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This is the English-only version of Zapp! English Listening. Learn *Real English* with Zapp! English Listening classes! This free audio podcast by contains audio classes based entirely on real unscripted English conversations with native speakers. Each podcast comes with an accompanying eBook (containing a full transcript of the audio class and additional materials) which you can download at

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This is the English Only Version of Zapp! English Listening. Learn *Real English* with Zapp! English Listening classes! This free audio podcast by contains English audio classes based entirely on real unscripted English conversations with native speakers. Each podcast comes with an accompanying ebook (containing a full transcript of the class and additional materials) which you can download at
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Professions and Kinds of People - Zapp English Listening 2.17

In this English listening lesson, you'll hear from five different people with both American and British accents taking about professions and kinds of people. People have jobs, but they also have roles in life. Maybe you're an office worker but you're a...

Food - Zapp English Listening 2.16

Everybody has an opinion on food! Which is the best food in the world? How was your meal last night? These are all common discussions and in this audio podcast you'll practise listening to similar English discussions and hear lots of common English foo...

Money - Zapp English Listening 2.15

Download the e-book at Money is a topic we think about and talk about every day. There’s even a saying in English "Money makes the world go round" (Money makes the world go round). In this audio podcast, you'll get better at und...

Time - Zapp English Listening 2.14

Get the eBook at Are you ever late? Are you always on time? In this audio podcast you can see how you compare to our native English speakers. You'll also develop your English listening skills as you hear about different people's...

Around the Home - Zapp English Listening 2.13

Dream homes, and different houses/homes around the world are just two of the things you'll hear people discussing in this listening podcast. It's a great opportunity to get better at listening to natural English speech as well as reminding yourself of ...

Computers - Zapp English Listening 2.12

Do you ever have a day when you don't use computers? We certainly don't whilst making all these podcasts for you :-) ! Love them or hate them, we spend a lot of time talking about computers, so it's important to understand conversations about them. In ...

Things in the House - Zapp English Listening 2.11

Houses and apartments and the things inside them can be very different. Compare where you live and the things in your rooms to those of our six different English speakers. By the end of this audio podcast you'll be better at understanding descriptions ...

Describing Things - Zapp English Listening 2.10

Describing things is an important part of everyday life. What possessions do you own? What would you like to have? We talk about these things a lot and in this audio class you'll get better at understanding these English conversations as people describ...

Describing Appearance - Zapp English Listening 2.9

Do you think you can guess what somebody looks like from the sound of their voice? In this English podcast you can try! We have eight different speakers for you, with Canadian, English and American accents. You'll practise getting general and detailed ...

Education and Learning - Zapp English Listening 2.8

Get the ebook at Practise listening to both natural English conversations and monologues in this listening podcast about education and learning. We can all remember our school days and maybe some of the teachers we had. Compare ...

In Town - Zapp English Listening 2.7

In this English listening podcast you're going to listen to a variety of native English speakers from the UK as they describe towns & cities they know, and how they imagine the perfect town. You'll study and revise English words and phrases we use ...

City Life - Zapp English Listening 2.6

In this audio/MP3 podcast, you'll be developing your ability to listen to natural speech and spontaneous English conversations, and you'll also learn about cities around the world. Have you been to Beijing? Barcelona? Paris? Bangkok? You'll hear eight ...

DANGER - Zapp English Listening 2.5

DANGER!! Do you know what to do if there's an earthquake? Have you ever been in a dangerous situation? In this listening skills audio lesson you'll hear real and unscripted conversations that answer these questions and more. You'll hear four different ...

Friends and Family - Zapp English Listening 2.4

Download the e-book at In this English listening skills podcast you'll practise listening to real conversations about friends and family. There are eight different speakers in this audio lesson and you'll hear accents from North...

Describing People - Zapp English Listening 2.3

In this real English audio class about describing people you have the chance to take a personality test, as well as hearing what different people think are good characteristics and bad characteristics (of people's characters). We'll hear what makes a g...

Living with People - Zapp English Listening 2.2

Who do you live with? Do you know your neighbours? Are your flatmates clean and tidy? Practise your listening in this audio podcast as they answer questions like these about living with people. You'll hear four people with different British accents and...

Jobs and Work - Zapp English Listening 2.1 (LEVEL 2)

New Level 2 (Intermediate) Series! In this English listening audio class you're going to practise listening to natural English on the topic of work and employment. Careers are important in most people's lives; we either have one or want one, so underst...

Numbers and Amounts - Zapp English Listening 3.32

Download the English conversation transcript at In this English listening unit, you're going to work on picking out specific information relating to numbers, facts and figures. Tom plays a guessing game – can you do better than he does...

The Environment - Zapp English Listening 3.31

How green are you? This is a useful English listening in today's environment conscious world. Practise your listening skills while comparing your green credentials to our speakers. You will also pick up and review ways to talk about the environment and...

Shopping - Zapp English Listening 3.30

Do you shop locally or buy from a huge supermarket? What was the last thing you bought? You'll develop your listening skills on topics like these in this unit. You'll hear recordings including individuals as well as discussions between three different ...

Advertising - Zapp English Listening 3.29

Download the conversation transcript at Practise listening to English for both gist and detail in this unit, as people describe adverts that they found memorable. There's also a discussion about the positives and negatives of advertisi...

Holidays (Vacations) - Zapp English Listening 3.28

In this listening unit, you'll hear people talking about things related to holidays (USA: vacations). You'll hear descriptions of family trips, of ideal holidays and the kind of holidays people hate. You'll practise following an English conversation wi...

Wonders of the world - Zapp English Listening 3.27

Amazing places to see before you die! In this listening unit, you'll find out how much you know about the wonders of the world and hear people recommending the most amazing places on the planet. You're going to practise listening for gist and detail, a...

Cooking and recipes - Zapp English Listening 3.26

Download the transcript at In this unit you'll develop your ability to listen to lists, descriptions and instructions, as a variety of speakers talk about their favourite recipes as well as cooking in general. This is also a good oppor...

Memory - Zapp English Listening 3.25

In this unit, you'll practise listening to longer natural English conversations and develop your ability to follow a narrative. You'll hear people talking about how good or bad their memories are, what they forget and how they try to remember. You'll a...

Honesty and lying - Zapp English Listening 3.24

How honest are you? Do you ever lie? We found out the answer to these questions with several of our speakers. You'll hear people describing what they would do in a variety of situations that test honesty. The tasks in this unit encourage you to practis...

Controversial Issues - Zapp English Listening 3.23

Contains some adult themes. In this unit you're really going to develop your ability to understand opinions. You'll follow a fast and natural discussion about controversial topics such as nudity, swearing, sex before marriage and homosexuality. Downloa...

News - Zapp English Listening 3.22

How do you get your news? Do you care about the news? You'll practise your English listening through answers to these questions and more. You'll also be able to brush up on your vocabulary around the topic of news and get some interesting cultural insi...

Movies and cinema - Zapp English Listening 3.21

A variety of speakers talk about movies (films). Through tasks such as guessing which movie is being described, you'll practise listening for gist and detail. You'll also be exposed to plenty of the vocabulary used to describe movies and opinions of th...

Crime and Punishment - Zapp English Listening 3.20

Attitudes to crime and punishment differ around the world. In this unit you'll practise listening to people talking about their personal experiences of crime as well as their opinions on punishment. You'll develop your ability to follow a narrative and...

Age and life stages - Zapp English Listening 3.19

In this unit you'll develop your English listening skills around the topic of age. You'll practise listening to opinions as well as getting general and detailed information, while people discuss their attitudes to age and getting older. You'll also be ...

Alcohol and drinking - Zapp English Listening 3.18

Download the eBook and transcription at People from the UK are famous around the world for their drinking. But is this reputation well deserved? You'll find out, as you use your general and detailed listening skills in a variety of loc...

Chance and probability - Zapp English Listening 3.17

Have you ever wondered how likely it is that you'll be struck by lightning? In this unit, you'll be using your listening skills to find out. You'll develop your ability to get both general and detailed information from natural speech, while looking at ...

Superstitions - Zapp English Listening 3.16

Do you believe in superstitions? In this English listening unit you'll find out if our native speakers do, as well as discovering some common British superstitions. This is a natural conversation, split into three parts and contains lots of the feature...

Love and marriage - Zapp English Listening 3.15

Practise your English listening following natural discussions and learn to understand opinions on the subject of love, marriage and relationships. You'll get an insight into British culture in regard to these issues as well as finding out about interne...

Health and Fitness - Zapp English Listening 3.14

Real English conversations - Practise listening to people talking about their fitness regimes and whether they consider themselves to be fit and healthy. Topics include yoga, diet and marathons. We'll also hear from people who are more like 'couch pota...

Problems and difficulties - Zapp English Listening 3.13

In this listening unit you'll listen to people comparing and contrasting difficult situations like moving house, breaking up with a partner and learning to drive.  You'll develop your English listening skills in relation to working out opinions, and pr...

The Senses - Zapp English Listening 3.12

In this unit you'll develop your English listening skills around the topic of the five senses.  Several English speakers will talk about the importance of each of our senses and describe the way they use touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell in their ...

Discussing life changes - Zapp English Listening 3.11

Download the eBook at Listen to people talk about what has changed in their lives over the past five years. You will practise pulling out the key points, spotting differences between recordings and noticing details. A variety of speake...

Rules and Obligations - Zapp English Listening 3.10

In this English listening unit we find out about people's attitudes to rules. You'll develop your ability to listen to monologues and conversations as well as reminding yourself of the language used to talk about obligation and permission. You'll hear ...

Globalisation - Zapp English Listening 3.9

In this English listening people discuss their attitudes to globalisation (USA: Globalization) and its effect on issues as varied as food, music and fair trade. You'll develop your ability to listen to opinions and discussions through a variety of spea...

The Future - Zapp English Listening 3.8

Who knows what's going to happen in the future? In this English listening unit our speakers make predictions about the future in the areas of medicine, communication, food, transport and marriage. As you listen to see if you agree, you'll develop your ...

Entertainment - Zapp English Listening 3.7

Improve your listening skills by listening to natural conversations about entertainment and how people spend their free time. You'll hear a variety of speakers describe their hobbies and how they entertain themselves, as well as discussions on TV and t...

Humour - Zapp English Listening 3.6

Download transcription at Have you ever wondered what different nationalities find funny? In this unit you can compare your sense of humour to that of people from Britain and America. You'll practise listening for overall understanding...

Culture - Zapp English Listening 3.5

An English listening all about Culture. In this unit you're going to develop your listening skills whilst finding out what some of the biggest and most interesting differences between cultures are, from people who have lived and worked in foreign count...

Travel - Zapp English Listening 3.4

What are some of the amazing things that can happen to people as they explore the world? In this unit you'll develop your listening skills via anecdotes of travel in places far and wide. You'll practise listening for gist and detail as you hear about t...

Incidents and accidents - Zapp English Listening 3.3

In this unit we're going to listen to recordings about times when things went wrong. You're going to practise listening for the main ideas and detailed information around the topic of incidents and accidents. You'll hear all kinds of stories about how ...

Children - Zapp English Listening 3.2

Download the eBook at Do you have children? Do you want children? In this unit you're going to practise listening to people answering some of these questions. You'll develop your ability to get the main idea, and to pull out specific d...

Clothes and fashion - Zapp English Listening 3.1

English only version. In this Real English Listening unit you'll be developing your listening for general understanding and for detail around the topic of clothes and fashion. You'll hear a variety of speakers giving their opinions about the importance...