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Join Robert and Julie Douglas as they gauge the limits of scientific understanding, crack wise about technology and stare deep into the transhuman future.

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Join Robert and Julie Douglas as they gauge the limits of scientific understanding, crack wise about technology and stare deep into the transhuman future.
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What's in a name? - Epic Science

Are humans so suggestible that we'd let our names shape our identities? Find out what nominative determinism is and if there's a link between names and life choices, or even health.
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Out-of-Body Experiences - Science on the Web

Out-of-body experiences, or astral trips, are described by those who claim to have experienced them as floating apart from your body, watching yourself from the outside. What brings them on, and are they"real."
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Sex-Reversed Cave Bugs Have Spiny Female Penises - Epic Science

Yes, males no longer have a monopoly on the penis. New research out of Brazil presents science with the first documented case of sex-reversed genitalia in an organism.
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Catnip: Feline Psychedelic Freak-out - Science on the Web

What is catnip and why does it drive our beloved felines batty? Find out in this episode of Science on the Web.
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The Mummy: Desiccation and Resurrection - Monster Science

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When Trees Attack - Science on the Web

You probably heard about the couple who decided to have a go at in a tree, fell out, and in the process broke a penis. That's on them -- the tree never attacked. But what of tree sperm wreaking havoc on our immune systems, or coconuts smashing us in th...
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Ghoulies: Evolutionary Toilet Terror - Monster Science

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Terror Management - Epic Science

We do all that we can to avoid thinking about the inevitability of death. But when we're reminded it does a number on our unconscious, and our behavior. Find out why.
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The Beastmaster: Winged Devourers - Monster Science

What is this strange creature with grasping wings and a vomit that turns men into mush? Join Dr. Anton Jessup in the University basement to learn just how the most memorable creature from"The Beastmaster" fits into our understanding of real-world biolo...
TestTube author

5 Amazing Giraffe Facts - Science on the Web

Stop taking giraffe's for granted! Join Robert and Julie as they view an amazing viral video of giraffe awesomeness and then school you on the amazing biology of these towering giants. VIDEOS REFERENCED: GoPro Giraffe Kick
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The Gorgon: Tentacles of Medusa - Monster Science

TestTube author

The Blob: Amoebic Horrors Revealed - Monster Science

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10 Robots With Dirty Jobs: Part 1 - Epic Science

You think you're job is dull, gross and nasty? Well, it's time to meet some robots then. These machines toil away at some of the dirtiest jobs in the world -- tasks that most humans don't even like to think about. You ready for a little meet and greet?...
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Sex and Death: The art of Jason Voorhees - Monster Science

Ah, what are we to make of Jason Voorhees, the hockey-masked killing machine from the"Friday the 13th" franchise? Join Dr. Anton Jessup in the University basement for a frank discussion on what natural world biology can tell us about the behavior of th...
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10 Disgusting Food Facts: Part 2 -- Epic Science

Pink slime in your meat? Check. Maggots in your mushrooms? Yes, please! Find out what else is dwelling in the food supply as Julie takes you through part two of the disgusting food facts tour.
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10 Disgusting Food Facts: Part 1 -- Epic Science

Take a tour through some truly barf-worthy food facts. Julie gives you a point/counterpoint lowdown on the stuff you find in fast food, as well as the cans in your cupboard.
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Otters: Not as Cute as you Think They Are - Science on the Web

The cuteness of otters carries a lot of sway of on the Internet, but their adorable faces belie the ruthless, predatory and ravenous nature of the family Mustelidae.
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Phobia of the Week: Belly Buttons - Epic Science

Why are some people so afraid of the navel while others worship this symbolic little abdominal scar? From fear to fetish, learn what the human navel is all about.
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5 Reasons You Need More Sleep Now - Epic Science

Forget just feeling full of vim and vigor. Getting enough sleep can effect your memory, weight and maybe even brain diseases.
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Elephants, Death and Empathy -- Science on the Web

Most people get their first view of an elephant at the circus or the zoo and never get a true glimpse into the rich social communities they form. Find out if elephants grieve and if they're truly empathic.
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10 Mind Blowing Sex Facts: Part 2 - Epic Science

From gay dolphins to orgasm machines, there's a lot about sex you don't know. Arm yourself with 10 mind-blowing sex facts to awe your friends and lovers. Here are 6-10.
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The Acid Flashbacks of True Detective -- Science on the Web

In HBO's"True Detective," Detective Rustin Cohle experiences intense acid flashbacks from his past use of LSD. But can hallucinations kick in days, months or even years after a psychedelic substance leaves your body? Find out how much is urban legend a...
TestTube author

10 Mind Blowing Sex Facts: Part 1 - Epic Science

From torture phalluses to ointment-coated witches brooms, there's a lot about sex you don't know about yet. Arm yourself with 10 mind-blowing sex facts to awe your friends and lovers. Here are the first five.
TestTube author

Your Trickster Brain: Optical Illusions -- Science on the Web

When it comes to optical illusions it's pretty easy to jailbreak the operating system of your mind and load a new program onto it. Find out why your visual system willingly makes errors in interpretation.
TestTube author

The Allure of Marilyn Monroes Breathy Voice - Epic Science

Marilyn Monroe's rendition of Happy Birthday to President Kennedy would've been ho-hum if it hadn't been for the breathy delivery. Find out what high frequency breathy voices and husky low frequency ones betray about our physical selves.
TestTube author