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The Dental Realist Podcast is unlike any other dental podcast. As three practicing dentists we have learned many things that we wish we'd known before dental school graduation, and we are here to give future, new, and veteran dentists the help they need to have a more enjoyable career.
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Is This the Truth About Dentistry?

The release of a recent article by The Atlantic called The Truth About Dentistry raised some questions about some of the information about dentistry that the general public receives. On Episode 37, Dr. Neff, Dr. Stevens, and Dr. Waldron discuss many o...
MTR Guys author

Questions From Future Dentists

Recently, some of the the dental students that Dr. Neff works with asked him some very important questions concerning their futures in dentistry. On Episode 36, Dr. Stevens and Dr. Waldron try to answer some of these questions and give guidance to all ...
MTR Guys author

Is the Solo Practice Dead?

With the rise of dental service organizations, is private practice still a viable option for dentists?  What sets dentistry apart from medicine that will allow private practices to survive?  What are the benefits of working for a DSO?  What are the ben...
MTR Guys author

Challenges of Rewarding and Retaining Employees

With the current economic realities of dentistry what is the rationale for offering our employees incentives and bonuses?  How do you communicate this to staff members?  How can you make employees feel like their job is rewarding when you can't offer b...
MTR Guys author

Retirement Age Is Increasing and Is the ADA Doing Anything To Help?

According to the American Dental Association, the retirement age of dentists is increasing and we discuss why we think this is, what dentists and future dentists can do to avoid a later retirement, and what the ADA can do to help.  We also breakdown a ...
MTR Guys author

Mentur DDS

On Episode 32 Dr. Neff, Dr. Stevens, and Dr. Waldron announce and discuss our new mentoring program, Mentur DDS. We started the Dental Realist Podcast to help other dentists and dental students navigate their career in dentistry and Mentur DDS will all...
MTR Guys author

Is a Residency Right For Me?

In this episode Dr. Neff, Dr. Stevens, and Dr. Waldron discuss doing a one-year residency after dental school graduation, and Dr. Neff offers his unique perspective on these programs.  What are the benefits of a one-year residency?  What are some poten...
MTR Guys author

Dealing With A Bad Employer

In this packed episode Dr. Neff, Dr. Stevens, and Dr. Waldron start by discussing how patient stress can impact the treating dentist. We continue our discussion by answering a listener's questions about dealing with a bad owner-dentist. Whose job is it...
MTR Guys author

Important Questions From A Dental Student

In this episode we answer a second year dental student's email about his future after dental school. -With $300-350k in student debt, is it possible to have the lifestyle his family wants? -What is a good timetable to plan to purchase a practice?  -Is ...
MTR Guys author

Dealing with Insurances and Salespeople

In this episode we discuss some actual situations that happened recently at our offices. We start by discussing Dr. Neff's recent experience with a salesperson. Are salespeople out of touch with real world dentistry? Do they really have the dentist's b...
MTR Guys author

Managing Dental School Debt and Practice Stress

In this episode we discuss if dental school is worth the debt that most students take on and options for limiting that debt. We also talk about some of the best ways to repay that debt and if student loan forgiveness is a viable option.  Next we discus...
MTR Guys author

How Dentistry Is Changing

In this episode we discuss how dentistry is changing and how these changes will affect the future of dentistry. What affect will retiring baby boomer dentists have on dentistry? Dentists are working less than they did in years past. Why, and will the t...
MTR Enterprises author

Real World Dentistry w/ Steve Parker

In this episode we are joined by Steve Parker, editor-in-chief of The Profitable Dentist magazine, CEO of Excellence in Dentistry, founder of Dentiva Dental Coaching and Consulting, as well as an international speaker and dental journal contributor. In...
MTR Guys author

Tax Planning w/ Craig Cody

In this episode we are joined by Craig Cody of Craig Cody and Company Inc. Craig is a certified public accountant and a certified tax coach, as well as the author of 10 Most Expensive Tax Mistakes That Cost Business Owners Thousands. We discuss the rol...
MTR Guys author

Student Debt's Influence On Dental Practices

In this episode we discuss Howard Farran's article "Suck It Up, Buttercup" and Decisions in Dentistry's article "How Educational Debt Influences Practice Choices." With dental school student loan debt being so high are dentists able to choose which pro...

Episode 22 - What does the ADA actually do?

In this episode we address our thoughts on the American Dental Association. Is the ADA really on the side of dentists? Does the ADA support dentists like we want it to? With dental school tuition skyrocketing and dental insurance reimbursements rapidly...

Episode 21 - How Can the Solo Dentist Survive?

In this episode we discuss what we learned recently at Dr. Charles Blair's lecture at the Utah Dental Association Convention and give our thoughts. Currently, how are corporate dentistry and insurance companies affecting the solo owner dentist? What st...

Episode 20 - Challenges Facing Dentistry

In this episode we discuss the challenges facing dentistry and the Dentaltown article written by Dr. Gordon Christensen titled Challenges Facing the U.S. Dental Profession. What are the main concerns of dentists today? What are the solutions? Who shou...

Episode 19 - Dentist is the #1 Job in America?

On episode 19 we discuss the US News & World Report's ranking of dentist as the #1 job in America in 2017. What did this report get right and what did it miss? What should have been included in this report that wasn't? We also discuss the change in...

Episode 18 - Staff Motivation

In this episode, we discuss what motivates the dental staff. How do you handle Christmas bonuses? What about monthly bonuses? Is there an ideal bonus system? What is more important: money or praise? We discuss what has worked for us and what hasn't, an...

Episode 17 - Embezzlement Risk and Prevention, with David Harris

In this episode, we are joined by David Harris, certified fraud investigator and CEO of Prosperident. We discuss steps dentists can take to prevent embezzlement, hiring techniques to select new employees, types of embezzlers, what to look for if a dent...

Episode 16 - Mental Gymnastics in Dentistry

In episode 16, we discuss the many mental ups and downs of dentistry. How do you handle patients who refuse x-rays and/or treatment, the know-it-all patients, the composite gauntlet, patients who have received false information from the media, and many...

Episode 15 - Things Learned In Dental School--Useless or Useful?

In this episode we talk about many of the lessons learned in dental school. Some seemed important at the time and turned out to be totally useless. Some seemed pointless and ended up being useful in private practice. How are you supposed to know the di...

Episode 14 - Pain In Dentistry w/ Juanita Benedict

In this episode we are joined by Juanita Benedict, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist. Pain seems to be a normal part of every day for dentists, and Dr. Benedict discusses some of the causes of pain and some ways t...

Episode 13 - Building Patient Trust and Value

In this episode, we discuss Imtiaz Manji's ebook called Trust and Value: A Field Guide To Today's Dental Patients. We go in depth on the great patient traits, key patient behaviors, and how to interact with a variety of dental patients. This episode wi...

Episode 12 - Dental School Admissions w/ Brian Trecek of Marquette University School of Dentistry

In this episode we are joined by Brian Trecek, Director of Admissions at Marquette University School of Dentistry. Mr. Trecek discusses the many aspects of the dental school application and interview process. What makes an applicant stand out? How shou...

Episode 11 - Zero Cost Practice Boosters

In this episode we discuss many of the common sense and inexpensive ways to help improve your practice. No expensive equipment or products required. What message are you sending to your patients? How can you pleasantly surprise your patients? How can m...

Episode 10 - The Many Opportunities of the Dentist and the Importance of Being Likeable

In Episode 10 we discuss: Dentist job options and some pros and cons to each: Solo owner Associate Partner Education Public health Corporate practice employee Group practice Prison (working in one not being locked up :)) Why do you need to be likeable?...

Episode 9 - The Unique Dentist-Patient Relationship

In this episode we discuss: What makes an ideal patient? What are some unique challenges of the dentist-patient relationship? Is it possible to mold patient behavior? How does staff contribute to the dentist-patient relationship? How to handle specifi...

Episode 8 - Staffing- A Critical Part of Your Practice

In episode 8 we discuss staffing and cover the following:- Idea differences from dental school to real life- What makes a good staff member?- What makes a bad staff member?- Hiring challenges- Interviewing- Retaining staff- Reasons for termination- Imp...

Episode 7 - Financial Pitfalls and Solutions w/ Jordan Youngblade

In episode 7, we are joined by financial advisor Jordan Youngblade to discuss many of the financial pitfalls dentists fall into. We discuss some of the mistakes dentists make in debt management and retirement planning, what dental students can do while...

Episode 6 - How Insurance Is Changing Dentistry

In Episode 6, we discuss how dental insurance is changing dentistry today.How does dental insurance affect:a patient's treatment decisions?a dentist's treatment presentation?a practice financially?What are the benefits and downsides of dental insurance...

Episode 5 - Surviving Dental School

In Episode 5 we discuss:- A day in the life of a dental student- Importance of being organized- Preparing for exams- Labs- Clinic- Extracurricular activities- Finances Please contact us with any questions or comments: dentalrealist@gmail.comTwitter: @D...

Episode 4 - Stress In Dentistry

In episode 4 of the Dental Realist Podcast, we discuss the causes of stress in dentistry, the effects of the stress, and some ways to better manage that stress. We touch on the issues of confinement, isolation, personality conflicts, economic pressures...

Episode 3 - Myths vs Reality of Dentistry

In today's episode we discuss many of the reasons pre-dental students cite for wanting to become a dentist. We had many of the same reasons and we discuss if they are fact or fiction, myth or reality. Do/did you want to be a dentist because of the pres...

Episode 2 - The Importance of Controlling Debt

In this podcast we discuss many facets of debt that are facing dentists today:- Good vs. Bad Debt (Necessary vs. Unnecessary)- R.O.I. (Return on Investment)- Educational Debt- Business Debt - Personal Debt- Income outlook to service the debt 

Episode 1- Helping Dentists

The Dental Realist Podcast is unlike any other dental podcast. As three practicing dentists we have learned many things that we wish we'd known before dental school graduation, and we are here to give future, new, and veteran dentists the help they nee...