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Each week, the Kraken team discusses a Thing, such as a news story, film, gadget, book, past-time, band, abstract concept, or glass of disgusting tech-slop, and then we dive into a related Question that rises naturally or tenuously out of that Thing. Whether you like strong opinions or stupid stories, join us among the tentacles and tangents.
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Death / Where do we go?

The Debilitating Strokes world-tour, decapitation versus getting shot into the sun versus falling asleep on the bus, banned Buddhist nursery classes, and why every funeral needs the Thong Song
krakenpodcast author

Hung Parliament / What's next?

The Schadenfreude Olympics, how the Tories accidentally followed through, The Corbyn Boys singing ‘Go Left’, and one demented fascist grandma
krakenpodcast author

The Kraken Manifesto / How would you win the election?

The Airbnb fascism filter, delays on the Maginot Line, the Libertines' new smackhead, and how to pull hope from the jaws of defeat
krakenpodcast author

Hominids / What's your favourite question?

Getting our science from bonk-busters and techno, alternative theories for why Neanderthals went instinct, language being invented by one really chatty monkey, and the importance of each ear having an iPod
krakenpodcast author

The Malt-right / Is genocide the new counter-culture?

Alliot and the far-right gentlemen's drinking club, how logic and reason don't extend to climate science, the paradox of a virgin's fear of cuckoldry, and booting our guest to the murder staircase
krakenpodcast author

Flat Earth / What's wrong with being wrong?

Dinosaurs knocked into space, finding the g-word, a new respect for facts from a surprising place, and what to do when you reach the edge of the world
krakenpodcast author

UK Snap Election 2017 / Is Tim Farron a sin?

Borges’ “Snap Election of Babylon”, sleeping with people with tie-dye sheets, the incoming reign of Mad King Charles, and Kraken standing for MP
krakenpodcast author

John C Lilly / Would you dispose of your body?

Recorded live from inside an isolation tank, fearing our dolphin and whale competitors, the bad dubstep boyfriend, and calling the President at 4am
krakenpodcast author

Nationalism / What are you so proud of?

Dishonourable discharges, the end of the British union, the drunk Telegraph admirals in the cupboard, and being conscripted into the Great Gibraltar Monkey War
krakenpodcast author

Stephen King / What makes a story spooky?

The director’s director’s cut of E.T., Japanese versus American horror, going a bit Garth Marenghi, and the eater of worlds, and children
krakenpodcast author

Marxism / Nothing but chains?

Richard Barbrook, in defence of Labour's digital comms, the boring day after the revoution, and being a Never Flush
krakenpodcast author

Red Nose Day Podathon / Is charity part of the problem?

The longest-ever podcast recording, seizures live on air, the wankchurian candidate, and Red Balls Day sponsored by Red Bull and Ed Balls
krakenpodcast author

UKIP / Will any English revolution always be reactionary?

Richard Seymour, the rise of the spiteful class, analysing Nigel Farage's victory love-making, and the real meaning of bronies
krakenpodcast author

Loneliness / Am I talking to myself?

Wind, the opposite of glue, touching yourself into the alt right, and trapped inside your own skull spinning fruitlessly through the infinite universe
krakenpodcast author

The February Revolution / What do you think will happen next?

The first ever broadcast of the Kraken Radio Hour in 1917, taking in the shocking news from Russia, the Hairless Ball motif in the history of class struggle, Karl Marx’s big thatch nappy, and the pegging of the British Empire
krakenpodcast author

The Oscars / Do you want a medal?

The Dark Gump Rises, the Academy Award for Best Lube, Jack Nicholson on fire, and the return of Newsgak
krakenpodcast author

Dogs / Who's a good boy?

The reason not to feed your puppy a samosa, the elephant that became an osteopath, more Eugenics Olympics, and Craigella Deville
krakenpodcast author

1984 / Do you love Big Brother?

NadSac the Sun columnist, the second sequel to 1984 after 1985, who'd be the best manager of the murder machine, and how Bernie woulda won the battle but lost the war
krakenpodcast author

Free Speech / What would you censor?

Robert Sharp, the Queen's relation to George Michael, divorcing Cecil Rhodes, and Hate Speech, Actually
krakenpodcast author

Sherlock / How would you commit the perfect murder?

What Top Gear would be if it were a story, how to define the triad of the British psyche, the always awful BBC orchestra, and which one of us has met a murderer
krakenpodcast author

Protests / What will you fight for?

Protests versus marches versus riots, why Joel is an undercover horse, Ian's Battle for Chicken at Cable Street, and Mazin's rendezvous with Tony Blair in a toilet cubicle
krakenpodcast author

Planet Earth 2 / What animal would you kill off?

Suitcases full of cobras, yelling at evolution, when you fight with dice, and David Attenborough's things for tadpoles
krakenpodcast author

Arrival / What would you do if you were abducted by aliens?

Hunting dudes vs UFO guys, tasty humans, diplomatic anal probes, and at least nice helicopter shots
krakenpodcast author

2016 / Is it the end of the world?

Reflections and reminiscences on a year gone by, which scientists were in which 90s bands, levels of unexpectedness, and pig-f*ck*ng
krakenpodcast author

University / What should you pay for?

Mark Zuckerburg's alternate business pitch, coming for the lectures but staying for the sandwiches and mental illness, and how to successfully privatise air
krakenpodcast author

Fake News / Do we just need better propaganda?

Russia Today versus the BBC, the price of not paying for news, behind The Times paywall of trash, and how to be a Sultan's son
krakenpodcast author

Black Mirror / Is technology a trap?

What porkies are to furries, the decline of Film Crit Hulk, racist Short Circuit, and the effluvium of the modern world
krakenpodcast author

Alex Jones / Have the globalists lost?

Jack Frayne-Reid, the irony Bromanovs, taking our shirts off in anger, burning the wrong owls at Bohemian Grove, and how it's protocols all the way down
krakenpodcast author

U.S. Presidential Election 2016 / Is it the economy, stupid?

The unfairly maligned policy of seppuku, the moustache of John Bolton versus the sock of Mitt Romney, the great racism and sexism bake-off, and choosing our desert to go and die in
krakenpodcast author

J. G. Ballard / Are we all savages deep down?

Whether people are liquids or building blocks, what makes an apocalypse English and twee, and the irrational kinks of Richard Dawkins
krakenpodcast author

Poppies / War, huh, what is it good for?

The importance of wearing a cross regardless of your views, which newspaper pundits to send into exile, and the real reason that kids like to play army
krakenpodcast author

The Punisher / What is problematic?

Kelly Kanayama, the nicest comic by Garth Ennis, awful white tie dinners, and the aesthetic problem with racism
krakenpodcast author

H. P. Lovecraft / Ch'lw'nafh'fm'latgh'-kn'a? (What is madness)

Cenobites versus Old Ones, roleplaying shame, what Stephen King got away with, and how the future will see mental illness
krakenpodcast author

The Invitation / Who would be your ideal dinner party guests?

Amazingly no spoilers, racist Gandhi versus horny Einstein, reports on the new Indiana Jones film, and how the swastika was invented
krakenpodcast author

Margaret Thatcher / Is the Left too obsessed with the past?

The true people behind Skynet, greater respect for Henry Kissinger, eating foot pie, and leading a revolution from our basement
krakenpodcast author

Coffee / How do you take yours?

William Burroughs and Compound Zero, mocking Ovaltine for grown-ups, snobbery versus taste, and how to make your manager let you waste time at work
krakenpodcast author

Anarchy / What laws would you break?

Barkunin's famous essay and Chommers the boring sweet, which dolls represent which political philosophy, and Ian starring with Jason Statham in the film Seven Angry Days
krakenpodcast author

The Labour Party / Power or Principle?

Abi Wilkinson and Dawn Foster, the Iron Law of what Craig references on Kraken, Owen Smith's Field of Evil, and which candidate is best at melting kids
krakenpodcast author

9/11 / Can jet fuel melt steel beams?

Susan Sontag's relationship to Dick Cheney, a shout out to Building 7, being tormented by Annie Lennox, and maybe hiring The Hay Team
krakenpodcast author

Donald Trump / Who's to blame? Well?

Whether monkeys could cause Chernobyl, putting the animus in anime, and Umberto Eco finally writing for Buzzfeed
krakenpodcast author

Neil deGrasse Tyson / Has science gone too far?

Jacob Bacharach, magic nukes, which scientist is a covert astrologist, and The Report from Rationalia
krakenpodcast author

The Olympics / Should atheletes take performance-enhancing drugs?

The Leg Perpindiculariser, Takeshi’s Castle versus Herzog’s Basement, and the real meaning of ‘cash cow’
krakenpodcast author

Identity / Who are you?

The Mario Antoinette Bros, getting your cape trapped in the revolving door of oppression, and James Baldwin owning America
krakenpodcast author

Aliens / Did IQs just drop sharply while we were away?

Going to the Prince Charles Cinema with Iain Duncan Smith, finding the Queen Mother laying eggs, who Newt Gingrich’s real parents are, and the name of the sci-fi Falstaff
krakenpodcast author

Cycling / What gives you rage?

Godspeed you black bicycle, Halvin and Cobbes, Alan Moore’s sequel to From Hell, and the ongoing adventures of Humanhood
krakenpodcast author

Ghostbusters / What would you gender-swap?

Declaring war on Venezuela, how boys aren't the opposite of birds, how Hollywood films are like the T-1000, and Ian's thoughts on Pokemon Go
krakenpodcast author

Philosophy / How do you like to waste your time?

UK schools’ SAD scores, woke narcolepsy, how aliens drain our resolve, Chernobyl’s new tourist board slogan, and how Mary Berry really chooses the winner of The Great British Bake Off
krakenpodcast author

Ayn Rand / Are you a maker or a moocher?

The Chicago School’s Milton Van Houten, the sex scenes of The Fountainhead, Adele and her whiny taxes, and a long-delayed apology to a guy we met at an after-party
krakenpodcast author

Brexit 2 / Does democracy work?

Resurgences and requiems, the relation of menshevik and bolshevik to mendacious and bodacious, how to future-proof the UK, and the nature of the fossils in Michael Gove’s throat
krakenpodcast author

Finding Nemo / Is Pixar evil?

Weaponised sentimentality, Silicon Valley wage-fixing, Studio Ghibli pointlessness, and being on Team Blood Clot
krakenpodcast author