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Public health--protecting and improving the health of communities--is often misunderstood. Teagan Keating clarifies what public health is and how it works by talking with the people who make it happen.

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Public health practice, one conversation at a time
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#33 – Why are rural labor and delivery departments closing?

Why do women in Alabama have to drive so far to deliver their babies? I explore this question this week on Action Phase. Thanks to Lisa Bromberg for suggesting this topic! Never miss an episode! Subscribe on iTunes. Or simply listen to it here. https:/...
Teagan Keating author

#32 – What is Codependency? – Action Phase Podcast

Aaaaaand we’re back! In honor of Codependency Awareness Month, I ask and answer the question “What is codependency?” With its roots in the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous, the term caught on and is commonly used now. However, it might mean something a...
Teagan Keating author

#31 – Maiken Scott at Philly Pod Fest! – Action Phase Podcast

The first ever live recording of Action Phase happened during the Second Annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival! I was joined by Maiken Scott to talk about how someone who had no interest in health or science became the host of WHYY’s health, science, an...
Teagan Keating author

#31 – Rewind: Jim Buehler – Action Phase Podcast

In honor of his new position as Health Commissioner for the City of Philadelphia, this week I bring you the very first Rewind episode featuring the wonderful Dr. Jim Buehler. He was my professor at Drexel, a former bigwig at CDC, and one of the very fi...
Teagan Keating author

#30 – Ryan Kuck – Action Phase Podcast

I talk with the founder of the Fresh Food Hub, Ryan Kuck, about the transformation of his West Philadelphia neighborhood. Sorry everyone, I left my recording equipment back in Philly and I’m in Maryland for the week, so there’s no intro or outro on thi...
Teagan Keating author

#29 – What can I do to help in Ferguson? – Action Phase Podcast

After catching you up on post-graduation life, I jump right into the question “What can I do to help in Ferguson?” Mostly I’m concerned about the trauma that Ferguson residents are experiencing and wonder how St. Louis and Missouri are going to address...
Teagan Keating author

#28 – Teagan Goes Vegan Conclusion – Action Phase Podcast

      So, the month of “Teagan Goes Vegan” has come to a close. In this episode, I talk about the experience: what I ate, what I missed, how my friends reacted. And I reveal whether I will be staying vegan or not! Action Phase is on iTunes. Subscribe s...
Teagan Keating author