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Date Podcast Episode Role
16.11.2018 Masters in Business Scott Adams Discusses Syndication and the Media (Podcast) author
13.11.2018 Decrypted The Blind Spots in Facebook's Ad Machine author
12.11.2018 Odd Lots This Is How The Unicorn Bubble Will Burst author
8.11.2018 Masters in Business Ray Dalio Discusses Major Financial Crises (Podcast) author
7.11.2018 Decrypted Travel Genius, a New Show From Bloomberg author
6.11.2018 Decrypted The Cancer-Linked Chemical In America's Tap Water author
6.11.2018 Odd Lots Travel Genius, a New Show From Bloomberg author
5.11.2018 Odd Lots How The Original Rogue Trader Rebuilt His Life author
2.11.2018 Masters in Business Robert Cialdini on the Psychology of Persuasion (Podcast) author
2.11.2018 Odd Lots Prognosis, a New Show From Bloomberg author
2.11.2018 Decrypted Prognosis, a New Show From Bloomberg author
30.10.2018 Decrypted The Bloody Consequences of the Scooter Revolution author
29.10.2018 Odd Lots Why Eurodollars Might Be Ground Zero for De-Globalization author
26.10.2018 Masters in Business Jim Millstein Discusses the Fed and Lehman Brothers (Podcast) author
24.10.2018 Odd Lots Coming Soon: The New Economy author
23.10.2018 Decrypted How Your DNA Test Could Land a Relative in Jail author
22.10.2018 Odd Lots What Will China’s Economy Look Like In 10 Years? author
19.10.2018 Odd Lots Coming Soon: The ETF Story author
17.10.2018 Masters in Business Barbara Kahn Discusses the Retail Revolution (Podcast) author
16.10.2018 Decrypted Inside the Backlash Against Juul author
15.10.2018 Odd Lots How To Analyze A Marijuana Stock author
11.10.2018 Masters in Business Rex Sorgatz Discusses the Mechanics of Misinformation (Podcast) author
8.10.2018 Odd Lots Saudi Arabia's IPO Drama author
4.10.2018 Masters in Business Howard Marks Discusses the Interest-Rates Machine author
2.10.2018 Decrypted Click Like for Propaganda author
1.10.2018 Odd Lots What David Barse Learned From Watching A Credit Fund Blow Up author
26.09.2018 Masters in Business Peter Conti-Brown Discusses U.S. Financial History (Podcast) author
25.09.2018 Decrypted Making Sense of Tesla's Deepening Crisis author
24.09.2018 Odd Lots How To Create The Safest Bank In America author
20.09.2018 Masters in Business David Hunt Discusses Rates after the Financial Crisis (Podcast) author
18.09.2018 Decrypted UFO Hunting in the Photoshop Age author
17.09.2018 Odd Lots What Investors Should Know About The Correlation Between Bonds And Stocks author
14.09.2018 Masters in Business David Nadig Discusses the Future of ETFs (Podcast) author
11.09.2018 Decrypted Tech Guards Our Digital Memories, Until It Doesn’t author
10.09.2018 Odd Lots A Forensic Accounting Expert Explains How Companies Trick Investors author
7.09.2018 Masters in Business Al Guido Discusses the Sports Industry Business Model (Podcast) author
4.09.2018 Odd Lots Matt Levine Dissects Elon Musk's Controversial Tweet author
4.09.2018 Decrypted A Canadian Ghost Town Takes a Gamble on Bitcoin author
29.08.2018 Masters in Business Eldon Scott of UrbanSpace on Modernizing the Communal Food Hall author
28.08.2018 Decrypted Season 3: Unintended Consequences author
28.08.2018 Decrypted An Announcement From Decrypted author
27.08.2018 Odd Lots The Time One Of Our Co-Hosts Launched His Own Cryptocurrency author
23.08.2018 Masters in Business William Janeway on What's Needed for the Innovation Economy author
20.08.2018 Odd Lots An Emerging Markets Fund Manager Describes What's Happening In Turkey Right Now author
20.08.2018 Masters in Business Coming Soon: Barry Ritholtz on Trillions author
16.08.2018 Masters in Business Richard Sylla on the Lowest Interest Rates in Recorded History author
13.08.2018 Odd Lots How Wall Street Started Selling You Financial Products author
10.08.2018 Masters in Business Leon Cooperman on Finding the Overlooked Investment author
6.08.2018 Odd Lots How A Post-Keynesian Economist Sees The Markets Right Now author
1.08.2018 Masters in Business Torsten Slok Discusses the Complexity of Global Economics author