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Listen Tuesdays from 8-9pm PST as Lisa answers questions LIVE on dating, relationships, love, sex, masculine& feminine polarity& everything in between.
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Episode 8: Mixed Up About Moving In& The Rules for Introverts

On tonight's show I share with you some big news about the future of the Live Advice Podcast and answer two questions: Are mixed feelings normal when moving in together?How do I follow The Rules without a busy social life? You can send in your question...
Lisa Maguire author

Episode 7: Balancing life& love, texting men& pleasing an unhappy wife

Tonight I announce the winner of March's free coaching session and answer a couple of question on life/love balance, a question on whether to text men and a question from a husband who's wife says she's unhappy with the marriage.  Tune in every Tuesda...
Lisa Maguire author

Episode 6: Online Dating, Hot n' Cold Men& Dating for the First Time

On tonight's show I answered 4 questions: how to date without making the first move, how to deal with a guy who's hot and cold, how to attract men online who are interested in more than just sex, and how to approach a woman for the first time. Feeling...
Lisa Maguire author

Episode 5: Finding the Courage to Date

On tonight's show we tackled 3 big questions: How to start dating when you're 30 (not 13), How to get the courage to go for the women you really want, Whether it's a good idea to take a dating hiatus.    Tune in every Tuesday Night from 8-9pm PST to ...
Lisa Maguire author

Episode 4: How Commitment Works

The topic of tonight's session is commitment; what it is, what it's not, how to have it and never have to break it. We'll have a little grammar lesson on nouns and verbs, we'll touch on the difference between the feminine and masculine ideas of commitm...
Lisa Maguire author

Episode 3: Relationship Fears

This Tuesday I answer your questions about the scary parts of dating and relationships - fear you aren't good enough, fear of commitment, fear of losing yourself, fear of leaving and everything in between! Tune in every Tuesday Night from 8-9pm PST to...
Lisa Maguire author

Episode 2: Am I too Masculine?

In tonight's show we look at what makes a person masculine or feminine, why many women feel too masculine, whether a woman can actually be too masculine or not feminine enough, and tools for feeling and being more feminine in a masculine oriented cultu...
Lisa Maguire author

Episode 1: The Friendzone

Tonight I spend the session talking about the ins and outs of the friendzone - how to get out and stay out. Inspired by anonymous questions from a thoughtful poster on Quora. Tune in every Tuesday Night from 8-9pm PST to ask your dating & relation...
Lisa Maguire author