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Alive and Well STL is an effort focused on reducing the impact of toxic stress and trauma on our health and wellbeing. The Alive and Well STL radio show, hosted by Bethany Johnson-Javois, CEO of the St. Louis Integrated Health Network, helps community members become trauma informed and emotionally and physically well. The personal stories from community members and public health leaders reveal St. Louis health realities, disparities, and opportunities. It's great to be alive! Be "Alive and Well STL" More at

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Alive and Well STL is an effort focused on reducing the impact of toxic stress and trauma on our health and wellbeing. The Alive and Well STL radio show, hosted by Bethany Johnson-Javois, CEO of the St. Louis Integrated Health Network, helps community members become trauma informed and emotionally and physically well. The personal stories from community members and public health leaders reveal St. Louis health realities, disparities, and opportunities. It's great to be alive! Be "Alive and Well STL" More at
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Community Trauma and Racial Equity

RareGem Productions author

When Helping Hurts...1st Responders and Vicarious Trauma

When Helping Hurts... Trauma effects you, me and our first responders. How do they cope to be Alive and Well? Jade Harrell with Sgt. Sally Panzer and April Casey who know first-hand what it's like to be on the front lines.
RareGem Productions author

Alive and Well STL Ambassadors in Healthcare

Person-centered care is a shift in the way of thinking and doing things in healthcare that sees the patients as partners to make sure the services meet their needs. Add in a trauma-informed and trained staff and the possibilities are outstanding. Dr. ...
RareGem Productions author

068-Alive and Well STL Ambassadors in the Classroom

As occupational therapists, Denise and Carrie have years of formal training and experience with children and trauma. They signed on to be ambassadors with Alive and Well STL and found that the training not only complimented their existing body of knowl...
RareGem Productions author


Meet the Ambassadors!!! Robert White, III, Youth Programs Worker and trained AWSTL ambassador Elle Potter, Founder and Instructor, Yoga Buzz Alive and Well STL is recruiting ambassadors to serve as experts in, and liaisons to, the community to furth...
RareGem Productions author

Toxic Stress and Chronic Disease with Ms. Anonymous

According to the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, a chronic disease is one lasting 3 months or more. By definition, chronic diseases generally cannot be prevented by vaccines or cured by medication, nor do they just disappear. So how can yo...
RareGem Productions author

The Toxic Stress, Toxic Thoughts and the Toxic World of American Teens

Alive and Well STL enters the complicated world and minds of our teens with call-in talk show host Sean Mulroney. Through his tumultuous and challenging childhood he became an advocate and place of comfort to thousands of American teens. They talk to h...
RareGem Productions author

Smiling while crying inside. Meet Greg aka MR BIGG.

Meet Greg Kenner. Also known as Mr. Bigg. Clever, funny, dedicated and determined. A father and husband living a dual existence. On the outside, he's the happiest guy in the world. Inside he's burried under the stress and anguish of something painfu...
RareGem Productions author

Joni Overcame Self-Mutilation, State Hospital and Near Death to Be Alive and Well

Meet Joni. After spending 20 years in the state hospital, she overcame the control that the voices in her head seemed to have over her. She nearly died trying to punish herself through self-mutilation. With help, treatment, support from friends, praye...
RareGem Productions author


Meet Evelyn and Gladys. Doctors, friends and wellness advocates. They come to the conversation with decades of experience, involvement and commitment. They found a renewed connection to Alive and Well through realizing the Mind, Body, Spirit and Comm...
RareGem Productions author


Meet Ronald. In the prime of his life lost his eyesight in an unsuspecting accident on a basketball court. His story of resilience and determination helps us find pathways to Alive and Well when it may seem out of view. His message for us is powerfu...
RareGem Productions author

Sometimes you gotta fight to be Alive and Well. Meet Montrice Williams

Meet mother, author, triumphant victor over childhood challenges, career and educational obstacles, even a 100 pound weight loss journey. She discovered a mindset, strategies, resilience and an all out resolve to be Alive and Well. Be inspired, encou...
RareGem Productions author

REPRIEVE! A Spiritual Wellness Oasis for Women

Jade Harrell with Culeta Hendricks, the founder and president of Reprieve: A Spiritual Wellness Center for Women. Reprieve is a newly established non-profit organization that seeks to provide women of all walks of life a spiritual haven where they can ...
RareGem Productions author

Help, Love and Support for the Caregivers

Producer, Jade Harrell with Lisa Baron, Founder and Executive Director and Jill Cigliana, Program Director of Memory Care Home Solutions with Chuck Jahneke, volunteer and board member.
RareGem Productions author

Leadership from Public Health Share Truth, Hope and Opportunity for Community Wellness

Bethany with Dr. Faisal Khan, Director of the St. Louis County Department of Health and Melba R. Moore, MS, CPHA Acting Director/Commissioner of Health for the City of St. Louis. A frank and powerful conversation that reveals the challenges, the polit...
RareGem Productions author

Dr. Donald M. Suggs, St. Louis American - part 2

Bethany continues intimate conversation with St. Louis American publisher and editor, Dr. Donald M. Suggs (part 2 of 2)
RareGem Productions author

Dr. Donald M. Suggs, St. Louis American - part 1

Bethany with St. Louis American publisher and editor, Dr. Donald M. Suggs (part 1 of 2)
RareGem Productions author

Mary Beth and Jennie for the mothers and babies they serve.

Alive and Well Producers Meeting - Maribeth Hollinshead Jennie Oberkrome Mary Beth Hollinshead, Program Director and Nurse Navigator with Strong Start for Mothers and Newborns with Jennie Oberkrom, MSW, LCSW Prenatal Care Coordinator, Strong Start fo...
RareGem Productions author


20 yo REGGIE and 11 yo NADIA hold vastly different AWSTL perspectives. Both feel the toxicity of racism.
RareGem Productions author

Community Producers-Dr. Mary Hastings and Kaylynn

RareGem Productions author

Stacy and Heather's Story-Community Producers

Meet Stacy and Heather
RareGem Productions author

Bridging Faith to Mental Wellness

Producer, Jade Harrell sitting in for Bethany in the studio with Reverend Rice, Pastor of New Horizon Christian Church and founding member of the Bridges to Care and Recovery program, along with Rose Jackson-Beavers, Community Connector Project Manager...
RareGem Productions author

Law Enforcement, Intervention and Compassion

Producer Jade Harrell (sitting in for Bethany Johnson-Javois) with Pat McGonigle, anchor for KSDK Channel 5 and Sergeant Sally Panzer from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Through their work, as well as their life experiences, they have a ...
RareGem Productions author

Orvin Kimbrough, United Way

Orvin Kimbrough, President and CEO of the United Way of Greater St. Louis, works to provide resources to those most in need in our community. He emphasizes the importance of fostering good coping skills in children and fostering a connection between pe...
RareGem Productions author

Support for Families of Mental Health

Joyce Johnston and Sandra Hartge of the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) of St. Louis speak about the trauma a mental illness diagnosis can have on an entire family and the chronic worry that may result. They emphasize self-care for family me...
RareGem Productions author

The Incredible Dr. Huldah Blamoville

Pediatrician and activist Dr. Huldah Blamoville seeks to get parents involved in their children's lives in order to help young people be active and productive in their community. She shares her worldwide experiences and her outlook for children, parent...
RareGem Productions author

A Place to Recover and Call Home

Tricia Rolan-Hamilton and Celeste Smith of the Magdalene House founded a home where women who have suffered serious trauma can recover in a safe and supportive community. They provide education, job training, and love so that women graduate after two y...
RareGem Productions author

HIV Testing and Knowing Your Status

African Americans have been disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS, and this disparity has grown deeper over time. Angela Clabon, CEO of Myrtle Davis Hilliard Comprehensive Health Centers, and Dale Wrigley, Director of Engagement& Advocacy with Sa...
RareGem Productions author

The Trauma of Racism

Dr. Kira Banks, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Saint Louis University, examines how to dismantle racism and, in the meantime, how to help people who are experiencing it cope with it and avoid its negative effects. She speaks about the effects of ...
RareGem Productions author

Evening With Elders Frankie Muse Freeman

Frankie Muse Freeman, age 98, shares her story of civil rights activism and how she became a lawyer in a deeply segregated society. She was a key part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and helped enact progress through the Civil Rights Commission.
RareGem Productions author

Evening With Our Elders-Sister Ebo pt 1

Sister Mary Antona Ebo speaks about her inspiration for civil rights activism and reflects on the meaning of her walk in Selma 50 years ago. She stresses the importance of daily prayer and bringing God into our homes and hearts.
RareGem Productions author

Theraputic Horticulture in Your Garden

Rachel Deffenbaugh, Urban Farm Manager at Gateway Greening, and Connie Fisher, Director of Mental Health Promotion at Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri, discuss how gardening can be integrated into self-care. They share how a garden can be a pl...
RareGem Productions author

The Trauma of Infant Loss

The loss of a child is considered one of the most traumatic experiences, regardless of a child’s age. Debbie Cochran, Executive Director of Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, and Teresa Brassfield, Registered Nurse and Share Coordinator at DePaul...
RareGem Productions author

AWSTL is Going Beyond w Chris Krehmeyer

Chris Krehmeyer, President and CEO of Beyond Housing and host of the local weekly talk show, “Going Beyond,” shares what makes up a resilient community and what you can do to make your neighborhood stronger, more resilient and more trauma-informed. He ...
RareGem Productions author

Ambassadors of Alive and Well STL 4 of 4

Alive and Well STL ambassadors speak about how trauma and toxic stress affect us emotionally and physically. They discuss a case study of a 51-year-old man who has been to the Emergency Room four times in the last two months because of chest pain. He h...
RareGem Productions author

Ambassadors of Alive and Well STL 3 of 4

Alive and Well STL ambassadors share how they became involved and why they share the message. They also analyze a case study about a man leaving prison and re-entering the community after serving 2 years. The ambassadors evaluate the options to help hi...
RareGem Productions author

Alive and Well Ambassadors Case 2 of 4

At an event for Alive and Well STL ambassadors Jennifer Brinkmann of the Regional Health Commission encourages community members to engage by visiting Rosetta Keeton, also RHC staff, discusses assumptions and why we should let peop...
RareGem Productions author

Get Alive and Well with Health Coverage

Dr. Johnetta Craig, Chief Medical Officer at Family Care Health Centers, and Rosetta Keeton, Patient Access Consultant at the St. Louis Regional Health Commission and also a long-time patient of Dr. Craig’s, speak about the confidence and wellbeing tha...
RareGem Productions author

Ambassadors of Alive and Well STL 1 of 4

Our host Bethany Johnson-Javois in on site at the first Alive and Well STL Ambassador Open House. Ambassadors Erin and Danny present the Bonfyre app, through which community members can have conversations about trauma and its effects. Other ambassadors...
RareGem Productions author

Mental Health Resilience Resolutions pt2

Connie Fisher, Director of Mental Health Promotion at Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri, and Riisa Easley, Project Director at St. Louis Regional System of Care, give advice for moving past negativity and gaining and sharing hope. They recommen...
RareGem Productions author

Mental Health Resilience Resolutions pt1

Connie Fisher, Director of Mental Health Promotion at Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri, and Riisa Easley, Project Director at St. Louis Regional System of Care, recommend small steps for achieving wellness in all areas of our lives. They share...
RareGem Productions author

A Trauma Informed and Responsive Region

Robin Saenger, Founding Director of Peace4Tarpon, a trauma-informed community movement in Tarpon Springs, Florida, and Marsha Morgan, Chief Operating Officer of Truman Medical Center Behavioral Health in Kansas City and partner of Trauma Matters KC, a ...
RareGem Productions author

Recovering From Trauma

Serena Muhammad, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the St. Louis Mental Health Board, and Toni Jordan, Peer Specialist at Queen of Peace, help trauma survivors recover through empowerment and aid them in living a fulfilling life. They encourage all ...
RareGem Productions author

Health Within the GLBT Community

Sherrill Wayland, Executive Director of SAGE (Service& Advocacy for GLBT Elders) Metro St. Louis and Andrew Shaughnessy, Manager of Public Policy of PROMO, work to eliminate the health disparity gap between GLBT people and the general population. T...
RareGem Productions author

Children Overcoming Trauma

Nancy Spargo, CEO and Co-founder of the St. Louis Center for Family Development, and Emily Phillips, Mental Health Professional for the St. Louis Center for Family Development, speak about how adults can help children recover from a traumatic experienc...
RareGem Productions author

Hope In Spite of Homicide Larry Bastain

Larry Bastain lost his nephew to a brutal homicide, yet remains hopeful through the hurt and trauma his family is facing. He found that forgiveness can be not only freeing, but also an integral part of healing. Hear why retaliation, though he considere...
RareGem Productions author

How Homicide Hits Home Is Trauma

Dorothy Burgess attends weekly grief meetings put on by the Demetrius Johnson Charitable Foundation, which help her and other loved ones of homicide victims cope with loss. She expresses the way homicide has changed her life and the daily pain she face...
RareGem Productions author

Responding To Loss and Grief of Homicide

Major Ronnie Robinson of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and Demetrius Johnson started a weekly grief meeting for loved ones of homicide victims. Robinson encourages law enforcement to use outreach, intervention, and enforcement to reduce ...
RareGem Productions author

How Democracy Impacts Your Health pt2

"Our perceived lack of empowerment may have a negative impact on our health." Dr. Vetta Sanders Thompson, Professor at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work, talks about how class and race matter in St. Louis. She encourages community members t...
RareGem Productions author

How Democracy Impacts Our Health Part 1

We know that those who experience persistent, toxic stress or traumatic, adverse events are less likely to achieve good health. Dr. Terry Jones, Founder’s Professor for Political Science at University of Missouri-St. Louis, discusses how historical di...
RareGem Productions author