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Podcast for discussing a wide range of topics including tech, sports, science, history, security and philosophy. Each show features a special guest who is invited to discuss topics that interest them the most.

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Podcast for discussing a wide range of topics including tech, sports, science, history, security and philosophy. Each show features a special guest who is invited to discuss topics that interest them the most.
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Caterpillar Express with Special Guest Allen Miller III

Allen Miller III has returned to That Old Pod to discuss the first play he has written, Caterpillar Express. Entering it's first private reading, the play should be ready for public readings this coming year. Focusing on the plight of a group of prison...
12/03/17 author

How Did We TV Before Bingeing with Special Guest Diana Sparta

Diana Sparta is this week's special guest joining for a special Buffy edition of That Old Pod. Conversation is focuses on the importance and power of female role models, and how Buffy helped fill this role for Diana and countless other women. We talk s...
11/02/17 author

35 Movies in 25 Days with Special Guest Brittany Eisenegger

Special guest Brittany Eisenegger joins That Old Pod to discuss this year's film festivals and what upcoming movies most have her attention. Brittany is an avid fan of independent film and discusses how she has become knowledgable about a topic she had...
10/08/17 author

To the Mun and Beyond with Special Guest Ross Beck

Ross Beck returns to That Old Pod to discuss his love of Kerbel Space Program and how it has encouraged his love for space travel. Conversation branches out as we learn about the awesome endeavors from Kerben to cover topics such as the new Apple hardw...
10/01/2017 author

Talking Out the Top of Your Head with Special Guest Allen Miller III

This week's episode features Seattle actor Allen Miller III in discussing his life as a black actor in modern America. The conversation largely focuses on his personal experiences and motivations and how he approaches his craft. We get to hear about so...
09/24/17 author

Down with the Bulge with Special Guest Price Hall

Price Hall joins That Old Pod to breakdown the latest from the Apple iPhone X Keynote this past week. Discussion covers the new products, why they excite us, and things we're excited for as they evolve. Lots of conversation around the best ways to expe...
9/17/17 author

Anti-Social Guys Switch it Up with Special Guest Ryan Hobbs

That Old Pod is back for the fall season with a detailed look at the Nintendo Switch. Many thanks for Ryan Hobbs who joined the show to share his thoughts and vision for the future of Nintendo's new combined handheld and home console. Discussion covers...
09/04/17 author

Procedures for Entering Enclosed Spaces with Special Guests Darius X and Flynn Bickley

This week's episode of That Old Pod is extremely exciting featuring Seattle artists Darius X and Flynn Buckley who join to discuss their upcoming exhibit at this year's Gender Odyssey conference: Procedures For Entering Enclosed Spaces: a love letter t...
8/21/17 author

Loving It Till the End of College Football with Special Guest Matt Giles

It's mid-August which means if you're anything like Lucio, college football is dominating your thought process. Matt Giles, for one, feels the same, and so for this week he's on That Old Pod to tell you about it. The conversation discusses the culture ...
08/12/17 author

MMA Three-Way with Special Guests Andy Morse and Dallas Plevan

This week's episode of That Old Pod opens up new horizons, testing the waters with two special guests at once. Andy Morse and Dallas Plevan share their thoughts on UFC 213, the rise arts of the mixed martial variety, and a slew of other topics. Andy br...
07/23/17 author

The Unsettling of Mike Jones

Special thanks to Mike Jones for coming onto the show and bearing his soul. The discussion covers very intimate topics such as his experience as a Catholic and his appreciation for Libertarianism. We then get Mike’s list of top 5 favorite movies.  W...
07/09/2017 author

What Offseason? 2016-17 NBA Wrap Up with Special Guest Jim Guido

Many thanks to my dad for joining me on this week's Pod to discuss the 2016-17 NBA season and start making some way to early predictions for the following year. This was recorded during the NBA awards ceremony on TNT. Also, Satchel Paige is too good to...
07/02/2017 author

Animation Domination with Special Guest Steve Harreld

Steve Harreld joins That Old Pod to discuss some of our favorite moments and memories in animation. Discussion centers around South Park, The Simpsons, Futurama and some Family Guy. Also an extended bonus section on Civ VI and some tips and tricks for ...
6/24/2017 author

What Dreams May Come with Special Guest Cillian Dwyer

Special guest Cillian Dwyer returns to That Old Pod to share his thoughts on this week's WWDC conference. Conversation dives into how Apple's announcement positions them relative to their competitors, what surprised us, and how we see the tools and adv...
06/09/2017 author

Continuing That Train of Thought with Special Guest Mike Jones

Mike Jones returns to That Old Pod to continue our discussion of Wendell Berry's The Unsettling of America with regards to quality of life. This episode dives further into the philosophical realities we are confronted with as our worlds become increasi...
5/30/17 author

The Future is Lightbulb Inheritance with Special Guest Phil Bosua

That Old Pod is honored to have Phil Bosua join this week's show where he discusses his experience as an entrepreneur and inventor. Conversation covers a bit of Phil's backstory, a look into his accomplishments with LIFX and a look to his future with t...
5/23/17 author

A Scoomuterist's Sax Solo with Special Guest Ross Beck

Ross Beck is this week's special guest on That Old Pod, joining to discuss his new passion for drone flying. Conversation covers some basics of drone ownership, the awesomeness of scooters, online dating, tolerance for gaming and the experience of road...
5/16/17 author

I Only Shave for My Acupuncturist with Special Guest Shamika Rivera

Many thanks to the incredibleShamika Rivera for coming on this week'sThat Old Pod. A Seattle-based artist, she discusses her process and experience as an artist as well as a latina women. Conversation focuses on art, feminism, sexuality, coexisting wit...
05/08/17 author

Everyone Develops Silicon with Special Guest Cillian Dwyer

Cillian joinsThat Old Pod to discuss this week in tech. Conversation focuses on latest AMD developments, the Nintendo Switch, Samsung S8, and exciting news for Apple's pro market. In depth discussion about the future of silicon development for the majo...
04/30/17 author

The Pursuit of Happiness with Special Guest Dayna Guido

Notable therapist and mother of the host Dayna Guido is That Old Pod's special guest this week. Discussion starts with some background into why she became a social worker, some best practices for working in the field, methods that lay people can use ev...
04/22/17 author

Human Interface Guidelines for Everything with Special Guest Dexter Buxton

Dexter Buxton joinsThat Old Pod as this week's special guest to talk about how recent events have dramatically increased the average American's political involvement and awareness. Discussion carriers over to what issues are most important facing us to...
04/11/17 author

The Whole Point of That Story Is That It's Awesome with Special Guest Adam Pruitt

Special Guest Adam Pruitt joinsThat Old Pod to discuss conspiracy theories, the current political climate, quality of life, animal psychology and, of course, beer. Show Notes:Moon landingconspiracyAddressing concerns about theflagOriginalflag knocked o...
4/4/17 author

Lost in Proft with Special Guest Jim Guido

Special guest Jim Guido joins That Old Pod to discuss capitalism and the future of economic theory; and its effects on society in regards to politics, research and quality of life. Show Notes:EconomydefinitionAdam Smith and hisvision of capitalismNatha...
3/26/17 author

Will My Grand Kids Be Human with Special Guest Cillian Dwyer (Proper)

Cillian joins That Old Pod again to discuss this week in tech. Discussion covers the new releases by AMD and Nvidea; the future of the processor market; quantum computing; Google's new product releases and some issues arising with Google Home; digital ...
March 17, 2017 author

The Trials and Triumphs of Technology with Special Guest Mike Jones (Part 1)

Mike Jones joins That Old Pod to discuss technology as it relates to quality of life. Starting our discussion off as it relates to the bookThe Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture by Wendell Berry, we discuss how farming and industrialization...
3/9/17 author

What I Remember Trolling To Be With Special Guest Evan Reyes

This week Evan Reyes joins That Old Pod to discuss this week in sports, the NBA All Star Game, NBA Trade Season, Flat Earthers, Climate Change, PewDiePie, South Park, the state of the movie industry among other topics.Show Notes2016 DunkContest2017 Dun...
Evan Reyes author

Your Heating Experience Will Begin After This Short Ad

This episode features special guest Cillian Dwyer and we discuss this week in tech. Discussion focuses on Uber, Amazon, the future of transportation, AR/VR, Nintendo Switch and internet connected devices.Show Notes:UberWhitepaperApple KnowledgeNavigato...
Special Guest Cillian Dwyer author