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Date Podcast Episode Role
19.03.2019 Prime Time Sports March 19: Mike Trout's an Angel in the outfield for another 12 years author
19.03.2019 Hockey Central @ Noon March 19: A veiled shot at Kyle Dubas from Mike Babcock? author
19.03.2019 Tim and Sid March 19: Ken Pomeroy gets you ready for March Madness author
19.03.2019 At The Letters, Sportsnet's Toronto Blue Jays podcast March 19: Roster decisions, raises and video game curfews author
18.03.2019 Prime Time Sports March 18: Bianca wins and Bob's back author
18.03.2019 Hockey Central @ Noon March 18: The passionless Maple Leafs author
18.03.2019 Tim and Sid March 18: Bianca Andreescu wins her first WTA title author
18.03.2019 Prime Time Sports March 18: Bianca wins and Bob's back author
15.03.2019 Tim and Sid March 15: Breaking down last night's Raptors win over the Lakers author
15.03.2019 Tape to Tape March 15: We Got The (St. Louis) Blues author
15.03.2019 Prime Time Sports March 15: It's the Friday round table author
15.03.2019 Hockey Central @ Noon March 15: Leafs had to go back to Freddie author
14.03.2019 Tim and Sid March 14: Lebron and the Lakers come to town author
14.03.2019 Hockey Central @ Noon March 14: Coyotes GM on playoff chase author
14.03.2019 Prime Time Sports March 14: Brian Burke makes his weekly visit author
13.03.2019 Prime Time Sports March 13: Marcus Stroman named Blue Jays Opening Day starter author
13.03.2019 Tim and Sid March 13th: Big moves in the 2019 NFL Free Agency author
13.03.2019 At The Letters, Sportsnet's Toronto Blue Jays podcast March 13: Injury sidelines Guerrero Jr. as Blue Jays' pitching takes shape author
13.03.2019 Hockey Central @ Noon March 13: A great night for Gaudreau, Malkin, & Price author
12.03.2019 Hockey Central @ Noon March 12: Leafs burned badly by Lightning author
12.03.2019 Prime Time Sports March 12 : Elliotte Friedman author
12.03.2019 Tim and Sid March 12: Mark Shapiro joins the show author
11.03.2019 Hockey Central @ Noon March 11: The Lightning are "the bar" author
11.03.2019 Tim and Sid March 11: Blue Jays news on an off day author
11.03.2019 Prime Time Sports March 11: Setting the stage for the Leafs and Lightning author
8.03.2019 Tim and Sid March 8: Where will Antonio Brown end up?! author
8.03.2019 Prime Time Sports March 8: Friday round table author
8.03.2019 Hockey Central @ Noon March 8: Bruins riding high, Blue Jackets . . . not so much author
8.03.2019 Tape to Tape March 8: Who Makes It In The East? author
7.03.2019 Hockey Central @ Noon March 7: Leafs still trying to find their fourth line author
7.03.2019 Tim and Sid March 7: Lebron James' milestone night author
7.03.2019 Prime Time Sports March 7: Brian Burke makes his weekly visit author
6.03.2019 Prime Time Sports March 6: Bryce Harper recruiting Mike Trout to the Phillies? author
6.03.2019 Hockey Central @ Noon March 6: Canucks running on fumes? author
5.03.2019 At The Letters, Sportsnet's Toronto Blue Jays podcast March 5: How do new arms impact Blue Jays' pitching staff? author
5.03.2019 Prime Time Sports March 5: The latest on a new arena deal in Calgary author
5.03.2019 Tim and Sid March 5: Sid and Donnovan author
5.03.2019 Hockey Central @ Noon March 5: Leafs survive Flames thanks to fourth line author
4.03.2019 Tim and Sid March 4: The Flames retire Iginla's Jersey author
4.03.2019 Hockey Central @ Noon March 4: A farewell to Ted Lindsay author
4.03.2019 Prime Time Sports March 4: Reflecting on Terrible Ted's career and legacy author
1.03.2019 Tim and Sid March 1: Senators fire Guy Boucher author
1.03.2019 At The Letters, Sportsnet's Toronto Blue Jays podcast March 1: Early observations from Blue Jays spring training author
1.03.2019 Hockey Central @ Noon March 1: The circus continues in Ottawa author
1.03.2019 Prime Time Sports March 1: Friday round table author
28.02.2019 Hockey Central @ Noon Feb. 28: John Tavares returns to Long Island as a villain author
28.02.2019 Tim and Sid Feb. 28: John Tavares returns to Long Island author
28.02.2019 Prime Time Sports Feb. 28: Bryce Harper finally finds a home in Phillie author
27.02.2019 Tim and Sid Feb. 27: Raptors look good enough to come out of the East author
27.02.2019 Prime Time Sports Feb. 27: Johnny Manziel's time is up in Canada author