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Gigs, Sue Finley has been engaged in

Date Podcast Episode Role
17.10.2019 TDN Podcast TDN Writers’ Room for October 16, 2019 author
11.10.2019 TDN Podcast TDN Writers’ Room for October 10, 2019 author
10.10.2019 TDN Podcast Behold. Her. author
3.10.2019 TDN Podcast TDN Writers’ Room for October 2, 2019 author
26.09.2019 TDN Podcast TDN Writers’ Room for September 25, 2019 author
25.09.2019 TDN Podcast Keeneland Life’s Work Project: John Phillips author
19.09.2019 TDN Podcast TDN Writers’ Room for September 18, 2019 author
17.09.2019 TDN Podcast The Man O’ War Project author
16.09.2019 TDN Podcast Newmarket: A Place of Wonder for the Racehorse author
16.09.2019 TDN Podcast Horologist Owner Cameron Beatty is Getting a Second Chance at Life author
12.09.2019 TDN Podcast TDN Writers’ Room Podcast: September 12 author
6.09.2019 TDN Podcast The Curragh: Ireland’s Bedrock of Champions author
5.09.2019 TDN Podcast TDN Writers Room: September 5, 2019 author
30.08.2019 TDN Podcast Keeneland Life’s Work Project: Seth Hancock author
29.08.2019 TDN Podcast Writers’ Room Episode 1: Thursday August 29 2019 author
16.08.2019 TDN Podcast The Incontri: A Magical Meeting in Siena author
6.08.2019 TDN Podcast Magic In Chile: Taking a Wine Tour on Horseback author
26.07.2019 TDN Podcast David Burke: A Celebrity Chef with Racing Connections author
23.07.2019 TDN Podcast Serena’s Song: Still Going Strong at Denali at 27 author
2.01.2019 TDN Podcast King Leatherbury author
6.12.2018 TDN Podcast Chuck Zacney author
16.11.2018 TDN Podcast John Gosden author
19.09.2018 TDN Podcast 30 Years After Personal Ensign’s Distaff author
25.07.2018 TDN Podcast Trevor Denman author
11.07.2018 TDN Podcast Pat Cummings author
20.06.2018 TDN Podcast Ahmed Zayat author
23.05.2018 TDN Podcast Dennis Drazin author
10.05.2018 TDN Podcast Bob Baffert author
26.04.2018 TDN Podcast Duncan Taylor author
16.03.2018 TDN Podcast Michael Wallace author
19.02.2018 TDN Podcast Emmeline Hill author
5.01.2018 TDN Podcast Louis Cella author
24.10.2017 TDN Podcast Tim Ritvo author
19.10.2017 TDN Podcast Marshall Gramm author
3.10.2017 TDN Podcast Craig Fravel author
13.09.2017 TDN Podcast Gary West author
7.09.2017 TDN Podcast Corey Johnsen author
1.09.2017 TDN Podcast Bill Thomason author
24.08.2017 TDN Podcast Kosta Hronis author
17.08.2017 TDN Podcast Craig Bernick author
15.07.2017 TDN Podcast Chris Kay author
24.06.2017 TDN Podcast Justin Nicholson author
3.06.2017 TDN Podcast Wesley Ward author
30.05.2017 TDN Podcast Bill Lawrence author
19.05.2017 TDN Podcast Rocco Baldelli author
10.05.2017 TDN Podcast Todd Pletcher author
5.05.2017 TDN Podcast Anthony Bonomo author