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You'll get in-depth interviews with the best researchers, athletes and coaches on how to optimize athletic performance from every angle. Hosted by Complete Human Performance coaches and featuring interviews with our athletes, you'll get an unprecedented look at the best diet, training and mental techniques to take your performance to the next level.

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You'll get in-depth interviews with the best researchers, athletes and coaches on how to optimize athletic performance from every angle. Hosted by Complete Human Performance coaches and featuring interviews with our athletes, you'll get an unprecedented look at the best diet, training and mental techniques to take your performance to the next level.
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Unbottling The Conversation on Mental Health in Men, feat. Fergus Crawley #003

In this episode, Sam and Anthony speak with Fergus Crawley, a British athlete and CHP client who champions men’s mental health issues by doing extreme fitness challenges. We discuss how Fergus trains, the importance of community, suicide prevention in ...

Training as a couple with guest Maria Onest + Q&A#002

Anthony D’Orazio and Samuel Hartman are back for the second episode of the reboot! In this episode of Complete Human Performance Radio, they speak with Anthony’s wife Maria Onest about the challenges and rewards of training as a couple and supporting e...

CHP podcast:The return with Anthony and Sam

CHP coach and COO Anthony D'Orazio and CHP athlete Sam Hartman welcome listeners back to the CHP podcast. They give a brief re-introduction to CHP, concurrent training and its applications, and answer some questions from CHP athletes.  You can contact ...

muscle prodigy

Complete Human Performance Radio talks with Jaret Grossman on the topic of nutrition and how you can enjoy your food while still maintaining your fitness goals.  The proper mindset for elite athletic performance Training with your unique purpose in mi...

Aerobic Conditioning Round Table: Experts in Endurance

We have some distinguished guests in this episode of CHP Radio! Alec Blenis of Complete Human Performance is on air, asking fellow CHP endurance coach Nickademus Hollon, running legend Steve Magness, Dr. Kenneth Jay, and Master RKC Andrew Read about al...

Inspiration Porn - why this dog& pony show is hurting adaptive athletes

Alex Viada, Derek Weida, and Kelly Bruno discuss the controversy surrounding inspiration porn, the state of adaptive sports, and how coaches and other competitors treat athletes.  The trio illustrate their opinions on topics like if the adaptive athlet...

The Mental and Physical Demands of Powerlifting Prep

Veteran lifter and CHP coach, Jenn Rotsinger, and newer lifter Helena Wu head into their powerlifting meets at the Arnold and Battle of the Bay this coming weekend. Powerlifting is not just a physical sport, but contains a number of mental aspects that...

Mental Training for Athletes

Training and nutrition are crucial parts of athletic excellence - but what about the mind? Motivation, confidence, mental toughness: all of these are key in sport, and yet for many athletes are not trained as much as the body. Jonathan Pietrunti of Com...

How to Train for Military Selection

Annie "Gunshow" Dohack of Complete Human Performance has successfully trained over 140 individuals for military selection in several branches of the armed forces. Here, she shares her expertise on how to program for members of this special population, ...

Dr. Mike T. Nelson - The Heart of Training and HRV

Dr. Mike T. Nelson is one of the foremost experts on exercise physiology and biomechanics. In this interview, he illuminates a concept that has been gaining traction in endurance and hybrid athlete circles: heart rate variability.  What is HRV? How can...

Should Triathletes Use Knee Sleeves While Squatting?

Hardcore powerlifters and bodybuilders often swear by knee sleeves for squatting, but what about endurance athletes? In this episode of CHP Radio, you'll learn the pros and cons of knee sleeves for endurance athletes who also want to build a great squa...

How to Use Data to Program Your Workouts

There are more options than ever for tracking and quantifying your workouts, but how do you use all that data? In this podcast, CHP coaches Mike Fecik and Margie Ellison break down what they believe are the most valuable tools for tracking an athlete's...

The First Month Always Sucks

Every new fitness program sucks--at first. Getting into the groove of a new routine or starting a training regimen for the first time are rarely, if ever, easy. That’s why most people quit before they get the results they want. Learn how to maintain an...

Hybrid Training for Beginners


What Every Personal Trainer Should Know about Working with Beginner Clients

As a trainer it's often simpler training more advanced athletes. Not necessarily easier, but simpler. Beginners have very different challenges and mental barriers to getting in shape than people who are already fit. As a trainer, these people present s...

How to Get Your Clients to Really Stick to Their Diets

You've given your client a new diet plan.You worked hard to make sure it was based on the best scientific principles.It's worked for many of your other clients.But for whatever reason, this person just can't seem to stick to it. You want to tell them t...

Nick Cheadle on the Diet and Exercise Principles Every Trainer Should Know

You've heard flexible dieting works well, but you've also heard other trainers get fantastic results with meal planning.You know that your clients will have to eat at restaurants sometimes, but you're not sure what to tell them.You know that it's impor...

The Smart Person’s Guide to Fat Loss

It's been said that the world doesn't have a weight loss problem, it has a weight maintenance problem. Most poeple can and do lose some weight in their lives. It's keeping it off that's the hard part. In this podcast, personal trainer Mike Howard deliv...

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Staying in Shape and Avoiding Burnout

Your schedule is packed from the time you wake up until you go to bed. Your client's lives are often the same way. As a trainer, you basically live the life of an entrepreneur, even if you don't feel that way. Sometimes, it's hard to get in your own wo...

The Beginner’s Guide to Tricking: How to Become a Backyard Gymnast in Your Spare Time

Imagine if you took much of the structure and most of the rules away from gymnastics. You'd be left with a sport called "tricking."Tricking combines elements of free-running, parkour and acrobatics to create a new sport.Personal trainer and writer Atho...

I'm a Woman and I'm Worried Lifting Weights Will Make Me Bulky

You've got a client who's thinking about lifting weights. She's excited to start, but she's also concerned that lifting will make her add too much muscle. She doesn't want to look like the guys she sees at her gym, but she does want to start lifting we...

What Supplements are Worth Taking to Stay Healthy?

Most supplements are worthless.There's either no evidence they work, or good evidence that they don't work.But that doesn't mean they're all bad. In some cases, it might be hard to get certain nutrients from food and taking supplements might be a good ...

How to Help Clients Build the Confidence to Change

"Learned helplessness" is a state where someone has tried and failed enough times, that they basically expect to keep failing no matter what.As a personal trainer, you'll have clients who never seem to be able to break out of bad habits. It's not that ...

Should Everyone Try to Lose Fat the Same Way?

On the surface, losing fat is simple.You eat fewer calories than you burn, eat enough protein, and lift weights. But how you implement those principles can be confusing.Should you carefully track your macronutrient intake?Should you practice intuitive ...

The Complete Guide to Cardio for Strength Athletes

You've probably heard that cardio makes you small and weak. "It causes too much muscle damage, you'll overtrain.""It's too catabolic.""Cardio makes it impossible to get strong -- ever see a marathon runner squat?"There's some truth to all of that. If y...

Is There Such Thing as a “Perfect Diet?”

People will never stop arguing over the best way to eat. There will always people who religiously defend their ideal macronutrient ratios, food groups or nutrient timing strategies.You know most of those debates are silly. But you're also not 100 perce...

The 7 Laws of Training for Muscle Growth

Training to build muscle can get comlicated, really complicated. You have to decide on your exercises, reps, sets and rest periods. Then you have to figure out how to organize your workouts over weeks and months to keep making progress. It's no surpris...

The 5 Laws of Dieting that Every Bodybuilder Should Know

Dr. Mike Israetel comes on Evidence Radio to break down the science of eating to build muscle and lose fat. You know that calories, macronutrients, food quality and nutrient timing matter. The problem is that you're not sure how much they matter, or ho...

Everything You Need to Know About the EPIC Fitness Summit

Learning about fitness from articles and podcasts is one thing. Meeting researchers, coaches and authors in-person, is much better.Getting to fitness conferences is expensive and time-consuming, so it's worth being picky about which ones you attend. In...

Which is Better for Losing Fat: Meal Plans or Flexible Dieting?

If you want to get lean, you have to improve your diet. With meal plans, you have a simple, structured way to make sure you eat the right amount to lose fat consistently. But they can also be extremely hard to stick to, socially problematic, and boring...

Attention Bodybuilders: This is Your Simple Guide to Building an Outstanding Workout Routine

Bodybuilding workout routines are like songs.  New ones come and go, and most of them aren't that different. It's easy to get "hooked" on one for a few weeks before getting bored and trying a new one.  But if you look at the songs that have endured ove...

An Inside Look at What it Really Takes to Prepare for a Bodybuilding Competition

In this podcast, you’ll learn what it’s really like to prepare for a bodybuilding competition from the eyes of a doctor — Spencer Nadolsky. Spencer has been on the podcast several times before to talk aboutweight loss and statins. He's been lifting wei...

Should You Train Less While Dieting? (And 9 More of Your Questions About Bodybuilding, Answered)

What's wrong with training like a powerlifter if you want to get lean?How do you use autoregulation for bodybuilding?Do you need to count calories and macronutrients year round to stay lean?You'll learn the answers those questions and several more in t...

How to Use Rest-Pause Training to Build Muscle

In most strength training programs, you’re told to perform all of the reps in each set without resting.That works, but it’s not always best.New research indicates that you can build more muscle by taking short breaks during your sets. This method is ca...

The Top 6 Dieting Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making (And How to Fix Them)

“The goal with habits is not to perfectly execute a behavior pattern every day, it’s to make that effort every day. If you can be 85% “on” 100% of the time, that’s good enough.” — Sohee Lee10 Years ago, Sohee wasn’t happy.She was struggling with an eat...

How to Squat Like a World Class Powerlifter

If you’re trying to build muscle and strength, the question isn’t “should you squat?” The question is “why shouldn’t you squat?” The squat is one of the simplest and best exercises for building muscle and overall strength, and if learned properly, it’s...

How to Get Stronger and Build Muscle When You’re No Longer a Beginner

The first 6-12 months of weightlifting are easy.If you try to add weight every workout, and eat enough, you’ll build muscle and get stronger every week.It’s hard not to make gains at this point. Your body isn’t used to this kind of stimulus, and you ma...

How to Use Circuit, Complex, and Combination Weight Training to Lose Fat

You want to lose weight, and you know that dosing tons of cardio isn’t the best strategy.Your diet is on point, but you’re not sure how to train. You don’t enjoy powerlifting or bodybuilding type workouts, and you don’t want to spend much time in the g...

The Six Principles of Training for Powerlifting

Want to become as strong as possible, without getting injured? Nick Shaw of Renaissance periodization breaks down the six principles of intelligent training for powerlifting. You'll learn how to structure your workouts, plan your training routine, take...

How to Eat for Powerlifting (Without Getting Fat)

Want to get bigger and stronger, without adding excess body fat? Nick Shaw of Renaissance Periodization shows you how to eat enough to get stronger, while staying lean. You'll learn how much, when, and what to eat to get stronger and leaner.

The Right Way to Learn a New Exercise

You want to get stronger, or maybe you want to learn a new sport.And you want to do it without getting injured.You may have heard that you should visualize your body performing the exercise correctly.Or, you’re told to focus on holding parts of your bo...

The Best Rep Range for Building Muscle Is…

6-12?5-8?10-15?You're not sure what to think.You've heard that to get strong, you need to use low reps, and to get big, you should use higher reps.But then you hear how powerlifters are huge, and therefore you should train like them, too.Then you hear ...

What Should You Do if You Need to Lose a Lot of Weight?

"Training bodybuilders is easy. They already know 90% of what they need to do, and they've got the willpower to do it." That's what a personal trainer friend of mine recently said, and it got me thinking.  So far on EvidenceMag, I've focused mainly on ...

Motivation is Overrated: Why You Don’t Need Superhuman Willpower to Get in Amazing Shape

You feel great the first week.You prepare healthy meals, finish all of your workouts, and get to bed on time every night. The second week, it feels a little harder, but you stick to the plan.By the third week, you're starting to falter. You know what y...

How to Increase Your Metabolic Flexibility to Perform Better

If you've been listening to Evidence Radio for any length of time, you'll know that calories count, and macronutrients matter.If you're an athlete, this is especially true.You need to eat enough to perform at your best, but the amount of protein, carbo...

The 6 Things that Healthy Cultures All Do

Why do some people live longer than others?More importantly, why are some cultures happier and healthier, while others are stuck with depression and disease?There's no way to say for sure. This is all observational evidence, so it doesn't prove anythin...

How to Build a Physique You Can be Proud Of (Without Hours in the Gym)

You've been lifting weights and eating right for years.You've been getting enough sleep and staying active.But you're not happy with how you look.Maybe you don't have the upper body you want. Maybe you still have love handles. Whatever it is, there's s...

How to Design the Ultimate Glute Training Program

You never skip leg day.You eat enough calories to build muscle.Yet your glutes never seem to grow.You want a larger butt, and your current training program isn't cutting it. You're doing the right exercises, but your butt isn't getting bigger.That's go...

The Absolute Best Exercises for Building a Stronger, Bigger Butt

So you've been lifting weights. You've been doing squats, deadlifts, and everything else you're supposed to.But your butt isn't getting any bigger.This podcast can help.Bret Contreras, aka "The Glute Guy," is going to tell you about the best exercises ...

4 Simple Ways to Get Lean Without Counting Calories

Calories count, but that doesn't mean you need to count them to lose fat.In fact, doing so can cause more problems than it solves.The key to any fat loss diet is making it sustainable and enjoyable, which calorie counting often isn't. Even if you enjoy...