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The strength and fitness industry has for too long been dominated by overly-tan, annoyingly-loud YouTube celebrities with less than factual content, aka broscience. Tune in to Strength Chat - hosted by a group of Coaches and Athletes with over 60 years of combined experience – as they talk fact, science, and strength with world-renowned strength, conditioning, and rehab professionals.

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The strength and fitness industry has for too long been dominated by overly-tan, annoyingly-loud YouTube celebrities with less than factual content, aka broscience. Tune in to Strength Chat - hosted by a group of Coaches and Athletes with over 60 years of combined experience – as they talk fact, science, and strength with world-renowned strength, conditioning, and rehab professionals.
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Strength Chat #90: Nick Lambe

Today's episode is a fascinating discussion with sleep expert Nick Lambe - The Online Sleep Coach. Sleep is a topic that is equally important to all humans, particularly performance and strength athletes. We all have different relationships with sleep,...

Strength Chat #89: Dave Lipson

Today's guest is none other than Dave Freakin' Lipson! For those who don't know, Dave is a CrossFit HQ Staff Member, coach, athlete, writer, and co-owner of Thundrbro, an up-and-coming training, lifestyle, and supplement company focused on the intersec...

Strength Chat #88: Ben Esgro

Today's guest on Strength Chat is Ben Esgro, founder of DeNovo Nutrition and an expert in all things supplementation, nutrition, and the science behind it all. He is a Registered Dietitian and did his graduate studies in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Sp...

Strength Chat #87: Dr. Ray McClanahan

You may have noticed that we have a minor obsession with feet and the human-to-ground interface here at Kabuki Strength, and today's guest is an expert in the field! Dr. Ray McClanahan is a Podiatric Physician and Surgeon, who today runs his own practi...

Strength Chat #86: Swede Burns

Today's guest is a well-known figure in the strength world, having been a writer, coach, and educator for a number of years and was voted Powerlifting Coach of the Year in 2016.  Swede is the creator of the popular 5th Set methodology and owns Keyhole ...

Strength Chat #85: Dr. Craig Liebenson

Today's host may be familiar to many of you - Dr. Craig Liebenson has been a long-time friend of Kabuki Strength and has previously been a guest on the show - all the way back on Ep. 34. We're glad to have him on again today and this is one of those ep...

Strength Chat #84: Mike McCastle and The 12 Labors Project

Mike McCastle is a living legend - having performed feats of strength and endurance that will have you saying "...he did WHAT?". Like doing 5,804 pull-ups in 24 hours while wearing a 30lb pack. The first time he tried that, he ended up in the hospital ...

Strength Chat #83: Denise Gorondy-Toderico and Ben Toderico

Today's guests share an incredible story of tragedy, trauma, survival, perseverance, and ultimate victory. We are honored to have Ben Toderico and his wife Denise Gorondy-Toderico on the show today! Three years ago Denise - a veterinarian from Virginia...

Episode #82: Joel Jamieson

Today's guest is PNW-native and an industry leader/pioneer in the Strength & Conditioning field. Joel Jamieson is the man who introduced HRV [Heart Rate Variability] training to the masses and continues to break new ground with his recovery platfor...

Strength Chat #81: Jeff Cavaliere

We are honored to have a legend in the fitness world joining us today! Jeff is an educator, coach, and the man behind the world-renowned and wildly-popular Athlean-X fitness program. Athlean-X has over 7 million subscribers on YouTube and millions more...

Strength Chat #80: Julian Smith

Today's guest on Strength Chat is natural bodybuilder and coach Julian Smith! Julian is also known as "the Quad Guy" and has one of the most aesthetic physiques in the sport! His unique, extremely-effective, and detailed training style is wildly popula...

Strength Chat #79: Bryce Lewis

Today's guest on Strength Chat is the Bryce Lewis, an elite-level drug-free powerlifter and world-renowned strength coach. Bryce is the founder of The Strength Athlete, more commonly known as TSA, whose team of coaches works with and educates beginner-...

Strength Chat #78: Sue Falsone

Introducing today's guest in one or two paragraphs would hardly break the surface of her incredible career and accomplishments. She was the first female Head Trainer in US professional sports history - working with the LA Dodgers for 6 years. She has a...

Strength Chat #77: Bud Jeffries and Noah's Army

Bud Jeffries is an incredible human being, and one of the strongest men in the world. Bud is a minister, massage therapist, professional performing strongman, motivational speaker, author and business owner. You may know him from his many videos and pi...

Strength Chat #76: Chris Peil

Today's guest is Chris Peil, a veteran of the fitness industry who has been a trainer, coach, and educator for over 15 years. Chris started The Move Well Project - helping athletes improve their movement, then programme appropriately within their limit...

Strength Chat #75: Victoria Felkar

We are honored to have Victoria Felkar as today's guest on Strength Chat. She is an explorer, a renegade, and an advocate pushing the boundaries of performance and health through research, coaching, and teaching.  Victoria is currently completing her d...

Strength Chat #74: John Fawkes

Today's Strength Chat guest is John Fawkes, an up-and-coming evidence based trainer and coach out of San Francisco. John works with athletes and lifters in all populations to help them develop the systems, psychology and game plan they need to get thei...

Strength Chat #73: Dr. Ken Kinakin, founder of SWIS Symposium

Those of you professionals in the clinical and strength words are sure to know about SWIS, shorthand for the "Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists". Our guest today is the man behind SWIS and the annual SWIS Symposium, Dr. Ken Kinakin. Kabuki ...

Strength Chat #72: Molly Galbraith from GirlsGoneStrong

Today's guest is a true pioneer and legend in the strength and fitness worlds, and we are honored to have her on Strength Chat. She is the co-founder and leader of a movement that has empowered hundreds of thousands of women around the world reach thei...

Strength Chat #71: Chris Karmin

Welcome to another episode of Strength Chat! Today's guest is longtime Kabuki Strength friend and coaching client Chris Karmin! As the co-owner of Mt. Vernon Barbell Club in New York City and an elite-level strength athlete, Chris lives and breathes po...

Strength Chat #70: Joe Szymanek

Today our hosts sit down with Joe Szymanek, an accomplished coach, athlete, and most recently author! Although he has many credentials to his name, and has competed in a high-level in both CrossFit and weightlifting - it's clear immediately that Joe is...

Strength Chat #69: Stan Efferding

Stan "The Rhino" Efferding, AKA The World's Strongest Bodybuilder - is one of the most respected and well known names and faces in the strength and fitness world. Stan is no stranger to us, he is a local Portland native and even trained at Kabuki Stren...

Strength Chat #68: Ryan Lockard | Specialty Athletic Training

Ryan Lockard and his team at Specialty Athletic Training work with a population of individuals who have been mostly forgotten and overlooked by the fitness world - those with special needs. Perhaps nobody we've had on the show thus far better embodies ...

Strength Chat #67: Ben Pollack

Finally on the show is one of this generation's greatest lifters and genuises, Ben Pollack!  Our hosts get some insight from Ben on his recent competition preps, as well as his transition into bodybuilding and competing in powerlifting as one of the le...

Strength Chat #66: Christian Thibaudeau and Paul Carter

Today's guests are like two peas in a pod. Paul Carter and Christian Thibaudeau have been professionally collaborating together for many years and many projects. Both are internationally-recognized strength coaches and producers of high quality content...

Strength Chat #65: Marisa Inda

We are honored to host Marisa Inda, an incredible athlete, coach, writer, and ambassador for the sport! Marisa is the current IPF Champion at 52kg and holds the total, bench, and deadlift world records for that weight class as well.  She is a respected...

Strength Chat #64: Dr. Tim Simanski | The WOD DOC

We are thrilled to have the WOD Doc himself, Dr. Tim Simnaski on Strength Chat today. This episode is also recorded as a video podcast on YouTube, so if you'd rather watch than listen - head over to our YouTube channel! Dr. Tim Simansky is an internati...

Strength Chat #63: Mark Smelly Bell

After a short hiatus, we're back! This week's guest is one of the most recognizable names in the barbell game, Mark "Smelly" Bell! Inventor, content-creator, podcaster, powerlifter, and coach - Mark is one of the most influential and respected names in...

Strength Chat #62: Daniel McKim

Dan McKim is one of the most decorated highland games athletes in history, with 4 world titles and 6 national titles. Tune in to learn more about Dan's past and his experience being an elite-level athlete in an awesome sport that many don't know about....

Strength Chat #61: Eric Helms

Today's guest is Eric Helms, well-known coach, athlete, author, and educator. Tune in as our hosts take a dive deep into auto-regulation in what is probably our most technical discussion on the topic. This one is a great one for you strength science ne...

Strength Chat Episode 60: Paul Carter

Today's guest is author, coach, and well known meathead Paul Carter! Paul owns and operates his own company Lift Run Bang and produces content for various platforms like T-Nation, EliteFTS, and Flex Magazine as well as his own. He is the co-author of t...

Strength Chat #59: Kirk Karwoski and Marty Gallagher

We are thrilled to host two LEGENDS on today's episode of Strength Chat! Kirk Karwoski - known as Captain Kirk - and Marty Gallagher, one of the best powerlifting coaches in the sport's history sit down with our hosts and reminisce on the golden age of...

Strength Chat #58: Brian Carroll

Brian Carroll is no stranger to injury and rehab. After being assessed by Dr. Stuart McGill, he was told that he has one of the worst backs Dr. McGill has ever seen. The story doesn't end there however - and with the good doctor's help Brian was able t...

Strength Chat #57: Ben Pakulski

This week's guest is one of the top IFBB Pro bodybuilders of the last decade - Ben Pakulski. He is recently retired but continues on by sharing knowledge and training athletes as part of his MI40 program and organization.  On this episode our hosts sit...

Strength Chat #56: Martin Bingisser

Today's Strength Chat guest is Martin Bingisser, all the way from Switzerland! Martin is a hammer thrower and coaches the Swiss national track team. He worked alongside and under Anatoli Bondarchuk, known as one of the most successful throwing coaches ...

Strength Chat #55: Team Roundtable

This week's episode is a live Q&A Roundtable where we take questions from our live listeners and IG audience and answer them live. Sitting in for Dr. Rudolph is Coach Brady, the skinniest man to deadlift 700 pounds. As always, make sure to comment,...

Strength Chat #54: Chad Aichs

Today's episode is much more personal than our typical episode. Our guest - live and in-person at the Kabuki Strength Studio - is one of the strongest men in the world in his day, Chad Aichs. Chad is a long-time friend of Kabuki and the Mad Scientist, ...

Strength Chat 53: Alex Viada

This week's guest is Alex Viada, the founder and mastermind behind Complete Human Performance. Alex is a lifelong athlete and the only person known to have ever deadlifted over 700 pounds within a week of running a 50 mile ultra-marathon. (This record ...

Strength Chat #52: Dr. Mike Israetel

Dr. Mike Israetel is one of the most recognized researchers and scientists in the strength community, having worked with hundreds of athletes and coaches, as well as created loads of high quality content in every format imaginable.  Mike is a professor...

Strength Chat #51: Dr. Tim Gabbett

In today's episode we talk to one of the most cited authors in the strength and conditioning industry - Dr. Tim Gabbett!  He holds a PhD in Human Physiology (2000) and has completed a second PhD in the Applied Science of Professional Football (2011) , ...

Strength Chat #50: Travis Mash

Travis Mash is our guest today, and like most guests on our show, he hardly needs an introduction! Travis is one of the most recognized olympic weightlifting coaches in the world, as well as an accomplished lifter himself having broken Ed Coan's all-ti...

Strength Chat #49: Lee Taft | The Speed Guy

Lee Taft, known to most simply as “The Speed Guy”, is highly respected as one of the top athletic movement specialists in the world! Sound like something we might be interested in? Sure is!  Our hosts sit down with Lee and talk about multi-directional ...

Strength Chat #48: Chad Wesley Smith

This week we are honored to have the one-and-only Juggernaut himself, Chad Wesley Smith, on our podcast! Chad hardly needs an introduction, having become one of the most recognized strength coaches in the industry and one of the strongest men in the wo...

Strength Chat #47: Dr. Michael Rintala and Dr. Richard Ulm

Today's doubleheader are two incredibly knowledgeable and accomplished individuals - Dr. Michael Rintala and Dr. Richard Ulm, both from the Prague Institute of Rehabilitation. They are instructors on DNS [Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization], which is ...

Strength Chat #46: Dr. Raphael Castro

This week's guest is long-time friend and The Mad Scientist's ultimate hype-man Dr. Raphael Castro, from New York! Dr. Castro is a licensed chiropractor who works with a large athletic population. Among some of the topics discussed are: Dr. Castro's i...

Strength Chat #45: Roundtable Q&A

Join us on today's Roundtable Q&A where our hosts along with Coach Brady Cable sit down and answer questions from users on social media. If you want your question answered, watch out for the next IG live notification and get your question in when w...

Strength Chat #44: Cameron Josse

Today's guest is Cameron Josse!  Cameron Josse is the Director of Sports Performance at DeFranco’s Gym at the Onnit Academy. He has worked with DeFranco’s Gym owner Joe DeFranco since he was 17 years old. As a former athlete in DeFranco’s training prog...

Strength Chat #43: Dr. Stasha Gominak

This week's guest is Dr. Stasha Gominak, a medical professional and researcher currently working on the link between vitamin D and sleep health, among other important topics in health discourse. In today's episode, our hosts and Dr. Gominak dive deep i...

Strength Chat #42: Phil Daru

Phil Daru is a rapidly rising strength coach for Professional MMA Athletes, and creator of Daru Strong Specialized Training Systems. He is a former D1 football player, Strength Conditioning Coach for American Top Team, retired Pro MMA fighter, and has ...

Strength Chat #41: Cal Dietz

Cal Dietz is a man with a resume that can't be summed up in one paragraph, so we won't even try. He is the strength and conditioning coach for numerous sports at the University of Minnesota and has coached countless teams and individuals to the interna...