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Locked on Clippers author  
Locked on Texans author  
Locked on Raiders author  
Locked on Panthers author  
Locked on Nuggets author  
Locked on Broncos author  
Locked on Wizards author  
Locked on Dolphins author  
Locked on Bulls author  
Locked on 49ers author  
Locked on NFL Draft author  
Locked On Bills author  
Locked on Lakers author  
Draft Dudes author  
LOCKED ON NFL author  
Locked on Magic author  
Locked on Bucs author  
Locked on Patriots author  
Locked on Raptors author  
Locked on Jazz author  
Locked on Eagles author  
Locked on Ravens author  
Locked on Pacers author  
Locked on Browns author  
Locked on Nets author  
Locked on Jets author  
Locked on Hornets author  
Locked on Grizzlies author  
Locked on Colts author  
Locked on Timberwolves author  
Locked on Seahawks author  
Locked On Heat author  
Locked On Rams author  
Locked on Thunder author  
Locked on NBA author  
Locked on Spurs author  
LockedOn Giants author  
Locked on Cowboys author  
Locked on Celtics with Rainin' J's author  
Locked on Suns author  
Locked on Cardinals author  
Locked on Knicks author  
Locked on Bucks author  
Locked on Steelers author  
Locked on Chiefs author  
Locked on Cavs author  
Locked on Saints author  
Locked on Blazers author  
Locked on Hawks author  
Locked on Rockets author  
Locked on Lions author  
Locked on Sixers author  
Locked on Bengals author  
Locked on Mavericks author  
Locked on Packers author  
Locked on Women's Basketball author  
Locked on Warriors author  
Locked on Redskins author  
Locked on Jaguars author  
Locked on Chargers author  
Locked On Vikings author  
Locked on Pelicans author  
Locked on Bears author  
Locked on Kings author  
Locked on Fantasy Football author  
Locked on Pistons author  

Gigs, Locked on Podcast Network has been engaged in

Date Podcast Episode Role
11.12.2018 Locked on Pacers The best game of Myles Turner's career w/ iPacersblog author
11.12.2018 Locked On Falcons Locked on Falcons - 12/11/18 - Fixing the Identity Crisis author
11.12.2018 Locked on Browns Locked On Browns 300 "Pff Night" As John Kosko joins in his weekly spot for player grades and game reaction author
11.12.2018 Locked on NBA LOCKED ON NBA - Tue. Dec. 12 - LeBron vs Wade, Celtics Win 6th Straight, Millsap Injury and Drama in Chicago author
11.12.2018 Locked on Lions LOCKED ON LIONS VOL 510. DEC 10. Is Matt Patricia a better coach than he gets credit for? A deep dive into the defense. author
11.12.2018 Locked on Bucs LOCKED ON BUCS - EPISODE 269 - 12/11/2018 - SAINTS RECAP, VOICEMAILS author
11.12.2018 Locked on Pistons The World's Busiest Man: Talking With Pistons Medical Director Bernard Condevaux author
11.12.2018 Locked on Jazz POSTCAST - Locke goes to see Dr. Boone after Jazz loss to OKC author
11.12.2018 Locked on Rockets On starting Eric Gordon, Knight's looming return, and trade rumors author
11.12.2018 Locked on Chiefs Win over Ravens - Quick Hits, Reid and Sutton - 12/11 Locked on Chiefs author
11.12.2018 Draft Dudes Takes on Takes 19.0 author
11.12.2018 LockedOn Giants Twitter Tuesday author
11.12.2018 Locked on Redskins 141. LOCKED ON REDSKINS - 12/11/18 - WES & JAY WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY? author
11.12.2018 Locked on Hawks Locked on Hawks - Ep. 490 - Injuries, mid-December mailbag and more author
10.12.2018 Locked on Bucks Bucks split two against Warriors and Raptors author
10.12.2018 Locked on Thunder Not So Bitter Rivals author
10.12.2018 Locked on Magic Locked On Magic: Ghosts of Magic Past author
10.12.2018 Locked on Chargers An Ugly Win is Still a Win author
10.12.2018 Locked on 49ers Rapid React: Week 14 Win vs Broncos author
10.12.2018 Locked on Pistons The Week From Hell: Frustrating Losses Bring All The Old Pistons' Concerns author
10.12.2018 Locked on Cardinals LOC Ep 159: No surprises here author
10.12.2018 Locked on Raiders Just Win Baby for the 3rd damn time !!! author
10.12.2018 Locked on Jazz LOCKED ON JAZZ - Spurs made adjustments, Is the hook on Dante fast and big stretches in West author
10.12.2018 Locked on Bears Chicago Bears established as legitimate contenders with win over Los Angeles Rams author
10.12.2018 Locked on Grizzlies December 10th, 2018- Lakers Recap + MONDAY MAILBAG author
10.12.2018 Locked On Fantasy Basketball Top 20 Players, Fantasy Check In - Hornets, Bulls, Cavs author
10.12.2018 Locked on Cowboys First Look at the Win against the Eagles author
10.12.2018 Locked on Broncos Broncos fall to 6-7 following 24-10 loss to the 49ers author
10.12.2018 Locked on Blazers Dec. 10 – Portland gets nice win vs. Minny before hitting the road author
10.12.2018 Locked on Sixers Locked on Sixers (12-10-18): Dissecting Joel Embiid's frustration and how Sixers can alleviate it author
10.12.2018 Locked on Seahawks Seahawks vs. Vikings Monday Night Football Preview author
10.12.2018 Locked on Timberwolves LOCKED ON WOLVES - December 10th: Can the Wolves run with the Warriors? author
10.12.2018 Locked on Knicks Promise In A Blowout author
10.12.2018 Locked on Nuggets What does Denver do now that they're so shorthanded? author
10.12.2018 Locked on Mavericks Spread the good news of Luka author
10.12.2018 Locked on NFL Draft Kyler Murray & The Lack Of QB-Needy Teams author
10.12.2018 Locked on Steelers Steelers vs Raiders Rapid Reaction author
10.12.2018 Locked on Warriors HELLA AWARDS author
10.12.2018 Locked on Packers Packers show signs of life, throttle Falcons in Joe Philbin's debut author
10.12.2018 Locked on Fantasy Football LOCKED ON FANTASY FOOTBALL — 12/10/18 — Roundup Monday, Week 14: High Stakes Takeaways With Tom Kessenich author
10.12.2018 Locked on Hawks Locked on Hawks - Ep. 489 - Visiting with Dave DuFour author
10.12.2018 Locked on Clippers Recap of the horrific Heat loss, previewing the game against the Suns, and checking in on the new guys on The Freshies author
10.12.2018 Locked on Kings Great Chance for a 3-1 Road Trip author
10.12.2018 Locked on Lakers Candace Paker, James Worthy on Lakers, LeBron James, Kevin Durant author
10.12.2018 Draft Dudes Best Bowls For Draft Prospects author
10.12.2018 Locked On Rams Monday: Rams Drop to The Bears - Goff & The Offense Struggled - Bear & James Break It Down author
10.12.2018 Locked on Jets Jets Beat Buffalo author
10.12.2018 Locked on Pacers "Frankly I don't know how this team has been so good without Victor Oladipo." author
10.12.2018 Locked on Redskins 140. LOCKED ON REDSKINS - 12/10/18 - ANOTHER DISASTER FOR THE SKINS... author
10.12.2018 Locked on Eagles 12.10.18- Grow without Groh author