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Science Pie is a new independent podcast about physics, history, literature and engineering, exploring one fascinating topic per 15-minute episode. Manufactured in-house by Annika Brockschmidt and Dennis Schulz.

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Science Pie is a new independent podcast about physics, history, literature and engineering, exploring one fascinating topic per 15-minute episode. Manufactured in-house by Annika Brockschmidt and Dennis Schulz.
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The End

Unfortunately, we have to discontinue the English channel of this podcast. We would have loved to continue, but right now, it is basically impossible for the two of us, as we are crazy busy right now and cloning - well. We are very sorry! If you, by an...
Science Pie author

Fusion Facts

We are investigating fusion! After trying to master the basics in our first episode, we answer the big questions: Why does anyone want fusion power? Why do governments spend that much money trying to handle plasmas? Also, you and a friend of yours will...
Science Pie author

Taylor, Kanye and Justin

We're back on one of our favourite topics: generation of energy. In this episode, we talk to Thomas Klinger, scientific director of the fusion machine Wendelstein 7-X. But how did Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Justin Bieber get in here? And why do they ...
Science Pie author

Though this be madness, there is lead in't

This time around, we stay with the books and agree with Jojen from Game of Thrones:"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. [...] The man who never reads lives only once." (G.R.R. Martin, of course, A Dance with Dragons).True, but sometimes, if...
Science Pie author

Please laser my library

We, together with Andy Beeby and Richard Gameson, will introduce you into the wonderful world of books! This episode is not about written stories, though. It's about the ink, the paper, the question "How did this get made?". How can we look at the diff...
Science Pie author

Ice cream

It's summer time! Which means that our most trusted companion for hot sticky days is out there again: ice cream! In our third episode with John Girkin, we explore the most important question of 'em all: Why does the the stick of an ice cream look the w...
Science Pie author

Blood, lasers& hearts

Zebra fish are gaining popularity compared to lab mice - their heart, for example, seems to be a remarkable model for the human heart, despite it looking completely different. But: Their heart has one superpower the human heart has not - which motivate...
Science Pie author

A Song of Heroes and Murderers

Game of Thrones fans, this is for you! Because it'll get bloody. And treacherous. We take a look at the German epic "The Song of the Nibelungs" and try to untangle the mess of love, hate, betrayal and war that it contains. And we'll look at one of the ...
Science Pie author

Gone with the Inertia

We're back in the wind canal, on the rotor blade, on the wings of change, so to speak. We continue to tackle wind energy and the mysterious inertia (cue to Dennis singing creepily in the backgorund) with Professor Simon Hogg of Durham University. Hang ...
Science Pie author

The Wind in the Wheels

We all need electricity. It's something we often don't even think about - we just switch the laptop on or plug our phone charger in. But electricity has to come from somewhere - and ideally it should be environmentally friendly. So is wind energy the s...
Science Pie author

That side of the horizon

This is part 2 of our episode on black holes - again with Chris Done from Durham University! We recommend listening to the first one, "This side of the horizon", first. In this episode: Stephen Hawking! Black holes of all sizes, supermassive, tiny, you...
Science Pie author

Death, Villains and hormones

As on Christmas Eve, we now present (get it?) to you: the second crossover episode with our friends from Outside of a Dog! We talk about everyone's favourite wizard, death, villains and hormones in the wizarding world. Like death, this episode will get...
Outside of a Dog& Science Pie author

You're a phenomenon, Harry!

If you want to escape the holiday madness, here's our first crossover episode with the literature podcast "Outside of a Dog" who very kindly invited us as guests for this episode full of witchcraft and wizardry. We drank butterbeer (a 16th century rece...
Outside of a Dog& Science Pie author

Us and our mistakes

Our fourth advent episode: Bloopers! Slip-ups! Gaffes! Goof-ups! Bumblers! We're not a live podcast and therefore can just cut stuff that didn't work out. Here's some of that stuff.Music by Malaventura. All the music is to be found here. Produced by De...
Science Pie author

Chris Done on genius and white holes

This is our second advent episode - this time with a snippet from our interview with Chris Done. She talks about the perception of mathematical genius in society and popular culture - and why she disagrees with the portrayal of Will Hunting in the acad...
Science Pie author

This side of the horizon

Ever wondered what's inside of a Black Hole? Monsters? And how they form? We start our complete guide to one of the most fascinating phenomenons space has to offer. Our guide isn't Spock, but might just as well be - because she's an expert for astrophy...
Science Pie author

Jo Fox on teaching

We decided to do advent episodes! Short bits from our interviews we wanted to release, but couldn't fit into a story. Few minutes each, few edits, one piece of music in the background. We start with Jo Fox, talking about the process of teaching and how...
Science Pie author

Jo Fox on ads and social media

Our third advent episode is probably the last soundbit you'll hear from our interview with Jo Fox. Is advertising propaganda? Even if it is advertising for a good cause? And, in the century of social media, are we all propagandists ourselves?Produced b...
Science Pie author

Into the Labyrinth

We delve into the tricky field of atrocity propaganda. How does it work, why is it a thing we see time and time again? We travel through time to take a look at the form it took in World War 1 - and how it has changed since then. We follow the pictures ...
Science Pie author

No need to squash an eyeball

Why does a physicist build a tiny replica of a dishwasher to put under a microscope? And what invention has made going to the optician or eye doctor that much more bearable (and also created a fun moment in TV history)? Join in as Durham University's P...
Science Pie author

Why Harry?

We belong to a generation that grew up alongside Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived - and yet, it is so much more than just a children's book. Alongside the lovely Anne-Sophie Charrière, who studied English Literature, especially the Harry Potter series, ...
Science Pie author

The curious case of Rudolf Heß

Imagine if Hitler had jumped out of an airplane over Britain and got captured in Glasgow. That didn't happen. But it happened to his deputy, Rudolf Heß. Join us as we dive into the strange and twisted story of Heß' caption alongside Durham University h...
Science Pie author

Introducing Propaganda

We are back! Join us as we dive into the fascinating field of propaganda with the help of Jo Fox, a specialist in the history of propaganda in twentieth-century europe and professor at Durham University. This is our first interview episode! Tune in as ...
Science Pie author

The cumbersome trip through time

SciPie goes Sci-Fi: There are hardly any stories about a whole society being allowed to use time machines like we use planes today. Why is that? In our new episode, we talk about general relativity and Shakespeare oscillating between the literary figur...
Science Pie author

The power of ten to the power of sixty

When we want to describe a big number, we say things such as "almost the distance between the earth and the moon" or utter some other attempt to make the number understandable. But there are numbers which force us to up our game of comparing. In this e...
Science Pie author

A Flutter Of Nerves

Burnout, depression, or whatever you want to call it, seems to be omnipresent these days - but not for the first time in history. As we look back, we feature strange treatments, an exhausted population, what people feared sex had to do with it, the hor...
Science Pie author

A New Caesar

We are really, really excited about our second episode, which will be the first episode for us to tackle the fields of history and literature! During the 1930s, many well-known writers (among lots of other people, of course) had to emigrate from German...
Science Pie author

Knitting the way to the moon

Finally: Our very first episode!Getting to the moon today is a tricky business - it had been an even trickier one in the 1960s, during a time when computers tended to fill whole rooms. This is not a story about all that "First step for mankind" stuff y...
Science Pie author