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In this second episode of Ask, we get into the challenges of reading in English for fun and for exams. Clare joins us as we look at how to stay motivated when you’re reading for pleasure, what you should consider when reading the news in English, and how you can approach reading in a testing situation (IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, etc.). The questions asked in this episode are as follows: One of the hardest thing is reading. I just can't finish one book or even keep reading. reading is so hard for me. is there any way to make reading english books easy? - Lee How can I do better at True/False/Not Given in (academic) reading? I want to know why did my teacher say that we do not need to care about the meaning of words which we do not know in the tests. But i can not understand. If somewords are keywords and i do not know what do they mean how can i know are they sinonym or different to answer. - Suong Is reading news necessary??? I know it is important to catching up what's going on but vocabulary is so hard. But so many students download news app and listening or watch. - David For links to reading tools and additional websites mentioned in this session, please visit and choose Ask session #2. To ask a question about English, visit or send an e-mail to Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!

In E02 of Ask, we tackle your questions about reading!
Publishing date
2015-11-27 10:00