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This podcast is comprised of a lecture series on the Public Perception of Science, organized by students from Utrecht University in early 2016. All academic speakers have different disciplinary backgrounds and come from different Dutch universities.Slideshows are provided on De Omslag:

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Voor een onderbouwde revolutie
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Episode 5 — Hans Radder

Chances are that your favourite university has a nice webpage boasting how competitive the university is in the international market. Indeed, education and research are markets. But what has changed when academia became more and more commodified, when ...
Bas Cornelissen author

Episode 4 — Ruud Abma

Science largely rests on the integrity of scientists and that is not always a secure foundation. For some, fraud and plagiarism are an irresitable tempation on your way to fame. In this lecture, Ruud Abma analyses the infamous case of the former psycho...
Bas Cornelissen author

Episode 3 — Trudy Dehue

If science is about facts, then scientist should be clear on their definition of what ‘facts’ are. This is what historian of science Trudy Dehue argues in this lecture.
Bas Cornelissen author

Episode 2 — Frank Miedema

Frank Miedema is one of the initiators of Science in Transition. This movement believes that the scientific system is in need of fundamental reform. So what is wrong with this system called 'science'? How to diagnose its symptoms and what is the cure?
Bas Cornelissen author

Episode 1 — Bas Haring

How can you make complex scientific ideas understandable for the wider public — and for scientists themselves? In this first podcast, we turn to Bas Haring, a professor for the Public Understanding of Science at Leiden University. The crux, it seems, l...
Bas Cornelissen author