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Join hosts, Lucas Wilson and Matt Buckley, as they scour the internet for the world's most unbelievable stories, from the humorous to the curious to the bizarre. There is no shortage of entertainment to be had as these two try to make sense of it all through jokes, debates, and critical analysis. You just might find yourself shouting,"That's poppycock," too!
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Emergency Time Traveling Drive-Thru Phallus

You thought we were finished?! Think again! Matt Buckley pops by the studio to do a bonus Flapdoodle for the fans. A mountain gains a giant wooden member, someone thinks the president can save them from their lawless ways, Matt tests Luke on some time ...
Psycho Jellyfish author

Flapdoodle Finale

It was bound to happen eventually, but Flapdoodle has come to an end. This the last official episode of Flapdoodle Forum. There might be some occasional flaps in the future, but alas, here we are. This week we bring to you a tale of reverse engineered ...
Psycho Jellyfish author

Bee Particles

CERN camp! Where every kid's scientific dreams comes true! Answering questions like, will reality continue to exist if we stop looking at it? Or, just how well can a bee's brain pilot a drone?  Other mentions: Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Bob's Burgers, CERN, Gh...
Psycho Jellyfish author

Moon of Frozen Heads

When the dust on the moon settles we will look to the stars and remember the time we spent on that iceberg before it became necessary to remove our heads.  Other Mentions: Star Wars, Alien Life, Moon Base, Creepy Medical  Experiments, Growing Organs, C...
Psycho Jellyfish author

Giant Plant Slug from Mars

Did you know there's a slug out there that steals chloroplast from plants and uses it to synthesize? Or that we've received some strange radio bursts from space? Neither did we.   Other Mentions: Getting to mars, Lucas’s mom’s ghost tails, eating thing...
Psycho Jellyfish author

Prank Calls from the Otherside

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, a spirit phone! Be careful about picking that up though, it might implant false memories.  Other Mentions: Lucas hears weird noises, waking nightmares, alien abduction, Hitler insults Dave, Ghosts of America. Edited ...
Psycho Jellyfish author

Bionic Baby Legs

Ready, set, GO! Race the lab grown bionic limbed baby as it rockets away at 45 mph, leaving you and all humanity in its dust. Don't be too sad, perhaps Canada's ghosts will take pity on you.  Other Mentions: The Flapdoodle conspiracy message, running t...
Psycho Jellyfish author

Phantom of the Pancreas

Phantom particles of life in the sky, and man made organs on the ground. Will these two factions coexist in peace? Or will there be war? Other Mentions: Ghosts of America Edited by Aaron Spadaro
Psycho Jellyfish author

Internet Nukes

There comes a time and place when one may need to ask themselves"am I worthy enough to hold the key to the Internet? And if not, will someone else get the bomb?" Other mentions: Ghosts of America Edited by Aaron Spadaro
Psycho Jellyfish author

Conspire With A Spirit

We bring on more of the spooky as Lucas reads out a few local ghostly stories and Matt shares a list of dubious conspiracy theories.  Other Mentions: Bizarre States, Josh Gates.  Edited by Aaron Spadaro
Psycho Jellyfish author

Double Ghosts

Sometimes you just need more than one ghost story, and we're here to provide! Whether it be spectral children with demonic eyes or news hating ghouls, we'll discuss it all.  Other Mentions: standup, Bizarre States, the early Internet and AOL, Nationsta...
Psycho Jellyfish author

Vascular Anaconda

Sometimes you just need to talk about how some people want to be eaten by snakes, while others just want to grow some veins.  Other Mentions: Bizarre States, Josh Gates, reverse aging treatment.
Psycho Jellyfish author

Seastar Fusion

There's many a weird thing in the ocean, but have you seen anything as unusual as the brittlestar lately? Or perhaps, has it crossed your mind that we might be on the verge of perfecting fusion as an energy source? That and more on this week's episode ...
Psycho Jellyfish author

Call of Duty: Modern Immortal

Two men must rise to the occasion to discuss all that is weird and fascinating in the world. This week our intrepid heroes look at how our government is turning to Call of Duty writers and other creatives to predict potential world turmoil. In other pa...
Psycho Jellyfish author

The Higgs Cellphone Brain

Matt and Lucas have a special guest tonight in the form of The Highwaymen's own Ulisses Gonsalves! No time is wasted here as the trio forges ahead with discussions about mysterious cellphone tapping towers, warnings from a genius, and just how flexible...
Psycho Jellyfish author

Solar Robot Hologram

We've got a special guest this episode! Lost Radio's own Jason Gagnon hops on board to speculate about the interesting and weird! This week we've got roads paved in solar rays, an internet powered robobrain, and solving that one pesky questions, are we...
Psycho Jellyfish author

The Elderly Extraterrestrial

Did you think we were all out of alien stories to share, well think again! Matt brings in a pair of articles fresh off the Internet discussing a crowd sourced search for alien artifacts on the moon and an unusual image that appears to show a person sta...
Psycho Jellyfish author

Black Hole Fruit Tree

We dive into the big picutre questions this week. Matt brings along the theory black holes and white holes are one and the same, while Lucas shares a story about grafting different types of fruit to one tree which totally gets off topic. That's Flapdoo...
Psycho Jellyfish author

Sinus Painkillers for Cannibals

Dave's joining Matt and Lucas to discuss a little about nose's growing where they shouldn't be, powerful painkillers sitting in your mouth, and the morbid use of human remains.  Other Mentions: Bizarre States, Eternal Evil, Josh Gates, Scare Tactics, T...
Psycho Jellyfish author

Reincarnated Laws

WE'RE BACK!! We've got new place and a new episode! Matt shares a little article about a three year old boy who claims to be the a reincarnated murder victim, while Lucas lists off a series of bizarre laws governing the paranormal!
Psycho Jellyfish author

Lucky LSD Salad

Join us for a wild ride as we discuss the finer points of defying death on multiple occasions, marinating your steaks in LSD, and making sure you find the hidden bird leg in your salad.
Psycho Jellyfish author

Ghostly Potato

What starts off as an article on the most haunted island in the world quickly becomes a discussion on the ghostly experiences of Matt and Lucas as they share paranormal stories from their past, oh, and a guy robs a store with a potato.
Psycho Jellyfish author

Brain Regenerator

Traumatic brain injuries reveal hidden talents, and science will make your organs like new again on this episode!
Psycho Jellyfish author

13 McFlurries

Throw superstition out the window by forming a club to prove that you have nothing to fear from anyone angry over their McFlurry.
Psycho Jellyfish author

Suicide Rocket Gun and Chocolate Record

Don't be putting that gun in your pants now, it's gone and joined a suicide club as fast as a rocket! But if that made you depressed, try a delicious chocolate record.
Psycho Jellyfish author

Dwarf Cat

On another Josh Gatesless episode of Flapdoodle Forum, our dearest hosts get to the down and dirty deeds of making up outlandish excuses for driving well underage, or the horrors of a man who adopts cats just to satisfy his appetite.
Psycho Jellyfish author

The Banana Show

Grab the remote and turn on the tv! There's a AK-47 toting Banana showing all the world the best way to eat food. Don't miss the show!
Psycho Jellyfish author

Flatulent Goblin Chipper

What happens when you put a goblin in a woodchipper? Well, farts of course!
Psycho Jellyfish author

Wifi Duck Nerves

It's a special episode today as Matt and Lucas are joined by actor Travis Richey! The three show their concern for deceased rubber ducks, marvel at the advancements in brain science, and contemplate the future as wifi is used to detect movement!
Psycho Jellyfish author

Magic Robots

Do you know the signs you may be dealing with a cursed coconut? Do you know how the tell tale signs your friendly telemarketer is a robot or not? The Flapdoodle gang is here to help.
Psycho Jellyfish author

Injured Drone

Lurking in the woods may be a moose just waiting to dart out of the way to let a bullet strike you while you poo, but don't worry, while you lay bleeding on the floor of your bathroom you can order a bandage on Amazon and have it delivered by drone in ...
Psycho Jellyfish author

The Ghostly Russian Fish Elf

What do you say? Putin is your friend? Perhaps then you need to look at these lovely facades for they prefer teeth of a fish and an elf on every cliff. Just don't forget to return a screaming skull's dying wish.
Psycho Jellyfish author

Squirrel Butt the Video Game

Another Highwaymen cast member comes to join us for this week's episode of Flapdoodle Forum! We discuss video games' effectiveness at increasing your brain power, the scientific reasons for studying the size of one's bottom, and just how crazy you have...
Psycho Jellyfish author

Alien Bear Scarf

Prepare to be tantelized by tales of super-bears hybrids posing as Yetis, alien life residing just on the cusp of our dear planet's atmosphere, and just how far one man is willing to run before he finishes his knitted scarf. We're also joined by specia...
Psycho Jellyfish author

Undead Cricket

Prepare for Flapdoodles! Matt steals the story Lucas picked out, leaving the two with no choice but to settle their differences with a cricket fight in an attempt to revoke their death certificates.
Psycho Jellyfish author

Jetpack Clown

Quick everyone, put on your jetpacks, we need to escape the scary British clowns!
Psycho Jellyfish author

The Infertile Mystery Man

Mystery and intrigue abound in this round of flapdoodles! The implications of a medical breakthrough are pondered, and a mystery man is on the loose in a forest not near you. Don't miss out on the craziness!
Psycho Jellyfish author

Regenerative Tube

Science wows the world once again as hearts are made to order, teeth are grown from urine, and tubes rocket passengers to far off reaches of the country!
Psycho Jellyfish author

Psychic Head Transplant

Heads are swapped and bodies are found in this psychic filled episode!
Psycho Jellyfish author

Hitler in North Korea

Matt and Luke solo episode in which the two discuss the absurdity of Hitler being associated with superheros and those wascally shenanigans of North Korea are up to again.
Psycho Jellyfish author

Bottled Angel Arms

Verily I sayeth unto you listen and rejoice, for as disarmed soldiers reunite the gothic writer cast his stories into the sea with promise of discovery in faraway lands, and whence discovered the multitudes will look upon his works and know that he was...
Psycho Jellyfish author

German Ice Cream Colors Under Surveillance

Ask yourself. How many colors would a German boy see if he was eating ice cream while the government tracked him on a magic based electronic app? If you can answer that, then I'll see you in clown court! ENJOY!
Psycho Jellyfish author

Genetic Ice Cream Bacon Flies from Iceland

You ready for this ice cream and bacon flavored adventure!? All genetically recreated and prepared to make aviation history? Just make sure you know who you're related to first.
Psycho Jellyfish author

Dog Burglar

Dog lovers, be on the lookout for a strange young man with a shovel sized bruise prowling the streets and kidnapping your beloved pets. Stay vigilant and you'll never have to worry about Fido getting involved in one of those subterranean canine train g...
Psycho Jellyfish author

Realistic Spaceship

Welcome to the future of reality, where you will live to be 200 years old with vat grown rat hips and watch movies all day long on the moon base's virtual theater! You will give academy awards to actors who doen't exist when this masterpeice of podcast...
Psycho Jellyfish author

Toilet Climbing Squid: The Movie

Don't spend your life sitting on the toilet, get out there and explore! You could climb to the top of a pyramid if you wanted to, but don't be surprised when squids start suicide bombing your beach party. Who knows, they might even make a movie about y...
Psycho Jellyfish author

Mutant Telepathic Rats

"Rats. Rats. Rats! Thousands! Millions of them! All red-blood! All these I will give you if you will obey me!"
Psycho Jellyfish author

Stealthy Cybernetic Jelly

Look over your shoulders folks! Jelly is raining from the sky! It could be stealthily watching your every move, or maybe that's just the government? Better prepare those cybernetic fists you've been saving for a special occasion.
Psycho Jellyfish author

Tombstone Canned Miracles

Will the Chinese government survive the tomb of the sadomassocistic cult, or vomit pure cows milk after inhaling canned air? You, the listener, must decide! Enjoy!
Psycho Jellyfish author

Webcam Neanderthals

Have you ever suffered from the paranoid delusion that a neanderthal was watching you through the webcam in your computer? Perhaps you're not as crazy as you think? Or maybe you are, it's up to you really. But that's besides the point! Tonight Matt and...
Psycho Jellyfish author