Berlin Briefing 15.08.2018 - Wall Piece discovered, Alex Increased Police, Air Berlin, Merkel-Putin Meeting author
14.08.2018 Berlin Briefing 14.08.2018 - School Supplies, Racing Trial, Lesbian Couple attacked, Used Ikea furniture author
13.08.2018 Berlin Briefing 13.08.2018 - Wall Commemoration, Meeting Zones, Call for Nazi-Demo Ban, Zigzag Bike Path author
10.08.2018 Berlin Briefing 10.08.2018 - Coach Horse Restrictions, Deadly Drama, Ku'damm Car Fire, Agave blooming author
9.08.2018 Berlin Briefing 09.08.2018 - Neo-Nazi March, Ryanair Strike, Mobile Phone Battery explodes author