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6.07.2018 InTheFrontRow InTheFrontRow Ep.26 - Lebron is a Laker, Do the Lakers trade for Kawhi or Lillard? author
29.06.2018 InTheFrontRow InTheFrontRow Ep.25 - Lakers, Lebron, Kawhi, Paul George author
15.06.2018 InTheFrontRow InTheFrontRow Podcast Ep.24 - Lebron & Paul George to the Lakers, Canelo vs GGG, Dodgers author
24.04.2018 InTheFrontRow InTheFrontRow Ep.21 - NBA Playoffs, current state of the Lakers author
6.04.2018 InTheFrontRow InTheFrontRow Ep.20 - Kyrie, NBA, GGG/Canelo, Anthony Joshua, LA Rams author
23.02.2018 InTheFrontRow InTheFrontRow Ep. 17 - NBA talk, Lakers, IT & Lonzo, Kawhi, Dodgers, Canelo vs GGG author
10.02.2018 InTheFrontRow InTheFrontRow Ep.16 - Devin @ the Super Bowl, NBA trades, Lakers and Cavs author
6.01.2018 InTheFrontRow InTheFrontRow Podcast Ep.13 - Rams vs Falcons, Lakers, Kobe, NBA author
5.10.2017 InTheFrontRow InTheFrontRow Ep. 6 - Lakers, NBA, NFL, MLB, Yankees, Dodgers author
30.08.2016 InTheFrontRow #BlueCollarSports Ep. 82 - Interview w/ GGG, NFL & MLB talk author