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Locked on Mavericks author  
Locked on Pacers author  
LockedOn Giants author  
Locked on Suns author  
Locked on Steelers author  
Locked on NFL Draft author  
Locked on Ravens author  
Locked on Jaguars author  
Locked on Blazers author  
Locked on Wizards author  
Locked on Packers author  
Locked on Kings author  
Locked on Knicks author  
Locked on Broncos author  
Locked on Chargers author  
Locked on Sixers author  
Locked on Raptors author  
Locked on Chiefs author  
Locked on Eagles author  
Locked on Grizzlies author  
Locked on Patriots author  
Locked on Cardinals author  
Locked on Bulls author  
Locked on Jazz author  
Locked on Women's Basketball author  
Locked on Fantasy Football author  
LOCKED ON NFL author  
Locked on Lakers author  
Locked on Redskins author  
Locked On Vikings author  
Locked on Jets author  
Locked on Cavs author  
Locked on Bengals author  
Locked on Timberwolves author  
Locked on Warriors author  
Locked on Hornets author  
Locked On Rams author  
Locked on Bears author  
Locked on Pelicans author  
Locked on Panthers author  
Locked on Dolphins author  
Locked on Magic author  
Locked on Raiders author  
Locked on Pistons author  
Locked on Hawks author  
Locked on Lions author  
Locked on 49ers author  
Locked on Seahawks author  
Locked on NBA author  
Locked on Saints author  
Locked on Bucs author  
Locked on Celtics with Rainin' J's author  
Locked on Thunder author  
Locked on Nuggets author  
Locked on Bucks author  
Locked on Colts author  
Locked On Bills author  
Locked on Texans author  
Locked on Cowboys author  
Locked On Heat author  
Locked on Spurs author  
Locked on Nets author  
Locked on Browns author  
Locked on Rockets author  
Locked on Clippers author  

Gigs, Locked on Podcast Network has been engaged in

Date Podcast Episode Role
23.09.2018 Locked on Rockets Jimmy Butler FAQs author
23.09.2018 Locked on Patriots Locked On Patriots September 22, 2018 - Sunday Morning Tailgate author
23.09.2018 Locked on Bengals Hear from Green, Dunlap, Lewis and more author
23.09.2018 Locked on Eagles 9.23.18- Eagles win another nail biter author
23.09.2018 Locked on Raiders Raiders Pre Game Warm up as the team prepares for Miami author
22.09.2018 Locked on Mavericks Mavericks Media Day Livestream (Audio) author
22.09.2018 Locked on Rockets Training camp preview: On new roster additions, Jimmy Butler, and more author
22.09.2018 Locked On Bills Bills vs Vikings Game Preview author
22.09.2018 Locked on Raptors Locked on Raptors - 09/22/2018 - Preseason Question #6: What about the pending FAs? w/ Kelsea O'Brien author
22.09.2018 Locked on Thunder The Best Of Sam Vol 2 author
22.09.2018 Locked on Seahawks Cowboys Q&A with Sean Kairschner author
22.09.2018 Locked on Browns Locked On Browns 235 9/21/18 Some X's and O's which ended up talking about how us who cover stuff get taken to task for a difference of opinion author
21.09.2018 Locked on Jets Jets Lose to Cleveland 21-17 author
21.09.2018 Locked on Saints LOCKED ON SAINTS - 9/21 - Final Thoughts on Saints at Falcons author
21.09.2018 Locked On Rams Friday Hype Edition: LA Rams Team Reporter Sarina Morales Bring The Energy You Need For GAMEDAY author
21.09.2018 Locked on Bears Game Plan: What the Chicago Bears need to do to beat the Arizona Cardinals in Week 3 author
21.09.2018 Locked on NBA Which teams are most or least excited for training camp? author
21.09.2018 LockedOn Giants Giants-Texans Game Preview with Stephanie Stradley author
21.09.2018 Locked on Bulls Locked On Bulls is back on Friday to start their season previews for each player, they run through strengths, weakness, a look back at last season, and what to expect from each player. First up is Kris Dunn, the guys also continue their most iconic mome author
21.09.2018 Locked on Bucks Friday Jumparound author
21.09.2018 Locked on Dolphins September 21, 2018 - Final Raiders Film Notes and The Curious Case of Devante Parker author
21.09.2018 Locked on Ravens Locked on Ravens (9/21/18): Ravens vs. Broncos preview author
21.09.2018 Locked on Raptors Locked on Raptors - 09/21/2018 - Who Gives a Damn About a Press Conference author
21.09.2018 Locked on Bengals James gives his prediction for Sunday and discusses Baker Mayfield author
21.09.2018 Locked on Mavericks Media Day and Ryan Broekhoff Interview author
21.09.2018 Locked on 49ers Friday Mailbag author
21.09.2018 Locked on Nets The Jimmy Butler Hypothetical Part Two author
21.09.2018 Locked On Falcons Locked on Falcons - 9/21/18 - Week 3 Q&A author
21.09.2018 Locked on Spurs At this juncture of his career, what more can Pau give? What can we expect from Gasol as the new season inches closer? author
21.09.2018 LOCKED ON NFL LOCKED ON NFL 9/21 Picking All Week 3 Games author
21.09.2018 Locked on Kings Jason Ross Is Taking Over! author
21.09.2018 Locked on Lakers Magic Johnson has Luke Walton's back author
21.09.2018 Locked on Jazz LOCKED ON JAZZ - Off season is over, optimism abounds, Donovan pull up 3s and your questions author
21.09.2018 Locked on Nuggets The Nuggets, Blazers, and the Dame factor. With Brian Freeman author
21.09.2018 Locked on Pacers "Doug McDermott can do one thing really well, but thats about it." w/ Locked on Mavs host Nick Angstadt author
21.09.2018 Locked on Panthers Locked On Panthers 9/21/18 - Gameday Edition author
21.09.2018 Locked on NFL Draft A King Is Born In Cleveland author
21.09.2018 Locked On Heat LOCKED ON HEAT - The Timberwolves Perspective on Jimmy Butler author
21.09.2018 Locked on Warriors DRAMA! author
21.09.2018 Locked on Clippers New NBA rules, Minnesota not trying to trade Jimmy Butler..or are they?, Ranking the rookies of the Pacific Division, and everyone's favorite game Love/Marry/Kill! author
21.09.2018 FalcFans Podcast Locked on Falcons - 9/21/18 - Week 3 Q&A author
21.09.2018 Locked on Magic Locked On Magic: Jonathan Isaac, the present and the future author
21.09.2018 Locked on Redskins 95. LOCKED ON REDSKINS - 9/21/18 - 3 Things to Watch Sunday author
21.09.2018 Locked on Cowboys Previewing the Seattle Game author
21.09.2018 Locked on Packers Packers getting healthy for Washington in Week 3 author
21.09.2018 Locked on Browns Locked On Browns 234 9/20/18 "Browns Win" Baker time, Landry, Garrett, The Disney story of Hyde author
21.09.2018 LOCKED ON TITANS Locked on Titans: Previewing the Jaguars author
21.09.2018 Locked on Patriots Locked On Patriots September 21, 2018 - Gameday Edition author
21.09.2018 Locked on Suns LOCKED ON SUNS author
21.09.2018 Locked on Bucs LOCKED ON BUCS - EPISODE 223 - 09/21/18 - INJURY UPDATES AND VOICEMAIL QUESTIONS author