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Dr. Sarah Bond and Dr. Kristina Killgrove bring you the latest in interdisciplinary articles in ancient studies.

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A blogcast of academic articles and reviews on interdisciplinary subjects within classical antiquity.
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Miriam Kolar, "Tuned to the Senses: An Archaeoacoustic Perspective on Ancient Chavín"

I have been interested in sensory history for a long time now, so the chance to read aloud this article by Miriam Kolar on the archaeoacoustics of Chavin de Huantar, a UNESCO site in the Peruvian Andes, is exciting. In the article, the interplay betwee...
Sarah Bond and Kristina Killgrove author

Tony Freeth and Alexander Jones, "The Cosmos in the Antikythera Mechanism," ISAW Papers 4 (2012).

"Abstract: The Antikythera Mechanism is a fragmentarily preserved Hellenistic astronomical machine with bronze gearwheels, made about the second century B.C. In 2005, new data were gathered leading to considerably enhanced knowledge of its functions an...
Sarah Bond and Kristina Killgrove author

John N. N. Hopkins, "The Cloaca Maxima and the Monumental Manipulation of Water in Archaic Rome"

Area of the Cloaca Maxima later repaired under Domitian.This week we dive into the major sewer of Rome, the Cloaca Maxima, and attempt to dispel some preconceived notions surrounding it---namely that it always served as Rome's sewer. An article by John...
Sarah Bond and Kristina Killgrove author

Killgrove& Tykot 2013 - Food for Rome

Detail of a snail-and-fruit basket from a 4th centurymosaic in Basilica Patriarcale in Aquileia. (wikimedia commons)Kristina finally jumps in to read her own article, Food for Rome, on the podcast thanks to permission from the journal publisher, Elsevi...
Sarah Bond and Kristina Killgrove author

N. Mureddu (2013) ‘‘Ad omnia quae uelit incredibilis’: An Overview of Ancient Magic from the Roman Context to its Late Antique Perspective and Models’

Hematite magic scarab gem with a"uroborus" serpent. Protective gem.(1st century CE, Roman Egypt)Today we delve into the world of magic! Nicola Mureddu discusses first Roman and then early Christian perceptions of magic in this article, and delves into ...
Sarah Bond and Kristina Killgrove author

Simona Minozzi, et al., Gout and Dwarfism: Two Bioarchaeological Articles on Imperial Romans

In this episode, Sarah reads two open-access palaeopathology articles.Simona Minozzi, Federica Bianchi, Walter Pantano, Paola Catalano, Davide Caramella and Gino Fornaciari, (2013) "A Case of Gout from Imperial Rome (1st-2nd century AD)." J Clin Res Bi...
Sarah Bond and Kristina Killgrove author

Elton Barker, et al. "Mapping an ancient historian in a digital age: the Herodotus Encoded Space-Text-Image Archive (HESTIA)"

This podcast ventures into the exciting realm of digital humanities by taking a look at the aims and methods of theHESTIA Project! We will readElton Barker (Principal Investigator),Stefan Bouzarovski(Co-Investigator),Chris Pelling(Co-Investigator) andL...
Sarah Bond and Kristina Killgrove author

David Rohrbacher, "The Sources of the Historia Augusta Reexamined"

David Rohrbacher (NCF) is a prominent scholar of late antique historiography. In this important article, he weighs in on the sources of the (in)famous Historia Augusta. If you like this article, I would try his excellent book,Historians of Late Antiqui...
Sarah Bond and Kristina Killgrove author

Theodora, Aetius of Amida, and Procopius: Some Possible Connections

In this episode, Sarah Bond reads:Scarborough, John. 2013.Theodora, Aetius of Amida, and Procopius: Some Possible Connections. 53 (2013) 742–762.Greek, Roman, and Byzantine StudiesLink to article: to...
Sarah Bond and Kristina Killgrove author

Linda Jones Hall, "Clyde Pharr, the Women of Vanderbilt, and the Wyoming Judge: The Story Behind the Translation of the Theodosian Code in Mid-Century America" RLT 8 (2012), 1-42.

Few who work with theTheodosian Codeare unfamiliar with Clyde Pharr's (Vanderbilt University) massive 1952 translation (Princeton University Press) of the legal work. Prof. Linda Jones Hallwrites eloquently about the women--in particular Dr. Theresa Da...
Sarah Bond and Kristina Killgrove author

Welcome to the Ancient Studies Articles podcast!

This is a podcast of audio versions of ancient studies journal articles and book reviews. Conceived bySarah Bond, an ancient historian at Marquette University, andKristina Killgrove, a bioarchaeologist at the University of West Florida, this podcast wi...
Sarah Bond and Kristina Killgrove author