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Harmonia Early Music author   owner  
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Date Podcast Episode Role
11.10.2018 Focus on Flowers Late Bloomers: Sedums, Autumn Sage, Heleniums author
4.10.2018 Focus on Flowers Selma (Steele) In The Garden author
29.09.2018 Harmonia Early Music The Musical World of Johannes Ciconia author
27.09.2018 Focus on Flowers Not Appetizing author
20.09.2018 Focus on Flowers Billowing Beds: Autumn Asters author
13.09.2018 Focus on Flowers Cohesion: Avoiding A Mish-Mashed Look In Your Garden author
6.09.2018 Focus on Flowers Folk Wisdom For Gardeners author
1.09.2018 Harmonia Early Music The Songs of Salamone Rossi author
30.08.2018 Focus on Flowers Butterworts author
25.08.2018 Harmonia Early Music Bird Watching author
23.08.2018 Focus on Flowers Bladderworts author
16.08.2018 Focus on Flowers Worts author
11.08.2018 Harmonia Early Music Laurence of Florence author
9.08.2018 Focus on Flowers Lysimachia author
2.08.2018 Focus on Flowers Prunella author
28.07.2018 Harmonia Early Music Everything’s Coming Up Roses author
26.07.2018 Focus on Flowers Why I Don’t Like Spiderwort author
21.07.2018 Harmonia Early Music London 31390 author
19.07.2018 Focus on Flowers Honesty Is Only One Of This Plant’s Common Names author
14.07.2018 Harmonia Early Music The Wacky World of Weelkes author
12.07.2018 Focus on Flowers Fragrant Freesias author
5.07.2018 Focus on Flowers John Gerard author
30.06.2018 Harmonia Early Music The Amazing Cypriot Manuscript author
28.06.2018 Focus on Flowers Isn’t Tricyrtis A More Pleasant Name Than Toad Lily? author
21.06.2018 Focus on Flowers Timeless Wonders author
16.06.2018 Harmonia Early Music Everybody Hates a Prodigy author
14.06.2018 Focus on Flowers Hummingbird Mint author
7.06.2018 Focus on Flowers Glorious Glads author
1.06.2018 Harmonia Early Music Say Who? Johann Franz Xaver Sterkel author
31.05.2018 Focus on Flowers Low Growers author
24.05.2018 Focus on Flowers Direct Sowing author
19.05.2018 Harmonia Early Music Dancing with the Viennese author
18.05.2018 Harmonia Early Music The Raimondi Manuscript author
17.05.2018 Focus on Flowers Mass Mounds author
10.05.2018 Focus on Flowers A Color Theme author
5.05.2018 Harmonia Early Music Form and Function author
4.05.2018 Harmonia Early Music Pergolesi Rediscovered author
3.05.2018 Focus on Flowers Mothers Gifts author
26.04.2018 Focus on Flowers Planting Newbies author
21.04.2018 Harmonia Early Music An American in Paris: Thomas Jefferson’s Musical Adventures author
19.04.2018 Focus on Flowers Bethlehem Sage author
12.04.2018 Focus on Flowers Heucheras author
8.04.2018 Harmonia Early Music Father Vandini’s Cello author
9.03.2018 Harmonia Early Music The Topping Tooters of the Town author
28.02.2018 Harmonia Early Music Biber and Biber author
25.02.2018 Harmonia Early Music When in Rome author
3.02.2018 Harmonia Early Music A Tour of the Tudors author
25.01.2018 Harmonia Early Music Sounds So Nice, Feels So Good author
13.01.2018 Harmonia Early Music Three Centuries of Patronage: The Medici Musical Legacy author
5.01.2018 Harmonia Early Music Vienna Vocal Consort author