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If you had a Business, would you run it based on luck or feelings? Would you wake up in the morning thinking " I have a hunch my Business will do well today"? Would you rely on luck for your Business's progress? I don't think so. Guess what? Trading FOREX...you are in Business and your Business is everybody else's Business because you trade what every Business needs and uses : MONEY! If you don't see your FOREX Trading as a Business, you better stay away from it RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!


FXholic's Philosophy is that you should treat FOREX Trading as a proper Business, using a Business Plan and a System that generates consistent repeatable and scalable results.

This is the only way to Success and there are no Shortcuts. It doesn't happen overnight, you need to put a lot of effort to this and most of all, you have to be consistent and persistent.

Your FOREX Business's Business Plan is actually your Trading Plan. To design it you need to start from the end and think backwards. That's what we call reverse-engineering but it's nothing more than setting a goal and working on the steps necessary to reach it.

View your FOREX Trading as a proper Business
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2015-06-01 16:32
Sofia S. Correia : Forex Trader, Forex Coach and Strategist, Entrepreneur author