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Date Podcast Episode Role
9.11.2019 Pain Waves National Pain Awareness Week: The lived experiences of two patient advocates author
1.11.2019 Pain Waves Pediatric pain: Managing impacts on children and their parents author
1.10.2019 Pain Waves BC ECHO for Chronic Pain: Improving pain care for people living with pain author
1.08.2019 Pain Waves Patient advocacy: Using your story to create meaningful change for people with pain author
6.06.2019 Pain Waves Coaching for Health: A free phone-based coaching program for people with pain author
1.05.2019 Pain Waves Changes to ICBC claims: A care and recovery-based model author
1.04.2019 Pain Waves Rethinking Pain: Using Movement as an Educational Tool to Manage Pain author
1.03.2019 Pain Waves Maintaining sex and intimacy with chronic pain: Tips from a women's and men's health expert author
1.01.2019 Pain Waves Brief Action Planning: A tool to set meaningful goals for your health author
1.12.2018 Pain Waves Sound Therapy as a Pain Management Tool author
17.10.2018 Pain Waves Cannabis for chronic pain: Perspectives on navigating the health care system author
6.10.2017 Pain Waves Self-Care for Caregivers of People in Pain with Wendy Johnstone author
11.08.2017 Pain Waves Complimentary Therapies for Chronic Pain with Mihael Mamychshvili, RST author
14.07.2017 Pain Waves Self Management for Osteoarthritis with Nurse Educator Susan Johnston author
28.04.2017 Pain Waves Counselling as a Tool for Living Better with Chronic Pain with Kira Lynne author
28.02.2017 Pain Waves The Benefits of Flotation Therapy/REST for Chronic Pain with Mike Zaremba author
25.01.2017 Pain Waves Be a Part of the Provincial Pain Summit 17-19 February 2017 author
27.10.2016 Pain Waves Join the #livingwithpain experiment November 6-12! author
28.09.2016 Pain Waves Pain, Resilience& Inspiration: Paul Henczel, Author of "Miracle in a Mill" author
19.07.2016 Pain Waves Pain BC's Connect for Health - Support Beyond the Doctor's Office author
29.06.2016 Pain Waves Managing Pain Your Way with Live Plan Be Self-Management Tool author
25.05.2016 Pain Waves Dr. Leslie Wicholas is a Psychiatrist Who Was Diagnosed with CRPS author
22.04.2016 Pain Waves Chronic Pain and PTSD Frequently Co-occur. What You Need to Know. author
11.04.2016 Pain Waves Making Life Less About Pain and More About Living author
10.12.2015 Pain Waves Using Medical Cannabis to Treat Chronic Pain: Get the Facts! author
13.11.2015 Pain Waves Addressing Chronic Pain in Adults& Kids with Intellectual Disabilities author
16.10.2015 Pain Waves The Impact of Work-Related Injuries& Chronic Pain with Dr. Cecil Hershler author
22.09.2015 Pain Waves #ItDoesntHavetoHurt: Can Social Media Help Parents Manage Their Children's Pain? author
3.07.2015 Pain Waves Over the Counter (OTC) Painkillers& Nutraceuticals - Get the Facts! author
3.06.2015 Pain Waves How to Make Peace with Sleep – Even If You're Dealing With Chronic Pain. author
7.05.2015 Pain Waves Why Does Mommy Hurt? An Interview with Author Elizabeth Christy on Chronic Pain author
30.01.2015 Pain Waves The Connection Between Nutrition and Pain with Dr. Caroline Coombs author
16.12.2014 Pain Waves Can Music Therapy Help People in Pain? author
14.07.2014 Pain Waves Chronic Foot Pain with Dr. Roy Mathews DPM author
5.06.2014 Pain Waves Can the Arts Ease Your Chronic Pain? With Nicki Kahnamoui (ArtsHealth Network) author
21.05.2014 Pain Waves Pain Priorities in BC - Seeking Input from British Columbians author
10.04.2014 Pain Waves Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) with Dr. Alison Bested author
14.03.2014 Pain Waves Yoga For Chronic Pain - Latest Research and Developments with Neil Pearson, PT author
6.02.2014 Pain Waves Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain with Michael Reoch, RMT author
9.01.2014 Pain Waves Arthritis and Chronic Pain with Dr. Rhonda Shuckett author
16.12.2013 Pain Waves Holiday Survival Guide for Chronic Pain author
8.11.2013 Pain Waves Medicinal Marijuana - Regulatory, Policy, and Legal Issues author
26.09.2013 Pain Waves Migraines and Headaches with Dr. Gordon Robinson author
11.07.2013 Pain Waves Chronic Pain and Mental Health with Dr. Wesley Buch PhD author
26.06.2013 Pain Waves Cancer Pain with Dr. Pippa Hawley author
6.06.2013 Pain Waves Low Back Pain with Dr Owen Williamson author
24.04.2013 Pain Waves Fibromyalgia with Dr. Rhonda Shuckett, MD, Rheumatologist author
11.04.2013 Pain Waves Chronic Pediatric Pain with Dr Gillian Lauder author
14.03.2013 Pain Waves Pain Medication Myths and FAQs - Pharmacists' Perspective author
14.02.2013 Pain Waves Emerging Technologies in Chronic Pain Management author