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Foundations of Amateur Radio One of the single most recurring topics within our community is that of antennas. Everywhere you look is a story or a photo or a website or a contact about an antenna that came into being because somebody had an idea. Now if you've been in the ideas field for a while you'll have learnt that having the idea is often just the start of the process. After that there's planning, sourcing, building and testing. If you're lucky you'll end up with something and a story to tell. If you manage to persist you might even end up with a working antenna. The other day I managed to have an idea that I'd not seen anywhere else. As it turns out and perhaps not unsurprisingly, I'm not the first to have this idea. Despite that, what struck me is that I'd not seen or heard of this combination of antennas before. As you might recall, one of my earlier forays into antennas consisted of purchasing a set of mono-band antennas. I intended to use these on my car while operatin...

One of the single most recurring topics within...
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2019-01-11 11:52
Onno VK6FLAB author