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The ACEM Fellowship Exam Resource

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The ACEM Fellowship Exam Resource
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EDExam Podcast Episode 9– Working with simulated patients in OSCE exams

In this episode I interview two professional simulated patients who provide a unique insight into the use of simulated patients in high stakes exams.  Steph and Cecilia have been working for universities and specialty colleges as simulated patients in ...
Andy Buck author

EMRAP Aussie Edition – Free Episode – Vera Sistenich Part 2

This is the second half of my EMRAP interview with the venerable Dr Vera Sistenich (@ThinkSyncs). (You can listen to Part 1 here) This interview is worth it's weight in gold for anyone who is either currently working with asylum seekers or refugees, th...
Andy Buck author

EMRAP Aussie Edition– Free Episode– Vera Sistenich Part 1

Did you know that there's a monthly Aussie Edition of the ground breaking, world famous, EMRAP podcast? If you are an EMRAP subscriber, you can download it from the EMRAP site, and you can also adjust your personal settings on the site so that it gets ...
Andy Buck author

EDExam Podcast Episode 6– Michelle Philander

The last of my interviews from the ACEM 2012 Conference in Hobart (this should be called the SR - slow release - version of the podcast!), and a special interview with Michelle, a FACEM who did not succeed at her first attempt at the exam.  She shares ...
Andy Buck author

EDExam Podcast Episode 5– Al Markwell

The next episode in the podcast is my second interview from ACEM2012 in Hobart, with Dr Alex Markwell (@almarkwell). Al is a FACEM from Brisbane who was quite strategic in her planning and execution for the exam, and provides some very practical pearls...
Andy Buck author

EDExam Podcast Episode 4– Peter Jordan

Sorry about the hiatus between episodes. Between selling houses, extended locum stints interstate and developing a new project (which will be announced soon), the podcast took a bit of a back seat.  I was also waiting to hear about the changes to the A...
Andy Buck author

EDExam Podcast– Episode 3– Luigi Marino (Part 2)

Here's the second instalment of my interview with Luigi Marino.  We go over the ins and outs of study groups, and touch on some other important exam preparation concepts such as utilising other specialtes to boost your knowledge and creating incentives...
Andy Buck author

EDExam Podcast– Episode 2– Luigi Marino (Part 1)

Here's the 2nd epsiode of the EDExam Podcast.  I was lucky enough to have a fantastic study partner when I went through the Fellowship Exam, in the form of Dr Luigi Marino.  Luigi is a FACEM from Melbourne, and in this, the first of a multi-part interv...
Andy Buck author

EDExam Podcast– Episode 1– Amit Maini

Here it is, the first ever EDExam Podcast!! Why record a podcast? One of the cornerstone pieces of advice for anyone sitting the ACEM Fellowship Exam is"get lots of advice from lots of people", as everyone has different tips that worked for them, and ...
Andy Buck author