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Biohacker's Podcast interviews the best experts for expanding human capabilities with biological and technological tools. In studio technology expert Teemu Arina and medical doctor Olli Sovijärvi. For more information see

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Biohacker’s Podcast interviews the best experts for extending human capabilities with biological and technological tools. In studio technology expert Teemu Arina and medical doctor Olli Sovijärvi.
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Dr. Beth Healey on Living In Extreme Conditions

Biohacker’s Podcast Teemu Arina interviews Research MD Beth Healey who spent an extended period of time at Concordia station in Antarctica researching extreme conditions (e.g. temperatures as low as -100 celsius) where humans are put to test during dif...
Biohacker's Podcast author

Prof. Russel Hanson on How To Make a Digital Copy of Your Brain

Biohacker’s Podcast Teemu Arina interviews professor Russell Hanson on our current capabilities of making a digital copy of a human brain on the connectome level. Professor Russell Hanson is founder and CEO of Brain Backups a company with the ambitious...
Biohacker's Podcast author

Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Nutritional Health and the Benefits of Sauna

Biohacker’s Podcast Teemu Arina interviews one of the leading experts on nutrition aging, Dr. Rhonda Patrick on heat alteration such as swimming in ice cold water or entering a sauna. Dr. Rhonda Patrick with a Ph.D. in biomedical sciences is an expert ...
Biohacker's Podcast author

Anthony DiClementi On Strategies To Improve Energy, Mood, and Health

“Start with your foundation. Get your health in order. Start fueling your body. When you have more energy, when you have more clarity and your body is in better shape, that carries over and you get more creativity and you’re able to put in more product...
Biohacker's Podcast author

Jesse Lawler on Nootropics and Smart Drugs

“Get inspired by what really smart people can talk like, and think about… When I hear one of these guys, their brain is just, flowing out of the screen, it makes me want to push my own brain as far as it can go.” Jesse Lawler is an entrepreneur, media ...
Biohacker's Podcast author

Maximilian Gotzler On the Flow State

Teemu Arina interviews Maximilian Gotzler, the founder of Flowgrade on the flow state. What is the flow state and how can we access it for higher performance? Maximilian Gotzler is the Founder and CEO of Flowgrade, a leading brand for cutting-edge Perf...
Biohacker's Handbook author

Tiina Hoffman On Measuring and Biohacking Stress

Teemu Arina interviews Exercise Physiologist Tiina Hoffman from Firstbeat about measuring stress and goes through his own data. What can we learn from the heart? Below are some highlights from the podcast. Normal person can suffer from overtrainning ju...
Biohacker's Handbook author

Andrew Steele on Using Genetic Data For Fitness and Nutrition

Andrew Steele is an Olympic athlete, running the 400m and 4x400m for Great Britain. Having competed internationally for over 12 years Andrew is one of the most experienced athletes on Team GB, having been part of national teams at European, Commonwealt...
Biohacker's Handbook author

#5 Ben Greenfield on Going Beyond Training

In the fifth episode of Biohacker’s Podcast, Biohacker Teemu Arina and MD Olli Sovijärvi interview Ben Greenfield. He is an ex-bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete, Spartan racer, coach, speaker and author of the New York Times Bestseller “Beyond Training: ...
Biohacker's Podcast author

#4 Ari Meisel on the Art of Less Doing

In the fourth episode of Biohacker’s Podcast, Biohacker Teemu Arina interviews Ari Meisel. Ari Meisel is author, speaker, coach and the creator of Less Doing, More Living, a set of practices and principles designed to help the overwhelmed become more e...
Biohacker's Podcast author