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Date Podcast Episode Role
19.11.2018 Sportsnet Tonight Nov. 18: Raptors bounce back from a three game skid in a massive way author
19.11.2018 Sportsnet Tonight Nov. 18: Raptors bounce back from a three game skid in a massive way author
18.11.2018 Sportsnet Today Nov. 18: Ben Nicholson-Smith talks Jays off season moves author
18.11.2018 Fantasy Show Nov. 18: Getting you set for Week 11 in the NFL author
18.11.2018 Inside The Lines Nov. 18: Sizing up week 11 in the NFL author
17.11.2018 Sportsnet Today Nov. 17: Leafs perfect in California author
17.11.2018 Sportsnet Today Nov. 17: Will the Raptors snap their losing streak in Chicago? author
17.11.2018 Leafs Nation Nov. 16: Leafs Sweep California Road Trip With 2-1 OT Win Over Ducks author
17.11.2018 Sportsnet Tonight Nov. 16: Leafs shine in California author
16.11.2018 Sportsnet Tonight Nov. 15: West coast trip a big test for the Maple Leafs author
16.11.2018 Leafs Nation Nov. 15: Leafs Conquer The Shark Tank author
16.11.2018 Good Show Nov. 16: Leafs keep rolling on the west coast author
16.11.2018 Sportsnet's Starting Lineup Nov. 16: Leafs get it done in San Jose, look ahead to the Ducks author
16.11.2018 Jeff Blair Show Nov. 16: Leafs Show Some Teeth Against The Sharks author
15.11.2018 Jeff Blair Show Nov. 15: Casey Closes Out A Win author
15.11.2018 Good Show Nov. 15: Dwane Casey's sweet sweet revenge! author
15.11.2018 Sportsnet's Starting Lineup Nov. 15: Dwane Casey gets the last laugh as his Pistons top the Raptors author
15.11.2018 Sportsnet Tonight NOV. 14: Dwane Casey makes his return to Toronto as the Detroit Pistons come to town to take on the Raptors author
15.11.2018 Hoops Nov. 14: Dwane Casey returns to Toronto author
14.11.2018 Good Show Nov. 14: Dwane Casey makes his return author
14.11.2018 Good Show Nov. 14: Dwane Casey makes his return (revised) author
14.11.2018 Jeff Blair Show Nov. 14: Welcome Back, Casey author
14.11.2018 Sportsnet Tonight Nov. 13: Leafs open their west coast road trip against the Kings author
14.11.2018 Sportsnet's Starting Lineup Nov. 14: Dwane Casey makes his return to Toronto author
13.11.2018 Sportsnet Tonight Nov. 11: To bid or not to bid? author
13.11.2018 Good Show Nov. 13: Pascal Siakam has All-Star potential author
13.11.2018 Jeff Blair Show Nov. 13: The Pesky Pelicans author
13.11.2018 Sportsnet's Starting Lineup Nov. 13: Leafs are being punished for having a wealth of young talent author
12.11.2018 Sportsnet's Starting Lineup Nov. 12: Live from the Prime Time Sports Management Conference author
12.11.2018 Good Show Nov. 12: 76ers a legitimate contender for East crown with Jimmy Butler? author
12.11.2018 Jeff Blair Show Nov. 12: Blowout in Boston author
12.11.2018 Raceline Radio Nov. 11: Examining Lewis Hamilton's 5th F-1 Championship author
12.11.2018 Sportsnet Tonight Nov. 11: Bills get their 3rd win, crushing the Jets on the road author
11.11.2018 Inside The Lines Nov. 11: Sizing up week 10 in the NFL author
11.11.2018 Fantasy Show Nov 11: Aaron Rodgers primed for a big week 10 author
11.11.2018 Leafs Nation November 10: Bruins beat up on the Leafs 5-1 author
10.11.2018 Leafs Nation November 9: Leafs down the Devils 6-1 author
10.11.2018 Sportsnet Tonight Nov. 9: Raptors are the best team in the NBA author
10.11.2018 Sportsnet Today Nov. 10: Jimmy Butler traded to the 76ers author
9.11.2018 Sportsnet Tonight Nov. 8: Mitch Marner is proving his worth author
9.11.2018 Jeff Blair Show Nov. 9: Don Cherry author
9.11.2018 Hoops Nov. 8: We're back! author
9.11.2018 Good Show Nov. 9: No Bell, no problem for Pittsburgh author
9.11.2018 Sportsnet's Starting Lineup Nov. 9: William Nylander could be on the move! author
8.11.2018 Jeff Blair Show Nov. 8: Kawhi-ld, Wild West author
8.11.2018 Sportsnet's Starting Lineup Nov. 8: Raptors complete a perfect west-coast trip author
8.11.2018 Sportsnet Tonight Nov. 7: Did the NHL make the right call with Milan Lucic? author
8.11.2018 Good Show Nov. 8: Lowry's game better without DeRozan? author
7.11.2018 Good Show Nov. 7: Will anyone join LeBron in LA next season? author
7.11.2018 Jeff Blair Show Nov. 7: Freddy saves the day author