GroupBy – Free SQL Server Training is free technical training by the community, for the community. Volunteer speakers submit abstracts at and you – the attendee – vote to pick the sessions. Want to present your own session, or just vote on others? Join us at

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Description is free technical training by the community, for the community. Volunteer speakers submit abstracts at and you – the attendee – vote to pick the sessions. Want to present your own session or just vote on others? Join us at
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Using Open Source Products to Collect Performance Metrics by Tracy Boggiano

Ever had a manager standing over your shoulder, wanting to know why an instance is running slow or if it can handle additional workload? What information would you use to answer these questions? If only you knew what performance metrics to collect and ...

Columnstore Indexes: What are waiting for? by Niko Neugebauer

Every time you see a Columnstore Index getting involved in the execution plan, do you realize that there are whole execution plans behind those Index Scans ? Did you ever ask yourself, what are those strange and weird HT_* waits stand for ? Why do we w...

The Problems With Optional Operators by Erik Darling and Joe Obbish

The optimizer has options. Not every option is optimal. Optimistic query tuners hope that the optimizer will make optimal choices. Often, the optimizer will stick an optional operator in a plan that just doesn’t belong. Sorts, Spools, Lookups, Tops, Ag...

How to get your dream job: Resume & job hunting tips by Andy Mallon

What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a DBA, a teacher, a blogger, and a world-traveler. I'm living my dream. In this session, we'll talk about how I got where I am, and how you can get to where you want to be. In addition to sharing my...

What ‘Digital Transformation’ Means, and How You Can Use It to Advance Your Career by Kendra Little

Whether you love or hate buzzwords, the big ones signify critical cultural changes. In this session, Kendra Little will explain what executives mean when they describe a 'digital transformation', why this transformation is happening across all industri...

New Engine Features in SQL Server 2019 by Aaron Bertrand

A new release of SQL Server is like a new season of your favorite TV show. Some releases in the past were lacking; I always felt like SQL Server 2008 R2 was about as exciting as the Seinfeld finale. But Microsoft hasn't disappointed in recent years, an...

An Introduction to Partitioning by DBAfromthecold

This mainly demo-based session will cover the following: An introduction to partitioning, core concepts, and benefits. Choosing a Partitioning Key Creating Partition Functions & Schemes Indexing Considerations Splitting, Merging & Switching Pa...

Make Your Own SQL Server Queries Go Faster by John Sterrett

Have you ever developed slowly running queries and wondered how to make your own SQL Server queries go faster? I know I did. It is how I stumbled into my career in performance tuning.  In this session, you will learn some T-SQL performance tuning tips ...

T-SQL Tools: Simplicity for Synchronizing Changes by Martin Perez

One of most common problems a DBA or database developer may face is finding and syncing data changes efficiently between multiple systems. In this session we will look into different methods focusing on effective use of T-SQL and explore how these meth...

Be My Azure DBA (DSA) by Paul Andrew

There seems to be a common misconception that once you move from on premises SQL Server to Azure PaaS offerings a DBA is no longer required. This perception is wrong and in the session I’ll show you why. As a business intelligence consultant I develop ...

The Perfect Index by Arthur Daniels

Creating indexes is one of the most powerful ways to improve performance in your SQL Servers. It's not easy to form indexes for a large and complicated query, and things only get more complicated when queries can come from vendor applications, ORM tool...

Not just polish – How good code also runs faster by Daniel Hutmacher

I want to show you how just a little neater and tighter code can also run a lot faster. These are some of the instant performance improvements that won’t change a lot of code, won’t generate weeks of testing and validation for your colleagues and can b...

The Agile DBA: A Guide to Database DevOps with SSDT by Ryan Booz

As the DBA for an Agile, Sprint-based team, you may feel like the bottleneck at every turn. You’ve stuck with the existing processes and tools because it’s what you know. After all, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”  Right? I have good news!  With onl...

Getting Better Query Plans by Improving SQL’s Estimates by Brent Ozar

You've been writing T-SQL queries for a few years now, and when you have performance issues, you've been updating stats and using OPTION (RECOMPILE). It's served you well, but every now and then, you hit a problem you can't solve. Your data's been grow...

Advanced Query Tuning Techniques by Guy Glantser

You identified a query that is causing performance issues, and your mission is to optimize it and boost performance. You looked at the execution plan and created all the relevant indexes. You even updated statistics, but performance is still bad. Now w...

How to Monitor Everything by Maria Zakourdaev

Today's applications are not using monolithic approach anymore and evolving into micro-services architecture. Monitoring tools are also evolving, micro-services approach have stepped into this area as well. What you should do if you have several techno...

Columnstore Clustered vs Nonclustered, When to Choose What by Niko Neugebauer

The incredible Columnstore Indexes can increase your analytical query processing speed multiple times, they are updatable (Clustered from SQL Server 2014 and Nonclustered from SQL Server 2016 respectively), but they keep on supporting different sets of...

SQL Server Containers and Clones by Paul Stanton

Microsoft emphasizes use of containers for development and test on SQL Server 2017, and new solutions from Red Gate and Windocks add support for containers and SQL Server database cloning for the full range of the SQL Server family. We’ll explore use o...

SQL Server 2017 Community Driven Enhancements by Javier Villegas

Will cover all new SQL 2017 features that the Data Platform Community has requested and Microsoft has included in the next major version of SQL Server. 200 level

Architecting Availability Groups by Derik Hammer

This session will cover the pros and cons of four typical configurations of AlwaysOn Availability Groups; stand-alone instances, fail-over cluster instances, multi-subnet, and a hybrid approach that I call disaster-recovery-on-the-cheap. It will also i...

SQL Injection Attacks: Is Your Data Secure? by Bert Wagner

SQL injection is one of the most common ways that hackers gain access to your SQL server. Do you know how to harden your queries and protect your data from malicious users? This session will provide an overview of how SQL injection works and how to wri...

Making Your Emergency Toolkit by Rich Benner

You’ve just been given a server that is having problems and you need to diagnose it quickly. This session will take you through designing your own toolkit to help you quickly diagnose a wide array of problems. We will walk through scripts that will hel...

Effective Unit Testing for SQL Server by Gavin Campbell

There are tools available from Microsoft, as well as from a number of third party vendors, to ease the process of integrating database unit testing into your development environments and your continuous delivery pipeline. This session isn't about any o...

Uptight Database Security by Ronald Dameron

Do you work for an institution that fears its DBAs could go rogue on their production databases? Do you want to revoke continuous sysadmin permissions from your DBA team in an attempt to avoid being the next WikiLeak? Do you have concerns that the DBA ...

The Junior SQL Developer’s Kick-Start by Doug Lane

Congratulations on your recent move into the world of SQL Server development! You've got a handle on the basics -- SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE -- but now what? How do you know what's important to learn next, and what's most likely a waste of tim...

Improving SELECT * Query Performance by Erik Darling

You’re a DBA or Developer, and you have a gut feeling that these simple queries with an egregious number of columns in the SELECT list are dragging your server down. You’re not quite sure why, or how to index for them. Worst of all, no one seems to be ...

Writing your own encryption routines in SQL… and then cracking them by David Fowler

I’m going to look into the basics of how encryption works and then we’ll learn how we can go about writing our own encryption routines within SQL Server. When we’re happy that those routines are secure, we’ll look at ways that we can go about cracking ...

The Smart Way to Troubleshoot SQL Server Cluster and Availability Group Outages by Edwin M Sarmiento

SQL Server Failover Clustered Instances (FCI) and Availability Groups (AG) depend a lot on Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC). But when mission-critical databases go offline, bringing them back online could be a nerve-wracking experience. This s...

SQL Server Health Checks by Eugene Meidinger

You’ve just been handed a SQL Server, and you need to make sure there aren’t any skeletons in the closet. What things should you check to make sure everything is healthy? In this presentation, we’ll run you through the checklist I use when I provide a ...

SQL Server R Services in SQL 2016 by Chris Hyde

One of the most exciting new features of SQL Server 2016 is the integration of the R statistical programming language into the platform with the brand-new SQL Server R Services. In this introductory session we’ll briefly introduce the R language and th...

Elegant T-SQL Solutions for Real World Problems by Matan Yungman

T-SQL can help solve many problems you are faced with at your job. Each problem can have many solutions, but not every solution is simple to write, understand and maintain, and not every solution is good in terms of performance. In this session, we wil...

Query Store and Query Optimization on SQL Server 2017 by Dean Savović

In this session, I will talk about advantages of Query Store, features, configuration and query optimization using Query Store on SQL Server 2017. The session will also cover how one can monitor query performance, how Query Store gathers data and which...

Networking Internals for the SQL Server Professional with Anthony Nocentino

Once data leaves your SQL Server, do you know what happens, or is the world of networking a black box to you? Would you like to know how data is packaged up and transmitted to other systems, and what to do when things go wrong? Are you tired of being f...

Inside SQL Server In-Memory OLTP with Bob Ward

Based on the successful 500 Level talk at PASS 2016, this session will provide an internals view of how In-Memory OLTP works for SQL Server 2016 and 2017. Because this session is Advanced, it is intended for those that understand the basic fundamentals...

Working with Dynamic Data Masking & Row Level Security with John Martin

Microsoft has introduced native capability to the database engine around masking sensitive data and restricting access at the row level. Allowing us new options for building more secure Data Platform solutions. However, it is important to understand th...

Modern Data Warehousing: The New Approach to Azure BI with Simon Whiteley

On this session, we follow the movement of data through batch and speed layers via Azure Data Lake Store & Analytics, Data Factory, SQL Datawarehouse and Streaming Analytics, before looking briefly at Azure Analysis Services with PowerBI. This is a...

Enhancements That Will Make Your SQL Database Engine Roar, 2016SP1 Edition with Pedro Lopes

It just works – performance and scale in SQL Server 2016 database engine and what is being added to in-market versions. This session will showcase several improvements in SQL Server, focusing on the latest enhancements that address some of the most com...

Why TSQL was the Language of the Year with Terry McCann

TSQL was voted best programming language in 2013, let’s explore why! In this session, we will look at what makes SQL such a fascinating language. We will do this by working through a few real-life development problems and common design challenges based...

Monitoring Availability Groups with Tracy Boggiano

Once you have successfully configured Availability Groups, what comes next? In this session, we will go beyond setup and look at how to monitor your Availability Groups. We will define and cover important metrics and alerts you need to manage a databas...

Statistics 101 with Steph Locke

We can be better at our jobs if we have a good grasp of basic statistics. It doesn’t matter if you’re a DBA looking to understand query plan performance, a data warehouse person needing to come up with ETL load time estimates, or an analyst needing to ...

How to Evaluate if SQL 2016 In-Memory OLTP is Right for Your Workload with Ned Otter

You’ve heard that In-Memory OLTP is fast, but how do you know if your workload can take advantage of this awesome feature? We will explore In-Memory OLTP workload evaluation, use cases, architecture, capacity planning, data migration, hot/cold data, po...

Why Defragmenting Your Indexes Isn't Helping with Brent Ozar

For years, you've heard that you're supposed to reorganize your indexes to make SQL Server go faster. It sounds like it makes sense - keep things in order, right? But you keep doing it, and SQL Server isn't getting any faster. You've even heard that se...

Successful Production Deployments with Columnstore Index in SQL Server 2016 with Sunil Agarwal

Imagine your Data Warehouse is growing exponentially to multi-terabytes and you have been tasked to make analytics queries even faster while keeping the cost of storage low. Industry leading SQL Server 2016 columnstore technology can help you solve the...

Green is good, Red is bad – Turning Your Checklists into Pester Tests with Rob Sewell

I was required to prove that I had successfully installed and configured a backup solution across a large estate. I had a number of success criteria that had to be met. Checking all of these by hand (eye) would have been error prone, so I wrote a test ...

SQL Server & Containers with Andrew Pruski

Attendees will be taken through the following: Defining what containers are (benefits and limitations) Configuring Windows Server 2016 to run containers Installing the docker engine Pulling/Pushing SQL images from/to the docker repository Running SQL ...

SQL Server and Continuous Integration with James Anderson

How do you know your database change won’t affect something you haven’t thought of? Database objects can have many dependent objects in the database and in the application. Keeping track of these dependencies can be difficult, especially if the databas...

DBAs vs Developers: JSON in SQL Server 2016 with Bert Wagner

The war between DBAs and developers has been raging since the dawn of relational databases. One reason for disagreement comes from developers who want to store their data in JSON because it is fast, standard, and flexible. DBAs cringe when they hear of...

Keeping Up with Technology: Drinking from the Firehose with Eugene Meidinger

SQL Server releases every 2 years. SSMS releases every month. Power BI releases every week. It’s impossible to “keep up” with technology, and it’s foolish to try. Instead, you should realize you have a limited amount of TrainingBucks: time, energy and ...

T-SQL for Beginners with Andrea Allred

Are you new to SQL Server and not sure where to begin with T-SQL? Does it feel like a foreign language? The objective of this session is to go over simple T-SQL Statements and to show you how to build on them. We will focus on simple select statements ...

Getting CI Right for SQL Server with Alex Yates

This isn’t the dark ages anymore. You’ve learned that you need to put your database in source control and you’re competent with source control systems like TFS or Git. You’ve also learned how to express your database in script form using a tool like SS...