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a close look at sports with the scientific eye
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Jamie and Gus– Stryd

In this episode, we speak with Jamie and Gus from Stryd, a new company with a product that lets runners see a power measurement when training and racing.  Power has been used in recreational and professional cycling for a while now, and it is seen as a...
Sports Technology Podcast author


In this episode, we speak with Lee and Jack from Scout7, a UK based company that provides software systems for scouting and recruitment to football clubs around the world.  They have been in the business since 2001 and they tell us how the company bega...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Damien Hawes– GPSports

In this episode, we speak with Damien Hawes, international sales manager for GPSports (@GPSportsSystems).  The company creates systems that collect data from athletes for use in analyzing individual and team performance.  They can look at position, mot...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Patrick Streeter– Volatile Padding Technologies

In this episode, we speak with Patrick Streeter, co-founder and CEO of Volatile Padding Technologies.  The company has created a material technology called d-Cel (TM) to offer protection in both high-force and low-force impacts.  Sport-related concussi...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Olivier Munger– FWD Powershot

In this episode, we speak with Olivier Munger, the president and chief technology officer of Quattriuum, who has recently released a new piece of tracking technology for ice hockey.  The FWD Powershot is inserted into the stick and it captures motions ...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Brock Laschowski– University of Western Ontario

In this episode, we are joined by Brock Laschowski, a masters student at Western University.  Brock has a long and varied history in playing and researching sport and his current work is with the Canadian Sport Institute in rowing and oar mechanics.  H...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Dr. Steve Otto– The R&A, golf

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Steve Otto, director of research for The R&A, golf’s governing body.  Given the traditional nature of golf, Steve stresses the importance of maintaining the balance between technological advancement and preservati...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Dr. Tom Allen– Sheffield Hallam University

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Tom Allen, a lecturer in engineering design at Sheffield Hallam University.  Tom leads the university’s sports tech course, he is an associate editor of Sports Engineering, and he’s also involved with the Internationa...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Nick White– Couchmans LLP

In this episode, we speak with Nick White, a partner at Couchmans LLP.  Nick and his colleagues specialize in sports business law, working with governing bodies, teams and athletes.  They advise on the best way to manage collected data and athlete like...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Davyeon Ross – ShotTracker

Davyeon Ross joins us in this episode of the Sports Tech Podcast.  Davyeon is the co-founder of ShotTracker, a new company providing a training aid for basketball players that keeps track of shot attempts and successes.  The system consists of a wearab...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Vin McCaffrey– Game Theory Group International

In this episode, we speak with Vin  McCaffrey from Game Theory Group International.  In times with explosions in university sport, the company aims to help athletes manage the high demands and use the experience to prepare them for successful careers i...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Jeff Beckham– Freelance sports/tech writer

In this episode we speak with freelance writer Jeff Beckham.  Jeff (JeffBeckham) writes for ESPN and Wired about science in sport and he tells us about some of his favorite stories – the ‘moneyball’ approach to basketball, and a profile on athlete Sara...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Cricket– PitchVision, Richard Welch, Chris Peploe

Cricket episode!  We invited Chris Peploe to guest-host this episode with Richard Welch from PitchVision.  Chris is doing a PhD in cricket biomechanics at the Sports Technology Institute at Loughborough University so he knows a thing or two about the s...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Dr. Jessica Leitch– Run3D

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Jessica Leitch, creator of a physiotherapy and injury prevention service for runners called Run3D.  The company uses 3D gait analysis to precisely track the motion of runners.  The data is then used to provide specifi...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Mounir Zok– US Olympic Committee

In this episode, we speak with Mounir Zok, Senior Sports Technologist for the United States Olympic Committee.  Mounir (@mounirzok) tells us about the path to his current role and gives some examples of how technology is implemented to tie together the...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Phil Harfield– Rowing

In this episode, we speak with research student Phil Harfield.  Phil worked with the Great Britain Rowing Team, helping prepare the team for the Olympics and now he’s turned his attention to research in the sport at the Sports Technology Institute.  He...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Dr. Mike Vasquez– MIT Sloan Analytics Conference Presentation

This episode features Mike’s presentation at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference earlier this year.  His talk was titled “The Printed Athlete: How 3D Printing is Changing the Face of Sports and he covers current usage of additive manufacturing in...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Jordan Rapp– Professional Triathlete and Ironman

In this episode, we speak with Jordan Rapp, professional triathlete.  In addition to being wicked quick on water, bike, and shoes, Jordan has a technical mind trained through an engineering degree from Princeton.  He sees his racing equipment through t...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Prof. Alan Nathan, Physics of Baseball

In this episode, we speak with Alan Nathan, professor emeritus of physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Alan is a nuclear physicist but he has and continues to turn his scientific eye toward different aspects of baseball.  Among o...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Peter Mackness– ThrillCapital

In this episode, we speak with Peter Mackness (@PeterMackness) from ThrillCapital, a crowd-sourced funding body for sport and entertainment.  ThrillCapital focuses on bigger projects of which participants can buy shares and ThrillPledge is based more o...
Sports Technology Podcast author

John Needham– Newton Running UK

In this episode, we speak with John Needham from Newton Running.  Newton Running (@newtonlab) shoes are a bit different from the typical shoe – they have almost no rise from forefoot to heel.  The foot strike is similar to running barefoot because of t...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Nadine and Dave– University of Southern Mississippi

In this episode, we speak with Nadine and Dave, two PhD research students in the Sports & High Performance Materials program  at the University of Southern Mississippi with the School of Polymers and High Performance Materials andSchool of Human Pe...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Ryan McGinnis– Instrumented Baseball Research

In this episode, we speak with Ryan McGinnis, a PhD research student at the University of Michigan.  We met Ryan at the International Sports Engineering Association conference this summer in Lowell, Massachusetts, where he presented some of his work on...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Huub Valkenburg and Dan Richards, Karhu

In this episode, we speak with designer and developer Dan Richards and Huub Valkenburg, the president and CEO of Karhu.  Founded in Finland in 1916, Karhu (Finnish for ‘bear’ – cool!)  is one of the oldest athletic equipment companies with a lot of int...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Mark Henderson– adidas Innovation Team

In this episode, we come to you from the 2012 International Sports Engineering Association conference!  The conference features presentations from academic researchers and companies from around the world, all focused on technology in sports.  We had th...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Gihan Amarasiriwardena– Ministry of Supply

In this episode we speak with Gihan, one of the founders of Ministry of Supply, a company that designs and produces smart business clothes using methods from sports tech and other engineering fields.  The company aims to provide clothing that looks goo...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Dr. Carolyn Steele– Bauer Hockey

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Carolyn Steele, an engineer/developer at Bauer.  Carolyn did her PhD at Loughborough University and spent some time working at Nike so she has seen academic, giant, and more niche-scale sports technology operations an...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Dr. Siân Slawson– Technology and British Swiming

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Siân Slawson from the Sports Technology Institute at Loughborough University.  Siân did her undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in sports technology and she tells us a bit about the different programs.  Her recent...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Laim Kilmaterin– NUI, goal line technology

In this episode, we speak with Liam Kilmartin, a lecturer (since 1994) in electrical and electronic engineering at the National University of Ireland with particular interest in signal processing.  In the 90′s, he was the principle investigator in a pr...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Ross Weir– Progressive Sports

In this episode, we speak with Ross Weir, director of Progressive Sports in Loughborough.  With Progressive, Ross develops and releases innovative products for sport.  He was behind the Rebook Deck, and his latest project, the RespiBelt, is available n...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Sports Technology Overview

Time for a multi-media entry in the podcast!  This video was adapted from a lecture given by Henry to the Institute of Engineering and Technology at Loughborough University.  It’s an overview of sports technology starting with a basic definition and ru...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Kin Lo– Golf, PGA R&D

In this episode, we speak with Kin Lo about technology in Golf.  Kin is in the Sloan Fellows Program at the MIT Sloan School of Business and he has served as the head of R&D for the PGA Tour.  We talk about ShotLink, the comprehensive system used b...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Sports Business Club, London Business School

In this episode, we speak with William Mao and D’arcy McConvey from the Sports Business Clubof the London Business School, one of the top 10 business schools in the world.  The club is a professional interest group aimed at feeding the sports-related i...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Sarah Rudd– StatDNA, sport analytics

In this episode, we speak with Sarah Rudd (@onfooty), VP of software development and analytics at StatDNA (@StatDNA).  Sarah studied computer science and has a masters of business administration.  She tells us how she combined her programming/processin...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Brian Levenson– Mental Coach

Yet another aspect of sports in this episode:  psychology!  Our guest is Brian Levenson, a mental coach in Washington DC.  Brian studied sports psychology, writing his master thesis at John F. Kennedy University on home court advantage.  He currently w...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Becky Canvin– Sports Science Journal Club

In this episode, we speak with sport scientist Becky Canvin.  Becky studied at St Mary’s University College and completed a MSc in Sport and Exercise Physiology at Roehampton University.  In her studies and work in the health care industry, she gained ...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Greg Williams– Baseball Equipment Development

In this episode, we speak with Greg Williams about baseball equipment.  Greg studied aerospace engineering at MIT and became involved with the sports research group.  We talk about some of his MIT sport-related research projects on baseball bats as wel...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Tariq Ahmad– SportShadow, social media and sports

In this episode, we speak with Tariq Ahmad, the co-founder of SportShadow, a website that collects and displays information about ‘check-ins’ in sports stadia around the world.  Sports arenas are only second to airports in numbers of check ins on Faceb...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Dr. Jodi Richardson– Sports Science Journalism

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Jodi Richardson, Australian columnist and freelance sports science journalist.  Jodi combined her love of exercise and chemistry in a PhD on skeletal muscle physiology, specifically looking at hamstring training for i...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Bob Roble– Sports Techie

In this episode, we speak with Bob Roble, Sports Techie.  Bob has been involved in sports technology for around 15 years in a variety of capacities.  From professional stadiums to pro-sport web archives, Bob has seen many facets of sports technology an...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Dr. Gavin Williams– Wheelchair Basketball

Gav researches and develops equipment for alternatively-abled athletes as a post-doctoral research associate at the Sports Technology Institute at Loughborough University.  One of his current projects is development of wheelchair basketball chairs.  Th...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Bryant McBride– Entrepreneur

In this episode, we speak with entrepreneur Bryant McBride.  Bryant has extensive experience in starting and growing sport technology-related companies.  Here, he talks about some of the trends new technologies are enabling in the sports industry.  His...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Dr. Tom Waller– Speedo Aqualab

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Tom Waller, head of Speedo‘s Aqualab.  The Aqualab is responsible for the cool new technologies and innovations coming out of Speedo.  Swimwear offers a unique set of challenges and opportunities not present in terres...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Warren Brennan– Hot Spot

In this episode, we speak with Warren Brennan, founder of BBG Sports and inventor of Hot Spot.  Hot Spot uses thermal imaging cameras to identify contact in high-speed ball sports like cricket and baseball.  The heat generated by friction lights up the...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Jason Anson– Sports Technologist

In this episode, we speak with Jason Anson, a sports technologist in Canada.  He has been combining his background in web design and web data management with a passion for sport in his latest project – software for monitoring training.  Jason has spent...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Natalie and Sarah– Youth Sport Trust, Youth Sport Direct

In this episode, we have two guests from the Youth SportTrust.  Natalie Hammond tells us about the organization in general and their business schemes and Sarah Collinson speaks about Youth SportDirect, the innovation and product development arm.  The Y...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Brooks Clemens– adidas (business)

Science and technology, regardless of the benefits they may bring, can only reach their potential when properly implemented.  In this episode, we speak with Brooks Clemens, an analyst involved with the business side of the industry in adidas’ running l...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Ashley Gray– RestWise

In this episode, we speak with Ash Gray, an exercise physiologist with RestWise, a product designed to interpret the body to assist athletes in determining appropriate training intensities.  Ash tells us about the product and background research that w...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Dave and Phil– Swimtag, 222Sports

In this episode, we speak with Dave and Phil from 222Sports about their new product Swimtag.  Swimtag is a system that allows professional and recreational swimmers to track their activity in the pool, keeping track of lengths, splits, stroke rate and ...
Sports Technology Podcast author

Jason Greenberg– Baseball Softball UK

In this episode, we speak with Jason Greenberg, the marketing, communications and events manager for Baseball Softball UK.  He tells us a bit about the organization and what it’s like to be involved actively growing a sport.  We discuss some of the suc...
Sports Technology Podcast author