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2019-05-22 11:51
Brett's guests are Lee Spencer of, and Reid Spencer of NASCAR Wire Service.

2019-05-21 10:21
We show you the cities that currently have 5G deployed, and the ones getting it soon.

2019-05-22 22:56 3409
<p>KYW Newsradio's Greg Orlandini with Matt DeGeorge chat with Union Midfielder Haris Medunjanin. They talk about his season so far with the team. We also talk about the successful start to the Union's season.</p>

2019-05-22 16:45 2508
Racing Post
Dave Clark is joined by Ian Fortune, Phil Donaldson and Paddy Power's Tom Liston to preview this year's Greyhound Derby at Nottingham. On the show: - The Greyhound Derby has found a new home in Nottingham and with £100,000 up for grabs, the team assess who could take it all, including the chances of last year's winner Dorotas Wildcat for trainer Kevin Hutton. - Last year's Derby had plenty of specials from various bookmakers and the team look at a few that could pay dividends this year, including a strong opinion from one of the postcasters on the track record being broken. Can it be done? - Plus, the team give their best bets for the whole Derby, including a few at huge prices that can't be ignored. Find out who...  NAPs: First Round Heats Dave: Raise The Stakes in Heat 2 in Trap 4 Ian: Slippy Cian in Heat 17 in Trap 5 Phil: Magical Bale in Heat 26 in Trap 1 Tom: Droopys Expert in Heat 15 in Trap 3 Outright Dave: Jaytee Taylor 25/1 Ian: Slippy Cian 25/1 Phil: Magical Bale 25/1 Tom: Clonbrien Prince 25/1 --- Producer: @MrRobertLee45 ( --- Subscribe on YouTube: (;token=5a85fd-1-1558541854682) Website: (;token=4c603b-1-1558541854683) Twitter: (;token=d312a4-1-1558541854683) &amp; (;token=4d3195-1-1558541854683) Facebook: (;token=32a12b-1-1558541854683) Apple Podcasts: (;token=f4e119-1-1558541854683) SoundCloud: @racingpost (

2019-05-22 05:00 00:37:50
<p>The IndyCar veteran and 11-time starter in the Indianapolis 500 reflecting on his career (1:30); another way to look at Servia’s struggles with keeping a full-time ride and sponsor in recent seasons (3:30); the record that he holds in IndyCar for number of teams (5:00); did you know cats in Spain actually have fewer lives? (6:00); some similarities between racing and the movie industry (7:00); how it feels for Servia to jump into the IndyCar Series once annually (9:00); the very cool Salvador Dali connection to the Spaniard’s career and helmet (10:00); trying to encapsulate all the changes Servia has seen through two decades of Champ Car, the Indy Racing League and IndyCar (14:00); thoughts on why the IndyCar business model seems to work (16:30); and the evolution of sponsorship and how companies used it in racing (17:30); what Jay Frye and Mark Miles bring to IndyCar leadership (19:00); and how they might differ from previous regimes (22:00); a view on managing international series expansion (23:30); how one first-year team underscores the competitiveness of IndyCar (25:30); Servia’s engineering background (27:30); the erudite reason that Servia loves racing (28:45); some insight into being a pace car driver and his thoughts on the infamous crash last year at Detroit (30:00); Servia’s burning desire to win the Indy 500 and what he’s learned to love about it beyond the driving (31:00); how much longer he might race the Brickyard (34:30).</p>

2019-05-22 20:44 39:08
Ok, we've all been there, that glaring moment when you threw up in Dean Wormer's lap, when you told off the idiot in the parking lot that got the space you were angling for and it turned out to be the person you were interviewing with, or even when...

2019-05-21 23:00 58:58
Sorgatron Media
Professor Buzzkill joins Sorg and Chilla as we talk this week (and this century) in tech.

2019-05-22 23:21 1:18:15
When does someones fandom go just a little too far? Greetings adventurers, and welcome to this weeks installment of The Surly Nerd! After our prelude, we head right into the weekly raid (our news roundup). Kicking things off this week,

2019-05-22 04:00 2559
<p> Você está na dúvida sobre como montar a carteira de investimentos ideal?  O sétimo episódio do DinheiramaCast aborda este tema! Como montar uma carteira de investimentos? <br /> </p> <p>Conrado Navarro e Ricardo Pereira batem um papo com o convidado Rafael Bevilacqua da Levante Investimentos. </p> <p><br /> Montar uma carteira de investimentos adequada ao seu perfil e a diversos outros pontos, como finalidade e prazo, é algo fundamental para quem deseja investir com segurança.</p> <p><br /></p> <p>Acompanhe o Dinheirama nas redes sociais.</p> <p>Site:</p> <p>Instagram:</p> <p>Instagram Navarro:</p> <p>Facebook:</p> <p>Twitter:</p> <p>O Dinheirama é a principal referência de conteúdo de educação financeira, atuando há 12 anos de forma incansável no compartilhamento de conteúdo que realmente faz diferença. Obrigado pela companhia!</p> Send in a voice message: <a href=""></a>

2019-05-22 03:59 37:36
Jason Weiser, Carissa Weiser
We learn some helpful life lessons from a monkey and a crab