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Fitness Mag Podcast: The official podcast of Fitness Magazine and Fitness Magazine His Edition.
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Episode 93: Wholesome Nutrition for You, with Ian Craig and Rachel Jesson

Scott Robinson joins us to discuss the details of resting metabolic rate.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 92: Resting Metabolic Rate, with Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson joins us to discuss the details of resting metabolic rate.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 91: The Supashape Challenge

We chat with the category winners of the Supashape Challenge, how they did it and where they started!
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 90: How to beat DOMS

Learn some tips on how to manage and ultimately beat delayed onset muscle soreness -- you know, that feeling when you hurt after being awesome in the gym.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 89: What NOT to Skimp on

You hosts tell you what you should NOT, ever, skimp on in fitness.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 88: Fitness Tech at CES

We go over the best (and weirdest!) fitness tech shown off at this year's CES event. Hint: smart undergarments!
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 87: Last minute fitness gifts!

Admit it, you still have some shopping to do. So, procrastinate just a little bit longer and listen to some of our best holiday gift ideas for that fitness person (or yourself!) in your life.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 86: KEEP IT UP! Training through the holidays

Just because the festive season includes all those extra calories and holiday eats doesn't mean you have to let go of those hard-earned fitness goals! We've got Matt Active back in studio to help us give you some tips on keeping it up through the holid...
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 85: Indoor Endurance Training? WHAT?

You don't always have to be outside to train for endurance. We know you'll think that's crazy, but it's true! We discuss indoor endurance training with the incredible voice of Matt Active from the Fitness Fort. He also attempts to sell Cory on attendin...
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 84: Train Like a Pro! Top Ten Things The Pros Do.

We drop our top ten list of the things professional athletes do that you don't -- but you can start! Train like a PRO!
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 83: Listener Questions Answered, AGAIN!

For the second week in a row, we're back for another round. We answer your fitness and health questions!
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 82: Listener Questions and Answers!

We answer your fitness and health questions!
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 81: Training on the Cheap, with Peter Carvell's Peter Carvell joins the crew to talk about training on the cheap. You don't need a lot of money to have a lot of muscle, burn fat, or get fit. Peter even gives you an exclusive Fitness Mag Podcast workout!
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 80: Multi-Sport Training for EVERYONE!

Special guest host Nico Sterk, 2-time World Cup top 20 finisher and Coach at Sterk Span Coaching Academy, joins Cory and Pedro to talk training for multisport athletes at every level. Learn how to get started and how to succeed!
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 79: Supplements -- What, When, and Why?!

In the third installment of our podcast series on supplements, Mario van Biljon enlightens us on the reasons why supplements may be important to meet your goals, what you should take, and when to utilise them for maximum effect.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 78: Controversy and Supplements

Mario van Biljon joins us again for part two of three of our series on the supplement industry. In this episode we discuss the many controversies surrounding the business.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 77: The State of the Supplement Industry

Joining the podcast is the Godfather of the sports supplement industry in South Africa, Mario van Biljon, to chat about the current state of the supplement industry.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 76: Peter Carvell, the Six-Pack Factory

The team gets a behind-the-curtain interview with the hyper-successful founder, Peter Carvell.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 75: Strength Training for Endurance

Wanna become a better endurance athlete? Do some strength training. Scott MacIntosh joins the crew again to shed some light on the situation. Point one: being strong makes you harder to kill.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 74: Hardcore Hanneke Dannhauser, Ultimate Warrior

Elite obstacle course racing athlete Hanneke Dannhauser joins us in the studio to talk about her recent Warrior Race event and her future challenges.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 73: Low Reps vs. High Reps

Cory and Pedro chat with Strength and Conditioning Coach Scott MacIntosh, owner of The Yard Athletic, to discuss the different results you can expect from low reps vs. high reps.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 72: How To Do A Home Gym Right

Guest host Rob Labuschagne joins us again to discuss the right way to maximise your home gym. What to buy, when to buy it, and how to decide what is right for your fitness goals.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 71: A Brief History of Equipment -- Why is it a DUMBbell?

Our expert panel (??!!) drops some knowledge bombs about key pieces of fitness equipment. Where did the kettlebell come from? Why is it called a dumbbell?
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 70: Uncommon Eating Disorders, With Guest Dani Waterston

Fitness Genie, Consulting Nutritionist, Research Psychologist, and USN Face of Fitness finalist Dani Waterston gives her expert views on disordered eating and the mental and physical challenges people face. You'll be surprised how common they are!
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 69: STOP! The Sweetener Truth

Sugar? Artificial Sweetener? Do it? Maybe? Don't? Pedro and Cory discuss the newest research about the bittersweet truth of non-nutritive sweeteners.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 68: The Science of Sweat, How To Drink Right

Think you know how much water you should drink, both in and out of the gym? Think again. New research has shown that we may be overdoing it! So, listen up and get the facts on the science of sweat.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 67: You're Screwing Up Your Cardio!

Think about cardio, seems simple, right? Wrong. You're probably screwing it up! But don't worry, we'll show you the light, and give you the tips you'll need to do it right every time.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 66: How to Have a Healthy Holiday

Get through those hectic holidays and beat the idea that you can't maintain fitness during those days away. Get insights and workout ideas from Fitness Magazine Editor and guest Tanja Schmitz.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 65: 6 Really Bad Exercises...Or Are They?

STOP! Cutting through the hype to determine which of these 6 exercises are really bad for you. Get the real story!
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 64: Listener Q and A -- You Asked, We Answered

Pedro and Cory answer listener questions covering a wide range of fitness and health topics. Email us at!
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 63: ULTRAmarathons - The Amazing People Who Do Them

Three finishers of the recent Comrades Marathon join us in studio to talk about the insanity involved with running ultra-endurance events. Time to step up!
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 62: Training When You're Sick

Should you train when you're sick? What's the worst than happen? A lot, actually. But, there are a few things you CAN do. Listen up and learn more about what's safe and what isn't.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 61: SEX! (and Fitness), Part 2

Let's talk about SEX (again!), Baby. In part 2 of SEX! (...and Fitness), Pedro and Cory get together (again!) with Sexologist Catriona Boffard to talk how sex can improve your fitness and health...or can it?! Learn more, now! Press play.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 60: SEX! (and Fitness), Part 1

Let's talk about SEX, Baby. Let's talk about you and fitness and sex, to be exact. Pedro and Cory get together with Sexologist Catriona Boffard about how your fitness and health has an effect on your life between the sheets.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 59: Personal Training - the Life and Choosing One

With special guest Dylan Van Houten, we decode the mysteries of the life of a personal trainer. We expose the paths you can take to create a personal training career and how to choose the right trainer to help you reach your fitness goals.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 58: Fit Tech Update - Jabra SPORT PULSE

Fresh from the Cape Town PR event for the brand new Jabra SPORT PULSE, Pedro clues us in on the newest tech for monitoring your fitness.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 57: Stress and Your Fitness

Stress is bad. But it gets's really bad. It can affect more than just your mental state! We dive deep into the causes and some solutions for stress, and how it can affect your fitness goals.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 56: Jen Jewell Visits South Africa

The illustrious Jen Jewell, fitness superstar and current Fitness mag cover model, visits South Africa for a holiday and TWO awesome workshops in Joburg and Cape Town!
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 55: Wake Up! This is About Coffee

Go ahead, have another cup of coffee, it's actually pretty awesome stuff. How often do you hear that?! Learn about the various benefits of coffee in this week's podcast -- best served in the morning.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 54: The Phat Fat

This fat is good, it's phat, it's brown, and it burns calories? It's called brown fat, and we all have it. If we had more, it would be awesome, because it acts a little bit like muscle! Listen up and learn.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 53: Special Interview, the USN Body Makeover Challenge Winners!

Special Interview: Pedro talks on-location at the USN Body Makeover Challenge gala event to this year's winners. Hear their stories now!
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 52: Getting Out -- Trail Running for Beginners

Step 1: Get off your couch. Step 2: Lace up your shoes. Step 3: Hit the trail. Trail running is almost that simple, and Pedro (2015 ProNutro AfricanX Trail Runner) tells us what else is involved and how to get started today.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 51: Top 5 Men of the USN Body Makeover Challenge

Pedro and Cory catch up with USN and the top 5 male finalists of the USN Body Makeover Challenge. Hear their amazing transformation stories!
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 50: Carb Cycling For Dummies

One of our amazing listeners emailed us a very relevant question about carb cycling: "What the heck is it?!" Listen up and get the skinny on the basics of carb cycling and how you can start doing it today for fat loss results.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 49: How Active Are You, Really?

We are joined by the editor of Fitness Magazine, Tanja Schmitz, to chat about how active we really are in our daily lives. After a week using the FitBit Charge HR to track our activity, heart rate, and sleep patterns, we discuss what we've found and ho...
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 48: Wearable Tech - FitBit Charge HR

Fresh from the South African FitBit Charge HR launch event, Pedro and Cory give thoughts on the newest product in the FitBit line: the Charge HR. Listen for interviews and insights about using the FitBit Charge HR and other wearable fitness tech to mea...
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 47: The Gravity of Symmetry, with Sean Johnson

Gravity. It's a big deal, it has a profound effect on our bodies, but what if you're not symmetrical? Things can get ugly, so we talk to Bowen Therapist Sean Johnson all about it.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 46: Don't Quit! 5 Motivation Tips That Work!

As we near the end of January, many people may be questioning (or have already quit!) their New Year's resolutions to get fit, lose fat, and get healthy. We're here for you, and want to say DON'T QUIT! The fruits of your labor are about to pay off, and...
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 45: Nutrition and Modern Eating, at Leafy Greens Cafe

As a human population, we seem to be undernourished and overfed. What exactly are we eating in these modern times? Has the nutritional value of our food been compromised? Learn about some reasons why we may not be getting enough nutrients.
Fitness Magazine author

Episode 44: Nutrition and Your DNA

We chat again with Helen de Beer from DNAlysis Biotechnology about how nutrition affects our DNA, or how our genetics affects the way our bodies deal with certain diets -- one size does not fit all. Listen and learn!
Fitness Magazine author