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International development experts share their ideas on how wealthy countries can promote prosperity in developing countries.

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International development experts share their ideas on how wealthy countries can promote prosperity in developing countries.
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Sounds Robotic: A CGD Podcast – Carl Benedikt Frey

In this episode of Sounds Robotic, host Charles Kenny talks with Carl Benedikt Frey, co-director of the Program on Technology and Employment at the Oxford Martin School, about his fears that the wage stagnation and rocketing inequality that resulted fr...

How Significant Is Household Headship? with Agnes Quisumbing and Dominique van de Walle

IFPRI's Agnes Quisumbing joins CGD's Dominique van de Walle and Megan O'Donnell to discuss the contexts in which headship is (and isn't) useful, the importance of the circumstances leading to female headship, and how headship can relate to women's prop...

Sounds Robotic: A CGD Podcast – Benno Ndulu

In this episode of Sounds Robotic, host Charles Kenny talks with Benno Ndulu, an academic director of the Pathways for Prosperity Commission on Technology and Inclusive Development, about opportunities presented by new technologies to speed equitable g...

Parenting by the Data with Emily Oster

Cribsheet author and economist Emily Oster on the data behind health recommendations for pregnant women, how to balance children's and parents' needs, and how policymakers can empower parents to make good decisions for their families.  

Prospects for Prosper Africa – CGD Podcast

Landry Signé, Aubrey Hruby, Judd Devermont, and Gyude Moore on their expectations for the new Prosper Africa initiative and the roles that infrastructure, communication, and the US Development Finance Corporation might play in its impact.

Sounds Robotic: A CGD Podcast – Amolo Ngweno

In this episode of Sounds Robotic, host Charles Kenny talks with Amolo Ngweno, CEO and East Africa Regional Director for BFA, about her recent paper on what technological advance might mean for the informal sector. 

Justice for the Displaced? with Canadian Senator Ratna Omidvar

Canadian Senator Ratna Omidvar on how the Frozen Assets Repurposing Act would work, what it could mean for Canada, and why it resonates with her personally.

Sounds Robotic: A CGD Podcast – Bright Simons

In this episode of Sounds Robotic, host Charles Kenny talks with Bright Simons, founder of the mPedigree Network and VP at the IMANI Center for Policy and Education, about the problems with the “leapfrogging” narrative of innovation in frontier markets...

Looking Beyond Aid with Ian Mitchell

CGD's Ian Mitchell on why looking beyond aid is important for development, how the Commitment to Development Index measures and weighs various development factors, and what’s ahead for the Index. 

To Brand or Not to Brand? with Gyude Moore

Gyude Moore, former Minister of Public Works in Liberia and current visiting fellow at CGD, on aid branding, what China does differently, and what innovation could help developing countries save big on infrastructure.

Sounds Robotic: A CGD Podcast – Tom Standage

In this episode of Sounds Robotic, host Charles Kenny talks with Tom Standage, Deputy Editor of the Economist, about the potential upsides of AI and automation as well as the "lump of labor" fallacy as applied to robots.

Sounds Robotic: A CGD Podcast – Shahid Yusuf

In this episode of Sounds Robotic, host Charles Kenny talks with Shahid Yusuf, who argues that the old path to rapid growth—manufacturing export goods—is less and less of an option for poorer countries, and there isn’t a clear new path to replace it.

The Politics of Big Data with Yuen Yuen Ang – Sounds Robotic & CGD Podcast

Yuen Yuen Ang on how to make your data more meaningful, the dangers of big data in cases of oppression, and whether political freedom is really a requirement for technological development.

National Development Banks with Stephany Griffith-Jones

Economist Stephany Griffith-Jones on the role development banks can play in innovation, how they should interact with private actors and governments, and what new institutions can learn from their predecessors.

Sounds Robotic: A CGD Podcast – Susan Liautaud

In this episode of CGD podcast miniseries Sounds Robotic, host Charles Kenny talks with Susan Liautaud about the ethical responsibilities of technology firms in an age of algorithmic control, the weaponization of social media, and the responsibilities ...

The International Development Finance Club with Scott Morris

CGD senior fellow Scott Morris on how the International Development Finance Club institutions could increase their development impact, and, in light of the passage of the BUILD act earlier this year, how the new US Development Finance Corporation can g...

Sounds Robotic: A CGD Podcast – Lant Pritchett

In this episode of new CGD podcast miniseries Sounds Robotic, host Charles Kenny talks with Lant Pritchett about the role of knowledge and technology in economic growth and the problems developing countries face.

Sounds Robotic: A CGD Podcast – Diane Coyle

In this first episode of new CGD podcast miniseries Sounds Robotic, host Charles Kenny talks with Cambridge University’s Diane Coyle about fears of job loss and inequality from advances in robotics and automation, as well as the regional impact of past...

Beyond ID with Anit Mukherjee

Anit Mukherjee on why ID is so important for development, what needs to happen to keep people’s data safe, and what developing countries who are considering implementing new ID systems need to know.

Financing the SDGs with Martin Chrisney

Martin Chrisney, Director of the International Development Assistance Services Institute at KPMG, on why private sector investment is critical to financing the SDGs, how development finance institutions can “blend” together public and private finance, ...

Energy for Growth with Todd Moss

Todd Moss, CGD senior fellow and executive director of the recently-launched Energy for Growth Hub, on why the Hub was created, how big the energy gap is, and why the tradeoff between residential and industrial energy isn’t really a tradeoff at all.

Targeted Development with Sarah Bermeo

Sarah Bermeo, political economist and author of Targeted Development: Industrialized Country Strategy in a Globalizing World, on how rich countries’ motivations for development have evolved, what they mean for developing countries, and where we are now...

How Girls Become Leaders with Joyce Banda

Former president of Malawi Joyce Banda on how leaders are made, the challenges she faced as Malawi's first women president, and how the development community can help African girls reach their full potential. 

A Nation of Immigrants with Denis McDonough

Former White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on the state of US immigration policy, the case for refugee resettlement, and national identity.

Rewriting the Migration Story with Louise Arbour

Louise Arbour, Special Representative for International Migration at the United Nations, on why we need to do better on migration, how international cooperation enhances national sovereignty, and what’s at stake in the ongoing negotiations for the Glob...

Lessons from Liberia with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former President of Liberia and Africa’s first elected female president, on the impact of private sector investment, the urgency of action on climate change, and the resilience of developing countries.

The Anti-"Sausagefest" Episode with Alice Evans

King's College London lecturer Alice Evans on how social change happens, the consequences of male bias for developing countries, and the larger takeaways of the "#sausagefest" incident for development experts. 

Plan B for Development – World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim

World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim on robots in the workplace, multilateral cooperation, and the development potential of blockchain. 

Canada's Bold Commitment to Women's Empowerment – Marie-Claude Bibeau

Marie-Claude Bibeau, Canadian Minister of International Development and La Francophonie, on Canada's new feminist international assistance policy, the need for psychosocial support for refugees, and the links between family planning and development.

Invest in Girls’ Futures – DFID Chief Economist Rachel Glennerster

DFID's new chief economist Rachel Glennerster on her goals for the organization, how to help girls stay in school, and why even low price barriers can pose big problems for takeup of health interventions.

Looking Forward: Development in 2018

What's going to happen in the world of development in 2018? Will we finally understand how to deal equitably with refugees and migrants? Or how technological progress can work for developing countries? Or what the impact of year two of the Trump Admini...

What Now for Zimbabwe? – Todd Moss

History was made in Zimbabwe this week as Robert Mugabe finally agreed to resign the presidency after almost four decades in power. How the country will be governed by new leadership is still very much unknown—yet it is not too early for the internatio...

What Can India's Biometric ID System Do for Development? – Aadhaar Architect Nandan Nilekani

India's biometric ID system Aadhaar has provided over a billion people with digital IDs, and changed how the country's government provides services and subsidies. But opponents of the system say that Aadhaar erodes people’s privacy. Nandan Nilekani, th...

The Humanitarian System Needs Development Partners – the UN’s Mark Lowcock

More than 65 million people are forcibly displaced, for on average about ten years. That's the scale of the problem facing Mark Lowcock, the new UN Emergency Relief Coordinator and Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs. This is not only a sh...

Can Manufacturing Kickstart Growth in Africa? – Vijaya Ramachandran

  China has long been the factory of the world. But as wages there rise, manufacturers are looking to other countries and regions. Meanwhile, African countries have a huge and burgeoning population of young people looking for jobs. So now many wonder—c...

Sounding the Alarm on the Rohingya Crisis — Eric Schwartz and Jeremy Konyndyk

Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have fled Myanmar for Bangladesh in a matter of weeks. The UN has called the situation “a textbook example of ethnic cleansing.” What can the international community, and especially the US, do about it? Refugees Intern...

Stolen Futures – Save the Children’s Helle Thorning-Schmidt

3.5 million children around the world are refugees, many with little or no access to schooling. That means we won’t come anywhere near our targets for the fourth Sustainable Development Goal—quality education for all—unless we can address the refugee c...

How Businesses Could Help Solve the Refugee Crisis – Cindy Huang

Businesses have unique opportunities to help refugees and improve their bottom line at the same time, says CGD senior policy fellow Cindy Huang. All they need is the right policy framework. Get the highlights from Huang’s latest report, “Global Busines...

Where Does Your Country Rank on Development? – CDI podcast with Ian Mitchell and Anita Käppeli

How well do your country's policies make a positive difference for people in developing nations? That’s the question CGD seeks to answer each year in our Commitment to Development Index (CDI). The team behind the CDI, deputy director of CGD Europe Ian ...

The Case for IFAD – New President Gilbert Houngbo

Recently the UN warned that 20 million people are facing famine in four countries. How can the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) help? Gilbert Houngbo, former Prime Minister of Togo and new IFAD president, joins the CGD podcast to ...

Mexicans, Cubans, Indians—and the Impacts of Immigrants on US Wages – Michael Clemens and Gaurav Khanna

CGD experts Michael Clemens and Gaurav Khanna look at high- and low-skilled workers from three countries across several decades. Different studies, different perspectives—but all pointing at the same thing: immigrants have an overwhelmingly net positiv...

Addressing the World’s Most Pressing Economic Challenges – IMF's Christine Lagarde

What are the economic, political, and technological risks to future global growth and stability? This complex question was the topic of a recent conversation between IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde and CGD's president Masood Ahmed. This week's ...

The Future of Family Planning – Rachel Silverman

At a recent conference, donors promised generous funding for family planning services in developing countries. At the same time, however, future support from the US is in doubt, and progress towards the FP2020 family planning goals has been extremely l...

Global Agriculture and the American Farmer – CGD Author Kim Elliott

The US agricultural sector is critical to global food security, but many of the policies that currently govern it negatively impact people around the world. In a new book, CGD visiting fellow Kim Elliott argues for practical policy reforms in three are...

Results, Not Receipts: Tackling Corruption in Development – Charles Kenny

What impact does corruption have on development, and what’s the best way to stamp it out? In a new book called "Results, Not Receipts," CGD senior fellow Charles Kenny offers a way to strengthen the case for aid and reduce corruption at the same time: ...

Jordan’s Compact Approach to the Syrian Refugee Influx: What the World Can Learn – Minister Imad Fakhoury and Cindy Huang

As we mark World Refugee Day, it is increasingly clear that there is a desperate need to fill the gap between short-term humanitarian response and long-term development need. Jordan's Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Imad Fakhoury and...

What Now for Paris, the Climate, and the Trump Administration? – Scott Morris and Jonah Busch

President Trump’s recent decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate agreement—what does it mean for the agreement? For the climate? And for the US? CGD senior fellows Scott Morris, director of CGD’s US Development Policy Initiative, an...

Three Lessons for G7 Leaders on Refugees – IRC's David Miliband

The location for this year's G7 Summit, in the Sicilian coastal city of Taormina, is a reminder that Italy's shores are a frontline for refugees making the perilous journey across the Mediterranean from North Africa and the Middle East. For the summit ...

Are We Ready for the Next Pandemic?

Consider this statement: Science knows how to deal with a pandemic outbreak, but policy gets in the way. That was how we framed a recent event at CGD with key people who led the US government’s response to the Ebola outbreak in 2014. Drawing from that ...

A Vision for Africa's Future – Podcast with African Development Bank President Akinwumi Adesina

The African Development Bank recently turned 50. In that time it's made more than 4,000 grants and loans, totaling more than $71 billion. So what might its next half-century look like? Bank President Dr. Akinwumi Adesina joins me on this week's podcast...