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Futurist linguist Heron Stone and artificial life simulator Tom Barbalet explore a variety of topics.

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Exploring the future through understanding the past a series of conversations on a variety of topics.
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Long Funk Simulcast 51. A Shared Language in [March 31, 2019]

Tom discusses the background and potential of Noble Ape in the cloud with JSON.
Tom Barbalet author

Reunion: Throw a Monkey Brother A Strange Instrument [October 12, 2018]

Things have changed for Heron in terms of virtual space and health. Things have changed for Tom too. Tom got a lot of hate mail when Stone Ape ended. Heron hasn't left the US yet. Tom and Heron are in opposite positions once again but they are both rea...
Tom Barbalet author

Simulcast: Noble Ape Sub-Project: the Mushroom Boy [April 2, 2018]

Tom Barbalet, the creator of Noble Ape, talks about the Mushroom Boy sub-project.
Tom Barbalet author

Simulcast: Noble Ape Sub-Project: Noble Warfare [April 2, 2018]

Tom Barbalet, the creator of Noble Ape, talks about the Noble Warfare sub-project.
Tom Barbalet author

Simulcast: Early Morning Weather Development [April 1, 2018]

Tom Barbalet, the creator of Noble Ape, talks about what he's working on at 3am.
Tom Barbalet author

Simulcast: Why is Noble Ape Free? [March 31, 2018]

Tom Barbalet, the creator of Noble Ape, talks about why the software and documentation is free.
Tom Barbalet author

Simulcast Long Funk 4. High Desert War Games [December 27, 2017]

Tom is puzzled by the few war gamers who live in the High Desert around Victorville, California. To subscribe go to
Tom Barbalet author

Simulcast Long Funk 1. Introducing the Format [December 9, 2017]

Tom introduces the podcast by discussing his many podcasts and what he has learnt from all these recording. To subscribe go to
Tom Barbalet author

Simulcast Attic Aficionados 3: Magpies and Hybrid Peppers [April 15, 2017]

They start the podcast with Brandon unboxing a package from Tom. Here's a spoiler - it's not clothes pins or Vietnam-era rations. Tom raises the two kinds of collector - the aesthetic collector and the complete set collector. Brandon explores the many ...
Tom Barbalet author

Simulcast Attic Aficionados 2: Merman Mulligatawny [April 8, 2017]

Brandon explains Merman's many forms. They digress into where action figures go to die and other obsessive hobbies. Brandon offers an explanation of the first three Rocky films. Tom is fascinated about Italian-American-ness. Brandon asks about Casino a...
Tom Barbalet author

Simulcast Attic Aficionados 1: Turntables From Afar [April 1, 2017]

Tom ate some some Vietnam era ration gum and they explore the gum sold with baseball cards. Brandon wants to know more about the rations and they share a love of paper mold. They discuss Rogue One and Tom provides a small narration about seeing films i...
Tom Barbalet author

Pilot: Ocean City, Carbon Monoxide and Violins [March 25, 2017]

Brandon introduces the recording with the boardwalk at Ocean City circa 1987. Tom offers their connections through Dungeons and Dragons. They discuss the smell of Masters of the Universe. Tom references the film, Marwencol (without naming it specifical...
Tom Barbalet author

Subscribing To This Comes Next [February 5, 2017]

If you'd like to hear more, please go to
Tom Barbalet author

Simulcast This Comes Next 1: Re-A-Member-Ing [January 14, 2017]

Tom announces the name of the podcast, This Comes Next. Jay wants to talk about artificial intelligence. Tom digresses into a discussion about termites and Iranian terminators. Tom wants to talk about wargaming so asks Jay about her experiences. They d...
Tom Barbalet author

Pilot: Somewhere Between Cub Scouts and Ninjas [January 7, 2017]

Jay Carmona and Tom Barbalet start a pilot discussion for a podcast. Tom talks about meeting a person recently in a book he wrote more than twenty years ago. Jay talks about her experiences living in an isolated environmentally-centric community. They ...
Tom Barbalet author

162. Socratic Method [November 24, 2016]

Tom reflects on the feedback from listeners and Heron's interpretations. They explore Heron's Gendo Earth Calendar. Tom thinks the RV nomad YouTube community could be a market for Heron's calendar. Tom explores a militant group on YouTube that he can't...
Tom Barbalet author

161. Donald [November 9, 2016]

Heron works through some of his thoughts on the president elect. Tom gives some contrary points and talks about the kinds of analysis needed through this process. The Rolling Stones gave their permission for something so interesting. Would a rational p...
Tom Barbalet author

160. World Star Philosophers [October 19, 2016]

Tom explores the potential riots of San Jose and talks about a distant relations. Tom moves to a discussion of story rewriting with medications. Heron won the Sixties. Tom provides two YouTube resources for people with similar interests. Heron is intro...
Tom Barbalet author

159. Amputee Riot [September 23, 2016]

Tom has a created character for his YouTube toy soldier persona. Heron has seen the Weiner movie and the Woman Who Wasn't There. Tom wants to decompose some ideas. They discuss this idea of hierarchy in simulation. They discuss porn discoveries on othe...
Tom Barbalet author

158. Compulsion [September 9, 2016]

Tom points out Heron is one step from Monty Python. They discuss Weiner. Tom stayed up to buy newish phone technology but really more disk space. Heron reminds Tom about a book topic. They discuss Youtube and the Internet Creators' Guild with a brief d...
Tom Barbalet author

157. Live from the Hermitage [September 2, 2016]

Tom discovers there is an Earth out there. They briefly discuss Mexican food. Heron wants to explore the hermitage of the mind with a short exploration of Heron's former bad coworker. Can there be a good title to a book? Tom ponders some philosophy fro...
Tom Barbalet author

156. Gang Prevention is Not Gang Prevention [August 26, 2016]

Heron is reading on things that Tom has not. Heron asks a question which produces an exploration through exhaustion. Tom turns the conversation to iNfant with some discussion on Bob Mottram's potential return. They discuss the abstract idea of collabor...
Tom Barbalet author

155. Technical Word Jive [August 5, 2016]

Heron hasn't fully recovered. They talk about mutual health issues. Tom raises an issue which will cause him to make changes in the Stone Ape feed - what does loyalty, friendship and respect really look like with podcasts? Heron floats an idea of a com...
Tom Barbalet author

154.5 False Flag Feedback [July 22, 2016]

Heron has a quick film recommendation. Tom explains the recording last week in the context of Lorenzo Hagerty's podcast and some blunt listener feedback that was sufficiently eloquent to be considered Tom's own feedback presented as someone else's feed...
Tom Barbalet author

154. Accidental Gardener [July 15, 2016]

Tom insisted on Skype and he asks about Heron's health. They try to discuss the commercialization proposition in California and why it is different than legalization/decriminalization. Heron likes being pain-free and film-recommendation-free. Tom went...
Tom Barbalet author

153. A Man Who Has Never Embarrassed Himself to Us [July 8, 2016]

They are recording on Teamspeak. Heron has to kick out the video game players to record a show. They explore live video. Heron wants to explore their new audio platform. Tom raises some listener feedback and wants to see some listener responses. Tom q...
Tom Barbalet author

Please Support Stone Ape [July 4, 2016]

This Independence Day I am looking to increase awareness about the independent podcasts I produce. Please consider promoting Stone Ape today as a truely independent podcast. Please click this link and promote ...
Tom Barbalet author

152. Pain and Irony [July 1, 2016]

The show starts with a mutual reboot of computers to try to improve pretty bad audio. Heron has a question for Tom about Noble Ape (for those reading along too). Elections are so important. Tom starts the ex...
Tom Barbalet author

151. You are Thinking of Ecstasy [June 17, 2016]

Tom is in his podcasting room. Heron has a film recommendation. Tom is taking a seminar and losing his memory. Tom wonders what the benefit is in reading primary sources. Are we living Children of Men? Tom is happy to be defective and he has been buste...
Tom Barbalet author

150. Green Study Survey Company is a Terrorist Group [June 10, 2016]

Tom plays pick this film topic. Heron has been thinking about fortresses of fascism. Tom is about to launch a new podcast. Tom asks why Heron isn't making money from his ideas and provides a San Jose Police Department update (with audio). A piece missi...
Tom Barbalet author

149: Minnesota's Polite TSA [May 27, 2016]

Tom introduces his trip. They talk about UK migration. Tom talks about his time in Leeds and Manchester. They discuss stately homes in the UK. Tom explains his deteriorating mental state. They explore the idea of the Alamo and listener Andy's perspecti...
Tom Barbalet author

148: Epistemological Chicken [May 6, 2016]

Heron might be able to touch-type soon. Tom talks about strange excuses for murder. They talk about Dear Zachary. They discuss OJ in LA. Tom has a confession for Heron and likes the sympathy of listeners. Tom has pushed aside the previous radical of a ...
Tom Barbalet author

147: Equal Time for Litter [April 22, 2016]

Heron has been pondering his health. Heron wonders about spam. Tom identifies coal mining porn. Tom recommends 'Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father' as the worst documentary of all time. Tom is going to Hell and talks about productivity. T...
Tom Barbalet author

146: Pathologically Defective Bolinas [April 15, 2016]

They spend a minute talking about record stores and news agents. Tom explores Heron's broader audience of clown sushi fetishists. They share a battery problem story. Tom raises if organized religion can ever be inoffensive. Tom has changed his gardenin...
Tom Barbalet author

145: If Bill Exists, He's an Idiot [March 25, 2016]

Heron has been having problems with Skype. Heron isn't doing this for you. Heron has found a potential investor but Tom remains skeptical. Tom has been investigating how to do this music thing. Tom is postponing the trip to the UK but built a greenhous...
Tom Barbalet author

144: The Old Neanderthal Ball [March 4, 2016]

Tom has woken in an alternative universe for a single issue at least. Heron hasn't collected the check from the most money he has made on Gendo in the past fifteen years. Tom ponders the genetic origins in the pattern of the narrative form with a long ...
Tom Barbalet author

143: Prepubescent Playboy [February 26, 2016]

Heron thinks we all fit on spectrums. Tom turns the conversation to post-politics. Heron keeps one light bulb around for one purpose. They discuss the impact of pedophiles. Tom has been exploring audio options and accents. What happened to Heron's YouT...
Tom Barbalet author

142: Bikini Sumo [February 4, 2016]

[Editorial note: This recording was full of technical difficulties that have been removed - hopefully it won't sound too choppy.] Tom asks about Heron's new use of Google Hangouts. Briefly Tom explains a listener's predicament then back to the Hangouts...
Tom Barbalet author

141: Short Comings [January 22, 2016]

Heron gives a movie recommendation. Tom provides some feedback on previous Heron recommendations. Heron recommends a nemesis of Tom's and they agree about artificial life. Tom tackles the blue elephant in the room. What about trusting people?
Tom Barbalet author

140: Twenty Cents Man [January 15, 2016]

Heron is exploring a new direction. Tom talks about a repressed memory. They continue to explore Heron's new direction. Heron finds Tom's response strange. Tom offers a topic of a random listener in Australia. CSB provides some great material with the ...
Tom Barbalet author

139: In the Key of A F... F... Fraud [January 8, 2016]

Heron has questions about data and the Internet Archive. Heron gives a hypothesis associated with sexuality: Tom disagrees. Tom returns to a topic from last week and talks about learning Arabic from an iOS app. Tom is done with being jaded. Heron asks ...
Tom Barbalet author

Special: Technical Difficulties [January 2, 2016]

Tom tried to get Heron a signed book. Heron has been reflecting on his former love of coke (as in the cola). Tom finds a belated birthday gift. They explore people who don't use technology and look at different aspects of the medical profession.
Tom Barbalet author

138: Christmas Sloth [December 25, 2015]

[Editorial Note: No summary intro to get the show out on Christmas Day.] Heron has some film recommendations. Tom raises the internet has changed choices for young people. Heron gets cheesy. They both recommend the Incredible String Band. They discuss ...
Tom Barbalet author

137: Capitalism in the Key of A [December 4, 2015]

They start with questions from CSB. Tom decides to tackle CSB's question about creating art first. They dig into creating music and what has changed. Does a relationship kill productivity? They explore the second CSB question about health care in the U...
Tom Barbalet author

136: Wonder in Windmills [November 27, 2015]

Hacking into Heron identifies the changes in scab technology. Tom has been pondering wonder and using the iPad Pro. The neighborhood is starting to get to Tom. They explore some extended theories about the Google bus and utopia. Cue the wine glass disc...
Tom Barbalet author

135: Ripping Open the Caterpillar [November 20, 2015]

Tom proposes a slight format change. They discuss a listener question associated with escaping the caterpillar. Tom offers some listener correspondence. Tom starts with the broad topic for the evening associated with the future. There is a digression i...
Tom Barbalet author

134: One of the Evil Elves [November 13, 2015]

Heron has been reading Autobiography of a Yogi and has some thoughts about it. Heron outlines Gendo for new listeners and Tom gives some deconstructions. Tom takes a little diversion through WWII military items into the listener question. What is the m...
Tom Barbalet author

133: Saving the US Economy One Simulated Ape at a Time [October 30, 2015]

Heron wants to whine about life. Tom has been rescuing kittens and thinking about Chilean listeners. Tom talks about principles in podcasting and KickStarter. How about distinctions in various communities? Is the future a fabrication? Tom breaks down h...
Tom Barbalet author

132: Please Play This Audio at Target [October 21, 2015]

Heron has changed his mobile and had a chunk of his face removed. Zombified Tom wanders through time management. They explore what's to hate about people in particular us in our past. Tom tries a take through some technology. Tom is disgusted with the ...
Tom Barbalet author

131: Humanitarian Bombing [October 2, 2015]

Heron broke 170 pounds. Tom reflects on an interview and the political establishment of San Jose. Tom kicks off a topic on false memories. How do you move to the unknown? Tom had a re-awakening through a single mouse click.
Tom Barbalet author