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Hosted by Chaos"Kody" Infintium and Raving"Matt" Rendal exploring the realms of geek, gamer, and whatever the hell else culture. There is no safe corner we won't pollute, nothing is safe, nothing!
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February 25th 2013 - Trolling, The Art Of

Richie Has a Problem Staying On Task Some how we end up talking about Brothels? We take another 2 Shots at some places Richie Fights the Good fight for financial Aid Massive Technical Failure Rendal Addresses The Onion's Faux Pas We come back fr...

February 18th 2013 - Marvel at Heroes! Meteorites and RedSons! VR Tech how close and how far?

Marvel Heroes and wtf!?!? $199 Price Tag WUT!?! Disorganized Gamer Segment of "Dear David Cage" The Internal Plots of Devastation Against Ourselves and Tentacle Violation is an excuse on the show Chaos is getting his sights set on a Nerdsite Steal...

February 11th 2013 - Revenge of the Mic Stream! We Enter the Cage with David Cage and Mock that French Bish

This One's a Long One Folks No Rendal This Week Sorta Gamer Designers and their Vices Canadia is getting Rid of Pennies South American Wolverine is a BAWS Superman Goes Bat shit in Injustice Comic ~~~~~Break~~~~~ Biased Polls and Nonsense DIC...

January 28th 2013 - Pokemmo, Players In Houses, and The State Of Gaming

Pokemmo and Chaos May Cry DCUO and Player Housing In Games Manslaughter and Indency in One Go! Rendal's Obsessed with BroForce DMC:Devils Are Penisless and Pimping Mufasaprime ~~~~Break time~~~~~ The State of Gaming Address and Discussion

January 21st 2013 - WTF Stream Issues, Stupidity and Gaming, and General Ravings!

WTF Stream Issues, Stupidity and Gaming, and General Ravings!   Well Look Here We aren't streaming live wtf Jack?! And we bitch about it EA and Shady EULA EA vs Activision vs Stupidity of Making games.... There's a Theme Here! Gamers and an inat...

January 14th 2013 - 2 years w/The Rabbit and Many BLOOPERS!

Stupid Criminals and Stupid Deaths More Breaking down and done! Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies of this year! The Fast Vulgar Version! MMO's of 2013!

January 7th 2013 Better Known As Chaos Breaks The F*** Down


New Years Eve 2012

It's the New Years Episode, expect anything! ANYTHING!

December 24th 2012

We try REAL hard to be decent in view of the holiday spirit. Doesn't end to well....

December 17th 2012


December 10th 2012

Where we're going we don't need scripts! All Attempts at an organized show are thrown out the window, it's off the books time baby!

December 3rd 2012


November 26th 2012 - We Dream of not a Crappy Show.

We Dream of not a crappy show! Larry Hagman Died, We Work off script, Chaos Cancelled Thanksgiving and much more zaniness!

November 19th 2012 - a wild... man can't even make a joke Twinkies are dead man.

Chaos is Sick, and not just in the head.     Chaos is sick, twinkies are dead, We are unsurprised with the elections, and much more!

November 12th 2012 - STOP THE INSANITY! Our Election Special!

STOP THE INSANITY! It's our Pre-Election Special! Mock the vote? That's for kids we tear it UP! Abraham Lincoln style...

November 5th 2012


October 29th 2012 - 2012 Halloween Special

THIS! IS! HALLOWEEN! Yep We Celebrate Halloween cause we LOVE Halloween.. The one day a year where, us being us is NORMAL! JOYGASM!

October 22nd 2012 - Gamers, locked, cocked and ready to Fap!

With a Title like that anything else need not be said. Patient Zero IRL Zombie Shooter Game CW's The Arrow shoots straight Wins over Host What the Hell is wrong with The Old Republic!?! F2P means F2P! Not bust a load on the gamers face and expect ...

October 15th 2012 - What?! NYCC You Got Nothing? BOO!

The Beginning of the Conversions... Be Afraid. We also take some double barreled shots at NYCC and the complete lack of anything useful coming out it this year.

October 1st 2012 - Pandas, Censorship, and The Man Is Up and Down

Pandas, Censorship, and The Man Is Up and Down We Delve into some Mists of Pandara Stan 'The Man' Lee is going Mr. Roboto ala Tony Stark Fox Hires Comic Writer to Write Comic Movie Scripts Wii U Launch Detected! Curiosity beams new images while ...

September 24th 2012


September 17th 2012


September 10th 2012


August 27th 2012


August 20th 2012


August 13th 2012


July 30th 2012


July 23rd 2012 - The Geek, The Freak, and The Madness Reborn

Our Madness takes new Turns, New twists, and we go new places!

July 16th 2012 - Look! The Wily New Co-Host Appears!

After Firing the other host, we've got a new shiny one! JOY!   We Welcome Richie as he brings new things to the table, and new madness!

July 9th 2012 - It's Hard to Make Funny Titles All the Time Dammit!

It's Hard to Make Funny Titles All the Time Dammit!   It really is!

July 2nd 2012 - Science it's Like Magic but Less Annoying

Opening Banter Leap Second and Heat Wave Strike Down Interwebs ObamaCare and You - The Good and the Very Bad SDCC Starts Next Week, Hold Onto Your Butts Technical Malfunction of the Furball Kind China's First Female Astronaut Returns Japan to B...

June 25th 2012 - Succently Sweet Madness of Mondays

Sorry for the Week Delay on this Had to Use "Easy RSS Feeder" which is a CRAP program We Ask for Donations Just So We Can Use Better Programs! Our Witty Opening Banter Now Comes with Aliens Today! Arizona Anti-Immigration Law Squeaks by on some pa...

June 18th 2012 - We Abdicate to the Abadacus not Named Atticus

Furries congregrate and pull over $20k together to help a Pittsburgh Deli Rodney King is Dead.. That's It. All we Got. Two Year Reprieve from Deportation Thanks to Obama Circular Cycles of Nonsense Bushy Jr's head on a pike, The Interwebs Esplode! CB...

June 11th 2012 - We Few, We Oh Lucky Few, We Band of Buggered

Opening Banter There's be so many deaths: Musicians Collection(Gibon, Welch, Cosey), Trolo Guy (Eduard Khil), Ray Bradbury The Morningstar Passes The Daystar Ton-Ton Furries Shame On Wisconsin for Falling Flat Japan to Restart Nuclear Plants John Dee...

June 4th 2012 - We're Back From Ether Space! Break's Over Time to CONQUER EARTH!

We Return From Wence we Came! Opening Banter Many deaths in the Media but Richard Dawson Stands Out The break down and degeneration of game shows on TV The break almost kills Rendal Grievances with E3 Starts Today! There are No Zombies...

May 28th 2012 - As Our Break Ends The Madness Is Reborn

Rendal in a final bid of our Vacation get's interrupted by a Surprise Chaos! Site's overhauls are done and relaunches with it's brand spanking look and layout! Naughty Clergies Butler Releases Secrets! Asexual cooks and serves own Meat and Veggies to...

May 14th 2012 - Revengeful Return of Rendal's Ravings!

Besides this episode, we've been taking month off cause we desperately needed a break. But Rendal got up and decided he was going to do a special episode of Finite Exposure, harking back to his original Raving Rendal Days! Tune in and enjoy!

April 30th 2012 - 100th Episode Banaza!

Episode 100, Time To Go CRAZY Dark Knight Rises Info Just for Todd from Jackalope Summer Movies Looking Forward To, Some We're Not, and Some Sorta Graveyard Book becoming a movie, interesting Guild Wars 2 Beta has entered BETA Why won't Halo Die...

April 23rd 2012 - Spaced Spies with Nature's Wrath

Death of an American Dream Follow Up To FBI Hooker Gate Wally World Just Fucked Themselves, Hard without Lube and with Sandpaper on Aisle 12 Dark Shadows and Famed Stage Actor, Jonathan Frid passed away. Sadly Dick Clark has fallen to. Sweet Mot...

April 16th 2012 - Floppy Launches, Secret Slips, and ESRB Parental Fails

Korea Still Sucks At Missle Launches Secret Service and Military Caught with Cock in Hand but no Cash What. The. Fuck. Is wrong with the U.S.!?!?! So The Looper looks actually interesting Small Side Note.. Surprise surprise 2/3's of Parents don'...

April 9th 2012 - Russia Wins This Round Comrades

Russia Wins, Have Preserved Wooly Mammoth Russia Strikes another Mighty Blow, irradiate mind control zombie gun Famous Painter Thomas Kinkade 60 Minutes Journalist Mike Wallace Adult Swim Joke May Become Reality This isn't your League of Gentlem...

April 2nd 2012 - Odd News and DAFU!?!

Rick Santorum Ruined His Campaign FaceWoman took "pushing up daisies" way too literally.Yes We Introduce our own Feature! Macabre and Odd NewsLegend of KorraNightbreed, Clive Barker Might be breathing Life into itAnime Juggernaut "BLEACH" has come t...

March 26th 2012 - Games and Porn get Blamed for EVERYTHING

Odd - Japanese Ghost Ship off Coast of Canada, Chaos has already sent an email to Japan Odder - Prom is a Magical Time, especially when your date is a Porn Star WEIRD - Games and Porn blamed for decline of alcohol sales in Japan Global Bank Leader...

March 19th 2012 - Michael Bay Destroyer of Franchises without using Panda's!

We Pay Our Respects to Encyclopedia Britannica! Searched and Seizures involve Ball Dropping Going to have to Buy This Months Playboy... Seriously... Dark Shadows Trailer Premiered 21 Jump Street Michael Bay Destroyer of Franchises Leprechaun Re...

March 12th 2012 -"Treasons, Betrayals, And Electro-Lifts" What is Mugged by Furries for 2 Cents?

Man Mugged by Fox, and it's not a Furry or Woman Joke The Goddam Batman in Brazil! Two Chinese Kids Commit Suicide to Time Travel... Not. A. Joke. Man Bought Fake iPhone. Man Got Angry. Man Killed Two People. LulzSec Leader flips on Anon cause he...

March 5th 2012 - Googly Violations of NASholes and DOOM!

Google Violating the Law One Continent at a Time Review of Justice League:DOOM The top 10 movies people lie about having seen Walking Dead News Banaza! The Arrow, a show that sounds ridiculous! Zynga Gone Wild! A Real Fitness Game, Zombies! Run...

February 27th 2012 - Now with 50% more Pirates and Green Terrorists Warrior Princesses!

Let's Talk Piracy and You! Bit of Walking Dead Interest Phantom Menace, Hate We Are Full Of Yes So WB has to fuck with more anime Franchises, on the Shooting Range is BLEACH How is the following Not a Tim Burton Film? Milton Berle was Supposed t...

February 20th 2012 - Anthony Brownrigg Interview

A Very Special Episode We Sit down and interview Indie Horror Film Director, Actor, Writer, and Producer.. (Yes a Man of MANY MANY hats) Anthony Brownrigg! We shot the breeze with him to talk about his long running in production purgatory Freeborn. ...

February 13th 2012 - With Moar Madness, Blood, Guts, and Cheese?

Comic Book Men a reality TV show that, is entertaining.. The Walking Dead Shamble back onto screen and bite backMore Motherfucking Vampires.. Give us a BreakMore Motherfucking SmallvilleMost Evil Thing We'll See for the past weekGeorge Boy Toy Lucas...

February 6th 2012 - It's a Sad Cruel, Sick Sick World. Evil Dead being Remade...

The Evil Dead Bonanza Short Circuit Reboot underway The Spock Uhara Connection Bane Behind the Mask, Tom Hardy Talks Unmuffled Robocop Reboot Has a Writer Utterly Redundant Change by Sony Video Gamers Rage at Inconsistent EU Material, Bioware P...