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Secrets of Successful Minds
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2013-05-11 15:32
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Action Triggers You Already Have Within Your Mind

There are days that we are feeling really lazy and want to do nothing. It is really sad especially if such days last for a week or longer. Such situation prevents you from developing, growing and being engaged. But there is a cure for that. Although yo...

How to Make Your Mind Work for You

In order to make your mind work for you, you need to understand it is similar to a computer. There is no question about it. As every computer it needs an operating system. This OS consists of beliefs about ourselves and values we have. In order to be s...

Personal Development Seminars in UK– Power to Achieve

Power to achieve is one of the best personal development seminars in UK. The event is held by Andy Harrington. He is a leading motivational speaker who shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson and Anthony Robbins. It is a great opportunity to breakthr...

Effective Mindset– The Truth You Need to Know

Effective mindset is a foundation of high quality life. Everyone has an operating system in their brain. It is a set of assumptions and beliefs that lead to certain behaviors. Our past experiences and values shape this framework. However, there is some...

5 Steps to Accomplish Long Term Goals In Your Life

We often hear that everything is possible if we really focus on our long term goals. Our mothers told us our entire life that we can make our dreams come true. On the other hand we have millions of people miserable and unhappy about their lives. Quite ...

Personal Development Exercises– My Top 3

Personal development exercises are great way to improve yourself. While some success strategies or programs may be complex and complicated, exercises are there just for only one purpose; to train your mind and body. Because of this simplicity they are ...

Fighting Procrastination– Strategy for Everyone

In my opinion fighting procrastination is one of the most important things in your personal development. This bad habit of postponing our tasks is really detrimental for your efficiency and performance. It prevents you from achieving your daily goals a...

Why Do You Want to Own Your Own Business?

We were at a party when I was telling my friends about my plans. One of them asked me: “Why do you want to own your own business?”. This question struck me. It was very surprising for me that such question even appeared. Reasons to open a business are ...

Mindset Champions Website open for visitors

Mindset Champions, a brand new website about personal development is now open. You can find here the latest information about events and seminars all over the world; reviews on self help books and other products. Moreover, we will give our own self-dev...