SOUND + PROCESS   /   Lines Community Remix Project: SOUND + PROCESS #7


Prior to March 2015, lines (, the online community this podcast explores) didn’t exist. In its place simply stood the monome forum. As you’ll hear in the episode, it held much of the same energy in those early days as lines does now. One of the hallmarks of this spirit was MCRP, a project rooted in musical collaboration between these original members. A loose process was formed: users would submit samples which formed the only raw material able to be used in the final songs. Over the course of 18 volumes -- including two holiday iterations, an Earthquake Disaster relief compilation and a memorial for user VGAForest who passed away from complications related to leukemia -- the unique care and respect these strangers on the internet had for each other found manifestation. After the lines migration, it took little time before this project was rebranded as LCRP, the lines community remix project. The latest, titled ‘New Noise’, is one of the most packed community remix project albums in a long time — its contributors range from decade-old members to lurkers who joined just to participate. This episode of SOUND + PROCESS features reflections from many of the creators, discussing their unique approaches to working with the same samples. Every piece of music featured is from the resulting album, which can be freely downloaded or affordably purchased at Featuring: Simeon Smith ( Thorsten Vieth ermina Duncan (GoneCaving) Evan Hartzell / abalone ( Michael Hetrick ( Anton Hörnquist / jah pauk glia ( + SteveOath Alessandro Bonino ( Zedkah

Prior to March 2015, lines (, …
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2017-06-02 14:27
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