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May Day, May Day! These words would never cause alarm in Russia: On the contrary, the first days of May are the best time for having fun and travelling around, because the whole start of May is like one long weekend in Russia. In today's lesson, you'll not only find out why this is so, but also get a chance to compare some of the most popular ways of long-distance travelling in Russia.In today's grammar, we'll do some comparison, too: This time it's between the two already known prepositions в and на that can both be used with means of transportation, albeit with different meanings.Саша: Приве´т, ты где?Sasha: Hi, where are you? Лена: Я в самолё´те, скоро взлета´ем.Lena: I'm on a plane, we're taking off soon. Саша: О, а я в по´езде. Е´ду в Пи´тер на все ма´йские пра´здники.Sasha: Oh, and I'm in a train. I'm going to Peter for all the May holidays. Лена: Ничего´ себе´! Я то´же. А почему´ ты реши´л е´хать на по´езде? Это так до´лго и неудо´бно.Lena: Wow! Me, too. And why did you decide to go by train? It takes so long, and it's so uncomfortable. Саша: Поду´маешь, во´семь часов. В по´езде отли´чная компа´ния, девчо´нки, пи´во...Sasha: Big deal, 8 hours. There's great company in the train, girls, beer… Лена: Извини´, всё, выключа´ю телефо´н.Lena: Sorry, that's it - I'm turning off the phone. Саша: И телефо´н мо´жно не выключа´ть.Sasha: And one doesn't have to turn off the phone.

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