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2019-02-22 17:10 12:28
Orna Ross
Howard Lovy takes a close look at Inspirational Indie Authors. This isn't about their business model, their marketing, or even how many books they've sold. It's about their writing, and what indie authors have to say. Today the theme is crime, and the...

2019-02-21 16:30 00:38:17
New York Times bestselling author Benjamin Dreyer talks about his pet peeves, how he found his voice, why his book largely ignores AP style, and more.

2019-02-22 16:00 00:51:00
Bang The Book Radio
Host Adam Burke was finally back on the air to chat college basketball with Kyle Hunter on this week's second Handicapping the Hardwood segment.

2019-02-22 02:59 00:33:45
Buttered Pop
Armin Mahramzadeh (@ArminMahram) and Lenny "Big L…

2019-02-21 00:00 01:06:56
David Matterall
Episode 15 – CODE’s Jason Kusion explains how his group executes hauling ships right under the noses of the high-security space authorities. That and the news of the week; The Initiative deployed to their rivals border, Snuffed Out pummels Mi

2019-02-22 10:00 2:20:30
Rich Roll
“The war inside is totally different from the one we were trained to win.” Sarah Lee  Imagine finding yourself in a...

2019-02-22 03:54 01:00:35
Drew Edwards
Drew Edwards and Justin Dunk discuss the relative…

2019-02-21 20:03 25:51
Patricia Guerrero
¡Hola a todos!   Qué de días sin estar de podcasteo jajaja , aunque seguimos con las reformas de la web, no quería dejar de grabar este capítulo, que además no estoy sola! ahora os desvelaré mi sorpresa.   La verdad que,

2019-02-22 14:11 00:20:15
Daniel Domeij & Calle Törnqvist.