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2019-07-19 02:00 15:22
Verbinde Neues

2019-07-18 20:21 2354
<p><strong>Big Shooter starts the show talking to Dave Jageler about the Nats and the upcoming series with the Braves before turning his attention to the guy who pointed a laser at Tom Brady during the AFC Championship Game. </strong></p> <p><strong>Show Start - 1:00</strong><br /><strong>Dave Jageler - 5:00</strong><br /><strong>Laser Pointer Guy 1 - 22:00</strong><br /><strong>Laser Pointer Guy 2 - 31:15</strong></p>

2019-07-18 20:56 2179
<p><strong>The entire show comes crashing down when it's discovered that there is a trailer for a new Top Gun movie, but before that he discusses the Browns with Andy Baskin, the NFL with Warren Sharp and explains why Stranger Things stinks. </strong></p> <p><strong>Stranger Things Stinks - 00:00</strong><br /><strong>Warren Sharp - 4:00</strong><br /><strong>Andy Baskin - 20:30</strong><br /><strong>Top Gun Trailer - 31:15</strong></p>

2019-07-18 21:44 2150
<p><strong>An instant classic! Dukes tries to talk sense into one of the Junkies after getting some information from the boss. He also has great segments with Jacob Bogage of the Washington Post and Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports. </strong></p> <p><strong>Ryan Wilson - 1:00</strong><br /><strong>Jacob Bogage - 18:00</strong><br /><strong>Dukes and Cakes - 1 on 1 - 30:00</strong></p>

2019-07-18 22:18 2174
<p><strong>A fantastic finish to a fantastic show. Dukes talks to Daniel Jeremiah and also finishes the topic about the laser pointer and Tom Brady. What do the listeners think is a deserving punishment? </strong></p> <p><strong>Daniel Jeremiah - 1:00</strong><br /><strong>Dukes on the Laser Loser - 18:00</strong><br /><strong>Calls on the Laser Loser - 29:00</strong></p>

2019-07-18 18:00 53:58
Tiegrabber Podcasts
Jassi Kaur Sidhu was born into a family where women are second class citizens, men are in charge of family honor, and women are blamed if they do anything to tarnish it. Her birth wasn’t officially registered by her parents until she was over a year...

2019-07-18 23:45 01:01:55
Tyler Marona
Today Cuse Militia and I do another crossover but…

2019-07-19 00:00 01:00:00
P4P Muscle Real Talk
From competing in Greece to the benefits of "blue light".

2019-07-18 20:47 00:45:33
Veterans Minimum
On this episode, we discuss if you should pay up …

2013-04-29 18:07 2315
Qui si parla di moto di passioni di giri di recensioni e sopratutto di emozioni , che ci regalano...