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Date Podcast Episode Role
19.08.2018 Fantasy Show Aug. 19: NFL Fantasy Football Previews Continue author
19.08.2018 Sportsnet Today Aug. 19: Blue Jays Struggle Towards .500 author
18.08.2018 Golf Show Aug. 18: Why golf can be a disappointing sport author
18.08.2018 Sportsnet Today Aug. 18: Breaking down the New York Yankees' season so far author
17.08.2018 Jeff Blair Show Aug. 17: When will the Blue Jays be back in contention? author
17.08.2018 Sportsnet's Starting Lineup Aug. 17: Is Jose Urena's suspension too short? author
17.08.2018 Sportsnet Tonight Aug. 16: A preview of Blue Jays at Royals! author
17.08.2018 Prime Time Sports Aug. 17: What's the criteria for Cooperstown? author
16.08.2018 Sportsnet's Starting Lineup Aug. 16: Marco Estrada and Curtis Granderson add to their trade values author
16.08.2018 Jeff Blair Show Aug. 16: What's next for Marco Estrada? author
16.08.2018 Prime Time Sports Aug. 16: The Duke circus comes to town with RJ Barrett in town author
15.08.2018 Jeff Blair Show Aug. 15: Youth movement author
15.08.2018 Prime Time Sports Aug. 15: Jamie Campbell and Joe Siddal author
15.08.2018 Sportsnet's Starting Lineup Aug.15: Christine Sinclair on growth of the women's game, coaching, and more! author
14.08.2018 Sportsnet's Starting Lineup Aug 14.: Breaking down Danny Jansen's and Sean Reid- Foley's debuts author
14.08.2018 Prime Time Sports Aug. 14: Dr. Neilank Jha author
14.08.2018 Jeff Blair Show Aug. 14: The kids are alright author
13.08.2018 Prime Time Sports Aug. 13: Tiger contends again author
13.08.2018 Sportsnet's Starting Lineup Aug. 13: Tiger Woods finds his form at the PGA Championship author
13.08.2018 Raceline Radio Aug. 12: Chatting about the Indy Lights Series with Dalton Kellett. author
13.08.2018 Jeff Blair Show Aug. 13: Tiger has himself a weekend author
12.08.2018 Fantasy Show Aug. 12: Quarterback Preview author
12.08.2018 Sportsnet Tonight Aug. 11: Recapping the Blue Jays' 25th anniversary festivities of back-to-back World Series titles author
12.08.2018 Sportsnet Tonight Aug. 11: Recapping the Blue Jays' loss to Tampa Bay. author
11.08.2018 Golf Show Aug. 29: The PGA is Underway! author
11.08.2018 Sportsnet Today Aug. 11: Is this year's edition of the Red Sox the best Boston baseball team ever? author
10.08.2018 Sportsnet's Starting Lineup Aug. 10: Chris Leroux on the Blue Jays, the Bachelor, and more! author
10.08.2018 Hockey PDOcast Episode 249: A Friendly Wager author
10.08.2018 Jeff Blair Show Aug. 10: Ready to Celebrate 92/93! author
10.08.2018 Prime Time Sports Aug. 10: The politics of Christmas and Thanksgiving Day Games author
9.08.2018 Prime Time Sports Aug. 9: 30 Year Anniversary of Gretzky to Kings author
9.08.2018 Jeff Blair Show Aug. 9: Foul ball blunder author
9.08.2018 Sportsnet's Starting Lineup Aug. 9: Shapovalov the lone Canadian to advance at the Rogers Cup author
8.08.2018 Prime Time Sports Aug. 8: The Sportsnet Grill's Grand Opening author
8.08.2018 Sportsnet's Starting Lineup Aug. 8: Will this Red Sox team overtake the Mariners' win record? author
8.08.2018 Hockey PDOcast Episode 248: From The Ground Up author
8.08.2018 Jeff Blair Show Aug. 8: RIP Stan Mikita author
7.08.2018 Jeff Blair Show Aug. 7: The Blue Jays return home author
7.08.2018 Sportsnet's Starting Lineup Aug. 7: Is John Gibbons' time with the Blue Jays' winding down? author
7.08.2018 Sportsnet Tonight Aug. 6: Recapping Day 1 action at the Rogers Cup. author
7.08.2018 Prime Time Sports Aug. 7: Live from Sportsnet Grill author
6.08.2018 Prime Time Sports Aug. 6: Holiday Monday Roundtable author
6.08.2018 Sportsnet Today Aug. 6 (pm): Rogers Cup, John Gibbon's future, Raptors add depth author
6.08.2018 Raceline Radio August 5: CSBK Season Finale! author
6.08.2018 Sportsnet Today Aug. 6 (am): Terrell Owens had an issue with waiting in line? author
5.08.2018 Fantasy Show Aug. 5: Football Preview author
4.08.2018 Golf Show Aug. 4: Looking ahead to next year's RBC Canadian Open author
4.08.2018 Sportsnet Tonight Aug. 3: The Blue Jays invade Seattle author
4.08.2018 Sportsnet Today Aug. 4: Rusic gets you ready for Blue Jays and Mariners author
4.08.2018 Sportsnet Today Aug. 4: Taking a look at the last few months of the baseball seaosn author