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About me


Entrepreneur, Rationalist, Cyclist, Agnostic, Software Developer, Physicist, Mathematician, Podcast afficionado

My current learning interests are fp (functional programming) and mobile development on the Android platform. I aim to push voice controll interfaces to it’s limits, making the audio web more accessible.

Software development

  • I am a software developer mostling writing code in Ruby, Elixir, and Javascript, leveraging Ruby on Rails, Phoenix Framework, Jekyll, Ansible, Vagrant, Ember.js, Linux and lot of other tools and cool stuff
  • I am the main developer for this particular piece of software Panoptikum. You can find all the details on the about page. You can find us also on Twitter @panoptikumIO, the code and our roadmap is on Github
  • I am currently maintaining jekyll-octopod, a podcast publishing extension for the static site generator Jekyll
  • I was proud member of the Where2Help development team. It is a platform organizing volunteers since the flow of refugees arriving in Austria autumn 2015. It actually made it into production use by more than 50 NGOs and it is now operated by Fonds Soziales Wien at
  • I have developed and maintain an open source Guided Selling software (Webshop with integrated one on one consulting) Mercator
  • Most of the software I write is open source and can be found at my Github profile


I totally fell in love with podcasts roughly around 1998, when the term podcasting wasn’t even a thing and spent thousands of hourse learning and enjoying my time with podcasts. I am currently listening to these

You can find all my podcasts gigs and engagements below, but just to give a short overwiew:

Currently I am engaged with these podcasts

  • Aua-Uff-Code, a german podcast on coding and learning to code
  • Stefan will’s wissen, another german interview podcast, this time not focused on a certain topic
  • 3 Schweinehunde, another german one, the lads try to get in shape, being trained by a forth one. Our target is to run Munich half marathon in 2019.
  • Every now and then I am a guest on IT-Keller

Podcasts in my past


  • I am a co-organizer of Podcasting Meetup Vienna, a.k.a. Podcasterei
  • I am organizer of the bi-weekly Vienna Beamers functional programming learning and hacking group
  • I am part of the Podcastpat:innen project team
  • I am a regular at Vienna-rb, the Vienna Ruby meetup, giving talks there every now and then
  • I am a regular at Ruby Habits, the Viennese Ruby learning group and love to help newbees getting into Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Jekyll and the likes.

Engagements, Stefan Haslinger has entered

Podcast Role
Stefan will's wissen! owner   author  
Aua-uff-Code! owner   author  
3 Schweinehunde owner  
Layer 8 owner   author  
Podcastpat_innen owner   author  

Gigs, Stefan Haslinger has been engaged in

Date Podcast Episode Role
20.11.2018 Aua-uff-Code! Episode 30 - Assembler = From Nand to Tetris, Teil 6 contributor
20.11.2018 3 Schweinehunde Episode 15 - Running in Bremen contributor
26.10.2018 IT-Keller ITK041 Die weiße Phase contributor
1.10.2018 3 Schweinehunde Episode 14 - Live aus Wien contributor
3.09.2018 3 Schweinehunde Episode 13 - Still Going Strong contributor
1.09.2018 IT-Keller ITK039 Dort sind nur die netten Leute contributor
30.07.2018 Aua-uff-Code! Episode 29 - Prozessor und PC = From Nand to Tetris, Teil 5 contributor
22.07.2018 3 Schweinehunde Episode 12 - NCT 10k Lauf contributor
4.07.2018 Podcastpat_innen PPP06 Podcast Publishing Workflow author
3.07.2018 Stefan will's wissen! Episode 2 - Podcast Publishing Workflow mit Lothar Bodingbauer contributor
29.06.2018 IT-Keller ITK037 All your tips belong to us contributor
20.06.2018 Podcastpat_innen PPP05 - Night of the Pods 2017 author
11.06.2018 3 Schweinehunde Episode 11 - Winner, winner, chicken Dinner! contributor
31.05.2018 IT-Keller ITK035 Was sind schon 10%? contributor
22.05.2018 3 Schweinehunde Episode 10 - Der überhitzte Schweinehund contributor
15.05.2018 Aua-uff-Code! Episode 28 - Assembler & Maschinensprache = From Nand to Tetris, Teil 4 contributor
16.04.2018 3 Schweinehunde Episode 9 - Eyjafjallajökull contributor
6.04.2018 Aua-uff-Code! Episode 27 - Long Time, No See + From Nand to Tetris, Teil 3 contributor
14.03.2018 3 Schweinehunde Episode 8 - Wann wird es wieder richtig Sommer? contributor
18.02.2018 Sendegarten SEG045 Humulus contributor
13.02.2018 3 Schweinehunde Episode 7 - Einen Titel braucht's auch? contributor
4.02.2018 IT-Keller ITK031 Versuchskaninchenbot contributor
24.01.2018 3 Schweinehunde Episode 6 - The Power of the New Year contributor
5.01.2018 Podcastpat_innen PPP04 Philipp und Jürgen von 'Das Ach?' author
3.01.2018 Podcastpat_innen PPP03 Das Erste Mal author
31.12.2017 3 Schweinehunde Episode 5 - Einmal mit Profis contributor
31.12.2017 Sendegarten SEG042 34C3 – Tag 3 contributor
1.12.2017 IT-Keller ITK029 Ich spür' meine Hände contributor
23.11.2017 Podcastpat_innen PP002 State of the Unicorn author
10.11.2017 Sendegarten SEG037 Wienerwald contributor
6.10.2017 Biertaucher Podcast Biertaucher Folge 319 contributor
6.09.2017 Aua-uff-Code! Episode 26 - ALU und API - From Nand to Tetris, Teil 2 contributor
5.09.2017 Biertaucher Podcast Biertaucher Folge 316 contributor
29.08.2017 Biertaucher Podcast Biertaucher Folge 315 contributor
21.08.2017 Stefan will's wissen! Episode 1 - Assistenzhunde und Leben mit dissoziativer Identitätsstruktur contributor
30.07.2017 IT-Keller ITK025 25 Jahre contributor
25.07.2017 Biertaucher Podcast Biertaucher Folge 313 contributor
21.07.2017 Aua-uff-Code! Episode 25 - Krautsourcing mit Florian Simon contributor
11.07.2017 Aua-uff-Code! Episode 24 - From Nand to Tetris - Teil 1 contributor
4.07.2017 Biertaucher Podcast Biertaucher Folge 312 contributor
22.06.2017 Biertaucher Podcast Biertaucher Folge 310 contributor
18.06.2017 Biertaucher Podcast Biertaucher Folge 308 contributor
2.06.2017 Aua-uff-Code! Episode 23 - To learn, to teach, to code w/ Ramón Huidobro contributor
28.05.2017 Biertaucher Podcast Biertaucher Folge 306 contributor
27.05.2017 IT-Keller ITK023 Pullinuckler contributor
18.05.2017 Biertaucher Podcast Biertaucher Folge 305 contributor
16.05.2017 Biertaucher Podcast Biertaucher Folge 304 contributor
14.05.2017 Aua-uff-Code! Episode 22 - Turtlestitch und Codeweek contributor
11.05.2017 Biertaucher Podcast Biertaucher Folge 303 contributor
29.04.2017 IT-Keller ITK022 ZEI° oder nicht ZEI° contributor