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Tired of the radio while at work or driving? Don't want to listen to the same music playlist all over again while doing your dishes? Do you feel like your mind is craving information and topics for discussions?Subscribe to the 'Da Net, Maybe' podcast and join Greg and George in their discussions. The topics of discussions will vary from personal opinions on certain aspects of our lives to the major questions of mankind.

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Welcome to the Da Net, Maybe podcast, run by Gregory and Georgy. Our names are different.
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006 - So annoying!

Come on! Who likes to be interrupted during a conversation by some vaguely-related story of an arrogant friend?Join us today, we loved complaining!iTunes:Stitcher:
Gregory& Georgy author

005 – The extinction-of-buttons generation

Today we touch upon the strategies of technological companies, the rapid development of the gadget-world, the technology-raised generation of the 2000s and our smartphone-free childhood.This is a re-uploaded version, as the last file didn't seem to wor...
Gregory& Georgy author

004 - What motivation really is and how it changed for our generation?

What do you think of when you are told to be motivated? Do you believe that your way of motivating yourself is the ultimate way? Do you think the generation of the 1990-2000 has become slothful? Then join us today in our talk about the everlasting ques...
Gregory& Georgy author

003 - Bears on the streets of Russia?

Join us today in the discussion of the Russian culture, the true vodka prices and the real rights of the LGBT movement. Enjoy!ClickHERE for live broadcast!iTunesStitcherSubscribe in a readerSources:http://www.factslides.com/s-Russiahttp://www.buzzfeed....
Gregory& Georgy author

002 - Life hacks at your fingertips (Android& iOS)

In this episode we discuss our favourite apps that are worth checking out on your smartphone. We mention a dosen apps made for both Android and iOS devices and touch upon our favorite features.Live broadcastiTunes⇧Stitcher⇧Subscribe in a readerApps men...
Gregory& Georgy author

001 - Welcome to Da Net, Maybe. What does the future hold?

In the pilot episode of our podcast Da Net, Maybe we will be discussing what the near future holds for us.We greatly appreciate any kind of support!Stream onlineLive broadcastStitcherToday you will participate in our discussion about our expectations f...
Gregory& Georgy author