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Round-table discussion show where nothing is off topic ..... well almost.
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RCP - EP010 Don't Call It Come Back!

This time on RCP, Indy keeps his bum clean and Bin tells you about his day. And yeah, it has been some time since an episode. Let us remember though that this shits free son! FREE.99! Are we out of our minds? Listen and find out! Tweet it!Links:Downloa...
BIn and Indy author

RCP - EP 009 You Gatta Pass The Cool Test!

Bin shows salesmen whats what. Indy shows of his knowledge of Canadian actors. Guests includeDeep Hundal andShane Brar. Your resources to the universe are below.LinksDownloadOblivious trailerCondemned trailer
BIn and Indy author

RCP - EP008 We explain East Van Cool...well not really really

Indy does informercials, Bin has issues with the public transit cops. Guests include the East Van cool Jeff Chan. By now you should know, and if you don't, you do now... links below and enjoy.Links:Download(1)Don Frye Vs. Takayama
BIn and Indy author

RCP - EP007 Simply Tales of Conquest and Glory

Indy lays down some stand up comedy history. Bin hates puppies. Guest includes Logan who divulges us in some psychedelic tales of Ayahuasca. Get your RCP addiction satisfaction below!Links:Download
BIn and Indy author

RCP - EP006 The Avengers, the Skate Industry, and shootin' the shit

Indy reviews the Avengers and Bin breaks down Toquinho vs Belcher. Guest on this episode is ex-Time Bomb Trading employee Sam who shares a tale of shitting his pants. Holla atchya boiSam and get some Stance Socks and check his bandLooks to Kill. Don't ...
BIn and Indy author

RCP - EP005 MMA, Jiujitsu, and...Kabaddi?!

Indy loves to kick kids in the head and Bin watches too many adult films. Guest include Strength and Conditioning coach and Pro MMA fighter Matthew Trudeau. Holla at ya boi Matt Trudeau if you want to get your cross fit on son! links belowLinks:Downloa...
BIn and Indy author

RCP - EP004 Sex, brainwaves and friendship

Indy throws a limp dildo and Bin gets his brain jacked.Guests include Dr.G (a PhD in neuro bio sciencey smartness) and fiance Liane the sexpert, Holla at Art of Loving.LinksDownloadwww.artofloving.ca
BIn and Indy author

Rain City Podcast - Episode 003 Muscle to mind memory, critics don't know shit, and the reem has the strength of 14 men

Oh hello there, new episode is out with our awesome guest Lance. Bin wants to know how to bring muscle memory into everyday life. Lance and Indy bring the hate on slum dog millionaire. Not to mention, Alistar Overeem is as strong as a horse and it's no...
BIn and Indy author

Rain City Podcast - Episode 002 Being Lonely, Pop Culture, and Bonobo's.

Lack of love can't stop us! Bin goes banana's for bonobo's and Indy schools everyone in pop culture. Don't forget to listen to that shitHEREGuests: Manbeer(The IT tech guy), Harpreet, and Birpaul(Professional drug dealer AKA pharmacist).Stop the hate, ...
BIn and Indy author

Rain City Podcast - Episode 001 Fast Food, Comics, and Science!

Here we go bitches! The first episode is out. Indy goes in depth with the latest, greatest and gnarliest fast food trends and Bin admits to online dating. COME GET IT... here.Mucho Love- RCPLinks:(1) Saturn Ted "http://www.ted.com/talks/carolyn_porco_f...
BIn and Indy author