The Misfits Network   /   Ep. 118 Death and Christmas with Von Decarlo and Mike Yard


Happy Holidayz, y'all! Justy is out of town and taking over for her is someone you may all remember it's Von Decarlo and our guest is the hilarious Mike Yard. Alia decides to go over the penis facts article again since they have a guest with one. They try to keep in the spirit of Christmas, but we're talking about Alia here so it gets pretty dark talking about death and different ways to get burried. They do chat about gift giving and recieving, though!   About LaughPass: It’s called LaughPass! With the LaughPass, you receive an insane amount of perks including: unlimited access to shows, a free drink upon arrival, a free ticket for your friend, advance notice when a big name comic is added to a lineup, VIP seating and a bottle of wine during your birthday week The link to their site is in my bio, If you want to buy this crazy inexpensive membership use discount code “WHOREM” and you can get it for only $99. Can’t wait to see you at @StandUpNY ! Have any questions or topics that you would like us to answer, or discuss? Send us an email at- Find us on Facebook ( DM us on Twitter ( Please subscribe and rate/review us on… Spotify: iTunes: Stitcher: TuneIn: Google Play:

Happy Holidayz, y'all! Justy is out of town and t…
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2018-12-27 22:45
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